Friday, October 06, 2006


Closing Comments

Nothing is going to stop this market from going higher. As long as oil is nice and cheap, at $60 per barrel, the consumer and his brand new credit card will lead the way.

However, it's worth citing the beginning of the 3rd quarter earnings season next week. For me, a major tell will be the LRCX numbers, scheduled on Wednesday.

My knee-jerk reaction is to sell into the numbers. However, maybe, just maybe, oil has dropped enought to enable the consumer to buy one more iPod or Lam Research semiconductor chip.

That doesn't make much sense, does it?

Or, what if the numbers were guided down enough last quarter, so they can easily be beaten now?

It's always a gamble, buying stocks during earnings season, literally.

As for today's market:

If you're a bull, it's exactly the type of pullback you want. Small and non-eventful.

Unless of course, you were misfourtunate enough to own stocks like MU or VSTH. Cocksuckers.

Apparently, the "stocks under $10 guys" stirred the pot yesterday on VSTH, due to fear that VSTH may have lost a contract with They say the company (VSTH) did not return their calls.

I swear to God, if the Myspace deal ends up being renewed and this massive fucking selloff was all because a few assholes on Cramer's shit-shoveling-site (stocks under $10) decided to flag one of their top recommendations, then I will send 200 pizza's to their office. However, that might be a bad prank, since Cramer may be able to put down 50 pies himself.

As for the rest of my holdings: Pretty good. I was up 0.6% this week.

Today, gains were found in Internet, Chemical and Oil stocks. While, losses were abundant in Trannies, Semiconductors and Retail.

What about the Turkey contract for AVCI?
Turkey. Funny stuff.

At&t is 90% of their business.
No shit about AVCI. Selling was harsh!
Something to consider with AVCI:

Limelight represents 10% of their business.

Limelight is YouTubes CDN.

Is it possible that if GOOG buys YouTube, they will switch CDN's to Akamai?

Hello Mr. BrokerA Dude. I been quilty reading you thing-e, evertday before I set off for work, I am only 20y/o and am a small investor. I enjoy you writing. I own NOV and their was a read on it at the Realmoney today,I was hoping if you had time when over their, weather you can give me the skinny on what it says,the thing is titled:
$$] Rockwell Automation Ready to Reverse
at RealMoney by (Fri 11:00am)

I hope you keep writing, and sorry to have to ask, but I don't have a subcription to the site, and from reading you I figured you do. Thanks and lots luck, keep up the good effort. JB-
Come on-- no more Cramer requests. It lowers my IQ.
It wasn't a cramer thing, it was someone slse...HELP I would really appricate it , just this once...Thnaks ...JB
National Oilwell Varco (NOV - commentary - Cramer's Take) is back where it was a year ago, only this time, the trend is lower. The relative strength index (RSI) made a lower high in early 2006 while the stock printed a higher high. That type of negative divergence is often the first sign of trouble in an uptrending stock. Now, RSI is just making lower highs and lower lows, and that's expected in a stock that's starting to roll over.
Thanks A bunch, Nice of you to help a stranger,thanx again, and have a nice weekend!
O Boy TA here on when Broker gives such clear fundie analsis, no way-

as far as NOV tge RSI is OVERSOLD its just a hair or 2 above 35-which is oversold, not overnrought---and that is what RSI tells you about a stock...oversold/overbrought !

ALSO TA when applied to commidities is a n no because they move on other concerns -

So this realmoney guy is wrong on both accounts-
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