Friday, December 15, 2006


Vaughn Monroe: Let It Snow

Original version.


Closing Comments

We are going straight up, until the end of the year. There I said it.

I know many of you will lose sleep over that statement and may, in a sudden panic, drink an entire bottle of scotch and smoke three cigars. But, with the year winding down and many bears still short, I suspect the affluent bulls will press an iron to the sellers' necks.

As for today's trading:

Today was a terrific consolidation day. We held our gains and edged up in most sectors, excluding Trannies and Retail. Buyers were found in almost every Tech sector. Furthermore, I feel confident to be overweight tech-- going into the New Year.

As for me:

I was up more than 1.75% this week and feel good about my positions. I suspect there is more news in the MVIS pipe and the sellers in HANS, RACK, ADBE and VLO will be southern fried-- sometime in the near future.

I like the dip in NTRI and might start buying more if I sense weakness in the current bear raid.

All in all, life is good.

Off to the mall.


Fly Buy: MVIS

I bought 10,000 shares of MVIS @ $3.17.

Disclaimer: If you buy MVIS because of this post, your neighbor's will renovate their house to the point where it drives your wife into a jealous craze-- effectively forcing you to renovate too. And, you may lose money.


Late Day Thought

Should I drink another Monster Energy soda?


Quick Alert: Not Going Down

All of the "smart" people I know have called me today, exclaiming the market is in a "topping" formation and feel it's going lower--today.

Because these people are always wrong, I now feel confident in adding to positions here. I don't think the market will sell off and I refuse to try to time the top.

Keep this in mind when attempting to time a top: Only fucktarded, dickless, asshats time tops.


Sector Spotlight: Internet

On the back of better-than-expected inflation data, the bulls on Wall Street are stampeding-- leaving the remaining bears bloodied and mangled. If you are still waiting for the hammer to drop on U.S. equities, you are not drinking enough Monster Energy soda.

May I suggest drinking 2 big cans, prior to making another beartarded decision with your portfolio?

You'll never drink Pepsi again.

Which reminds me, HANS is cheap and is getting ready to pop. I can sense it. Or, maybe it's just the darn Monster Energy soda that makes me think HANS is cheap. Hmm.

I think I will ponder this important question, and others, over yet another can of Monster Energy soda. I'll be sure to get back to you with the "truth," once I discover it.

As for the today's trading:

The momentum players are all over the Airliners, Homebuilders and Steel stocks. While minor weakness persists in the Oils and Gold.

If I were looking for momentum, which I am not, I'd position into the Internet sector, as the holiday shopping season winds down.

Within the group, I like DIET, AMZN, EBAY and STMP for a trade.

Additionally, there is plenty of momo in the Networkers. As a matter of fact, they stay on fire. Within that group, I like EQIX, NETL, CIEN, SVVS, AKAM and GLBC.

NOTE: I think this guy has lost his mind, at the hands of Austin Passamonteof, e-mini futures fucking guru. He is leaving all sorts of weird messages on a variety of blogs. Such as this one:

I am one of the best futures trader and you have to respect me for pulling in on avg 8k a day trading CME Globex futures contracts. This is the easiest money made in this business and I plan to make 500% per year like my mentor Austin Passamonteof of Coiled Springs E-Mini Trading. Good luck everyone. Check out his website.
cal on 2006-12-14 14:39

or this one:

You really need to start trading futures, you'll make more money....and it avoids you having to trade 50 stocks which is just crazy, I'm starting to do my research and the emini's are the way to go, $500 to control 1 contract, and 1 point gain is $100....
Cal on 2006-12-13 05:27

Sounds like someone is drinking far too little Monster Energy soda, doesn't it?

