Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Closing Comments

That's it.

In a frantic state of rage, thanks to losing stock positions, "The Fly" ripped the fucking carpeting off his office floors, much to the dismay of his trader/servant. I can't take this shit any longer.

Let's face it. Losing buckets of money is supposed to happen to you, or homeless people, not "The Fly." Needless to say, I am not coping with the NTRI and XFML's of the world, at all.

Meanwhile, back at home, my wife is bragging about her LULU ransacking the shorts. Her portfolio is doing better than mine, for the moment. Here, take a look: she owns TGT, LULU, CROX, AMZN, PVH, BWLD, GYMB, DPZ (ha, ha!) and AAPL (fuck!).

Regarding the market:

I don't want to talk about it. For now, my life force is committed to straightening out the JP Morgan analyst covering XFML. That fucker, despite company guidance and CIBC's lead, is way out of line with 3rd quarter EPS estimates. The company is comfortable with 6 cents, yet he is at 12. What the fuck. Earnings gaming cock sucker.

Fuck MVIS, fuck BWLD, fuck RIMM, AAPL and LULU. "The Fly" will now drive himself to his local mental institution, while crying/laughing, crying/laughing, crying/laughing, in order to get one of those fancy sleeveless dinner jackets.


NOTE: WBD rocks.

fly, maybe go out for a moon pie and a sak of potatoes
u too fuuny
INTC and IBM post good numbers.
fly, does your wife have a blog? just "d'iu-ing" with you fly... Looks like the bull may be back tomorrow.
Fly has an IQ of 155, so you'd expect him to marry a smart lady. And he did, so what's the surprise that she wins occasionally? You think fly would marry a loser? He's smart, remember?

If she was stupid and won, then that's a cause for anger. if 90% of her protfolio is in SWC...nevermind, there'd be divorce.

So aside from being beat by a woman, which can serve as indispensible motivation, fly ought to be stoked his prowress is only occasionally bested, by of all people, his wife.

And, that it was done by his smart wife, not a dumb, or otherwise lucky mailorder spouse is good too.

get what I mean?

even leonidas would accept the occasional wife-beating in stride. you know what I meant.

so there are a lot of positive ways tyo look at the situation.
Those mail-order spouses are pretty on the ball.

Import-export is no cake bidness.
that dominoes CEO today... Blew my mind.
First he said that the High end Fast food market was soft, and maybe getting softer.(there is a high end fast food market? The dominoes CEO, thinks he is in this elusive "High End" fast food market? I've never had one of these "High End" pizzas... and I've had dominoes quite a few times, I just thought they were "overpriced".
Further thought, if DPZ. Would send that toothless asshole in the rusted camero over in a top hat and tails, they could have something.

Maybe a sprig of mint next to the pizza, and a mint.
i see youve discovered smart links

i like the quote links.

keep them fucker.

IIGy hammered today and is going to destroy weaklings in its way. WBD has to break 110.50, before it can rumble.
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