Tuesday, April 11, 2006


This is About Me, Not You

While other sites profess their desire to help the poor, average/retard investor, I, on the other hand, scoff at such niceties.

I waste many hours of my time, week in and week out, entertaining myself--via cussing at strangers on the internets or boasting about how large my oatmeal bowl is.

With regards to investing, I don't care who you are or what your background is, I am better than you. I know this because my "illegal Mexicans" tell me so and my empty cans of Monster Energy soda, which mysteriously show up on my neighbor's front lawn, make me incredibly smart.

While visiting this blog, make sure to respect my positions, while limiting the level of "fucktardedness" or "asshattery" you demonstrate on other websites. Furthermore, throwing meat loaf at my positions or bad mouthing them on my site is illegal. Punishment is: I track you down and kick you down a random flight of stairs.

Which reminds me, if you are over the age of 47 1/2, you are not welcome here. "The Fly" thinks old people are stupid, bearish and plain ole' vanilla gay.

Finally, I will refer to myself as "The Fly" only in good times, when earned coin is banked at a profuse rate. Should I somehow "mushroom cloud" myself in a gay stock, I will talk to the unwashed (you) directly.

Oh, by the way, I am always looking to "employ" weekend bloggers. Pay is equal to the ancient Roman minimum wage. If you are interested in being tested on my retarded blog, please email me at my earliest convenience.

Very entertaining. You guys are nuts.
I loved your conversations. Where did you go? Come back.
Too bad that your parter is such a wuss. I am surprised that he has the balls to be a $ manager.

Keep up the good work...and F@#@ Cramer!!!
Just my opinion,but I think
in the coming weeks,you'll
regret selling (if you did)
your position in CHS.

Time will tell,that was one
hell of a short term loss,if
you did sell.

Jellymf 9-5-2006
I didn't sell, yet.
If you are for real in those trades that you made. I thank you for sharing your insights. Blog on!
Thank you for your help. Do you get in to options?
Any way for you to update us on the total portfolio or the weight of each investment??
I'm new to your site, but looking at the archives, I think it is better now than when you were conversing with your partner. But, I was a previous MM and have seen and felt it all. With your site as it is now, you do a great job of being both informative and entertaining, and I love it! I hope you keep it going forever. Thanks Broker A, and best wishes! R
PS...bet you're NOT sorry you let go of CHS ;-)
Fly man, you the man. I don't care if you won't give the weighting of your portfolio, cause I took your MVIS advice @ 3. I'm going to get me a monster drink today and party. Thanks for the advice.
Fly man, you the man. I don't care if you won't give the weighting of your portfolio, cause I took your MVIS advice @ 3. I'm going to get me a monster drink today and party. Thanks for the advice.
Take a look at FRPT ..... what do you think?

If negative go to hell...
Fly man, you are still the man. How about that TKO to Tokyo? What is your target? That will help with the heating bill, huh.

Fly man, I sold with you on TKO, check out my blog, you inspired me. You are the king of money, I am the fighter of the new world order. Dollar down, gold up.
Better than me? Unlikely.
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