The following Internet stocks have mojo:

GOAM +8.3%
MAMA +7.3%
DSCM +5.5%
ENTU +4.8%


Position Updates: ADBE


via Briefing:

Oppenheimer notes ADBE reported solid Q4 results with strength in Macromedia products, Acrobat. Firm says there was less drop-off in CS2 sales, then anticipated (at this point in the product cycle). Firm leaves their forward-looking ests unchanged. Firm says ADBE benefited from demand strength across products and geographies. In particular, Acrobat desktop sales showed strength post-launch (showing stronger growth that Acrobat 7 at this point in the cycle); Macromedia products, particularly FlashLite, has now been shipped on over 150 mln devices worldwide. Firm reiterates that even though the stock, in the past, tended to trade at higher P/E multiples into a product cycle/at peak, underlying earnings growth at ADBE has slowed--yielding a "peak multiple" closer to the levels where ADBE is trading currently... Jefferies continues to think consensus ests for FY07 will move higher, that organic earnings growth will be among the best in large cap software and that visibility to earnings is high headed into the product cycle. Firm raised their tgt to $50 from $45... Prudential continues to believe that ADBE can move to 30X their FY08 non-option expense EPS estimate of $1.89 within a year, or $57, for a 32% upside from last night's after-hours trading level of $43.30. The guidance for F1Q and FY07 was just as they had expected, and they are not changing any of their numbers significantly at this time.

Thursday, December 14, 2006


Face to Face: Disconnected


Closing Comments

It takes balls to make money in the market. Many brokers believe the lower a financial consultant scores on his/her series 7 examination-- the more money he will make.

The reasoning: Those who tend to overthink or try to outsmart the market usually falls victim to his/her own ego-- instead of reading what the market is telling you to do. In other words, the really smart guys are shitty investors.

Furthermore, if you lost money in the market this year-- perhaps you should stop listening to the voices in your head and try listening to people who are not fucktarded.

It is easy to get emotional, but it almost never makes you money.

As for the markets:

Go get some.

Hope you all made some money today.

NOTE: ADBE's numbers look good.


Rev Shark: How Many Times Can you Beat That Dead Cat?

Rev used to be my favorite blogger on But, over the last 6 months, I believe space invaders abducted him and put a fucktarded repeat chip in his brain--causing him to repeat the same ole' "don't trust the market here" schtick.

Come on Rev, you are making Cramer look like a fucking guru.

For example, Rev wrote this:

" It feels like the bears were caught unprepared this morning and are being squeezed. As I opined in my write-up last night at, I feel that a breakout to the upside may turn out to be a bull trap."

Now, his point may be a valid one, if he didn't say the same fucking thing, every-darn-day.

Get off the misery train and grab the bull, fucker.

UPDATE: This song was posted in the comments section. I thought some of you might like it.


Fly Buy: NTRI

I bought 250 NTRI @ $63.09.

Disclaimer: If you buy NTRI because of this post, in a weird twist of irony, you may become appallingly obese. And, you may lose money.


Position Updates: NTRI

My position in NTRI is very small. However, since it is getting poleaxed on a daily basis, I felt an opinion was in order.

Aside from Herb Greenberg aka Mr. Piker "red flagging" the company, short sellers are raiding this stock and causing fear amongst longs. Classic.

This is what's called a "bear raid."

Right now, the CEO is giving a mid-quarter update at Citi. So far, I haven't heard of any negative news or rumors. It's just a few assholes, like Herb, preying on peoples fears. Fuckers.

If you are long, I suggest manning up and buy on this dip.


Fly Buy: BWLD

I bought 1,000 BWLD @ $56.10.

Disclaimer: If you buy BWLD because of this post, your favorite eatery may get condemned for being a disgusting, vermin contaminated "slop-house," immediately after dining there. And, you may lose money.


Fly Buy: HD

I bought 1,000 HD @ $39.78.

Disclaimer: If you buy HD because of this post, you may never find out what the true definition of the term "boo-yah" means. And, you may lose money.


Fly Buy: SBUX

I bought 1,000 SBUX @ $36.72.

Disclaimer: If you buy SBUX because of this post, your local fish store may close for the holiday's. And, you may lose money.


Fly Buy: VLO

I bought 1,000 VLO @ $55.05.

Disclaimer: If you buy VLO because of this post, the next time you order steak "well done" at a restaurant, it may come back "rare." And, you may lose money.


Fly Buy: HANS

I bought 1,000 HANS @ $33.84.

Disclaimer: If you buy HANS because of this post, you may step into dog waste, prior to picking up your date. And, you may lose money.


Fly Buy: SiRF

I covered some of my SiRF short, buying 1,000 @ $26.24.

I still hold 1,000 short.


Fly Buy: MVISW

I bought 3,000 MVISW @ $1.42.

Disclaimer: If you buy MVISW because of this post, you may get electrocuted when you open up one of your electronic Christmas presents. And, you may be shocked by how much money you lose.


Sector Spotlight: Networkers

As the shorts stare at their screens in astonishment, I am reclined on my plush leather chair, with my legs kicked up so high they are practically touching the ceiling. Also, its worth noting, the market is on-fucking-fire and you (bears) don't have any water, bitch.

More importantly, I am really digging the action today and would be a net buyer, considering we still have a few euphoric weeks left of 2006. All in all, '06 has turned out to be an excellent year. As a result, I feel there will be a lot of positive press and fresh dollars to buoy share prices a few more percentage points.

The Networkers have been my favorite tech sector in 2006 and will probably be my fav in '07. I am a big believer in the growth of video/music demand online and the insatiable demand for bandwidth to provide such services. Furthermore, I am a believer in software applications, such as ADBE's "Flash," enjoying a new leg up in growth because of websites like YouTube, Myspace or Wallstrip.

The following Networkers have mojo:

CIEN +8%
AVNX +6.3%

GGBM +5.3%

TUTS +5%

JDSU +4.1%

GIGM +3.8%


Position Updates: HANS

Cramer is now Hansen's bitch, via Goldman:

UPDATE/CORRECTION: Broker A is now Hansen's bitch, via deathspiraling stock price.

UPDATE/CORRECTION II: Cramer is, once again, Hansen's bitch, via soaring stock price. I'll be sure to keep you updated on the Broker A /Cramer bitch status.


09:15 HANS Hansen Natural: A bit of a reacceleration in November scanner data - Goldman (33.61 )

Goldman Sachs says they have received ACNielsen scanner data for food, drug, and massmerchandising outlets (ex Wal-Mart) for the four weeks ending 12/2. Firm notes that Hansen's Monster brand posted 88% growth, an acceleration from an 82% increase last month. They believe the data is generally positive. Although the category does appear to be naturally slowing down against a bigger base, they say the data largely supports their view that October was an abnormally soft month for Hansen.


Position Updates: MVIS

They signed up with a second OEM. Hmm, I wonder why?

"We are very excited to be engaged with a second global design and manufacturing partner which brings a unique high-volume optical components development and manufacturing expertise for optimization of Microvision's new proprietary IPM technology," said Alexander Tokman, President and CEO of Microvision. "This agreement positions Microvision well to execute on our commercialization roadmap to bring IPM-based products to market with the right levels of performance, quality and cost for high-volume consumer and automotive applications.

"To be successful long term, it is important to have at least two reliable sources of development and potential supply for our display engine because we intend to serve several large commercial markets with multiple prospective global OEMs."



For those of you who get a kick out of my "disclaimers," Wall Street Fighter compiled a list of his favorites.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Nirvana: Polly (Live)


Closing Comments

My prediction for weakness today fell short by a hair, as the major indices refuse to buckle under to the utterly fucktarded sellers.

Even though the market was green, there was significant weakness in the Semi's. Again, I would steer clear of all semiconductors, too risky. Instead, if you like tech, take a look at the Networkers or Software sectors-- much better "pin action."

As for me:

MVIS was a rollercoaster today, but finished slightly green. ACLI is bleeding red, ever since I jinxed the stock by saying it was "bloated." And, finally, HANS took the day off, down a buck.

All in all, I was little changed with my main focus on buying more HANS and VLO, on dips.

NOTE: So far, according to my new "Fly Survey," Cramer is the worst blogger on Funny.


Fly Buy: VLO

I bought 1,000 VLO @ $54.83.

Disclaimer: If you buy VLO because of this post, Herb Greenberg may "red flag" you. And, you may lose money.


Fly Buy: HANS

I bought 500 HANS @ $33.46

UPDATE: I bought 2,000 HANS @ $33.60.

Disclaimer: If you buy HANS because of this post, the next time you go grocery shopping, your debit and credit cards may not work. And, you may lose money.


Position Updates: MVIS, HANS

MVIS owns 1.75 million shares of LMRA, +11% today. Definitely a good thing for MVIS shareholders and balance sheet. I have never given a price target for MVIS-- mainly because I feel price targets jinx me. But, if an AK-47 were pointed to my head, in order to "extract" a price target, I'd quickly answer "$4 by January."

HANS is trading lower due to profit taking. No big deal. If it comes in another .50, I will buy more.

UPDATE: New article on MVIS

Here is the stolen version:

Friday, December 08, 2006: Storing pictures and video on a handheld device is a common feature, but viewing them on its small screen isn't exciting enough. However, this concern might soon be solved as Microvision, a US-based company, is planning to launch a microprojector, small enough to be integrated with a mobile or iPod, at the Consumer Electronics Show next year.

The device is composed of semiconductor lasers and a tiny mirror. According to the company, the biggest challenge it posed was to create a syncronisation between them. All these addressed, the product is now set to be rolled out.

So, how does it work? The projector has two parts: semiconductor lasers of blue, red and green colour, and a mirror-one millimeter across-that tilts on two axes. The lasers shine on the mirror and the mirror reflects the pixel of light onto a wall or other surface. The intensities of the lasers change to produce different colours. When all the three colours are fully bright the colour that emerges is white and when the three colours are dull the colour that emerges is black.

Using this mechanism, the projector paints a scene onto a surface, one pixel at a time, bringing out the required image or video.


Sector Spotlight: Oil

Steve Forbes has a great magazine, but has no fucking idea what he's talking about-- with regards to the price of oil. It's not going to $30 or $40 anytime soon. As a matter of fact, it is probably going to new highs in 2007.

Providing the world does not sink into recession, I feel everyone should own some oil. In my portfolio, oil represents 10% of my holdings-- just about the same weighting in the S&P 500.

I like oil for growth and to hedge versus a dollar decline.

Again, my favorite oil stocks are VLO, CEO, SU, PTEN and UPL.

As for the today's trading:

So far, Oil stocks are stealing the show, enabling the sellers to bring down other sectors, like the SOX. However, the bias is to the upside and if I were a betting man (which I am), I'd say the market will close lower today.

NOTE: Please take the new "Fly Survey." Who is the worst blogger on Of course, you have to be a subscriber to know who is the worst blogger of them all. Personally, I find Cramer entertaining, yet amazingly useless. Rev Shark depressing, yet fucktardingly obnoxious. And, Cody is just Cody-- smart, yet boring as a chestnut.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Sigur Ros: Svefn-G-Englar


Closing Comments

I was out all day, but kept a close eye on the action. Despite the minor drop in all major indices, many stocks got lit up-- most for no good reason.

From my undisclosed location, I had my trader/servant buy RACK-- all day. Franky, I fucking hate RACK and its stupid name, but the stock sold off 3 points because a VP of sales left the company. The shorts made it seem like everyone but the janitor left and the company was leaking out a warning. Please, I don't think so.

Therefore, I bought 10,000 RACK @ $30.10 for a trade.

Also, JP Morgan initiated coverage on HANS and basically repeated my point: HANS is cheap and Cramer has no fucking idea what he's talking about-- with regards to the Monster. Go ahead, bet against it.

I have been right on HANS for 6 straight points.

Finally, the steel stocks got ripped to shreds. I do not like the NUE warning and would avoid the metals like the plague.

As for oil: UPL and VLO are on sale.


Open Thread

I will definitely be out all day Tuesday, meeting with clients. However, feel free to talk amongst yourselves and show the following sites some love:

Intuitive Traders

Mad Stocks

Trading Goddess

Yes, I really did post this after 1am et. In case you are wondering, I don't sleep. During these hours, I watch my Asian investments.

Monday, December 11, 2006


Dave Matthews Band: Crash Into me (Live)


Closing Comments

Today was a boring day, as the markets edged up with minor gains in Internet, Gold and Software stocks.

I remain bullish on the markets and will instruct my trader/servant to execute buy orders on dips. Tomorrow all eyes are on the Fed. I suspect to see volatility and misdirection to be abundant, while all the rookie/sheep knee jerk their way to oblivion.

Aside from Tech, oil made a nice showing today, with impressive gains in VLO and GMXR (both positions of mine). However, I fucking hate natural gas and that fucker Aubrey at CHK-- who keeps diluting the stock with funny financing. I am done with CHK and will NEVER look at that stock again. Off the screen.

Finally, call me nuts, but I feel HANS is ready to bust loose and poleaxe Cramer and his silly sellers. The stock is cheap and will or should trade up. Write that down.


Fly Buy: WU

I bought 2,000 WU @ $23.63.

Disclaimer: If you buy WU because of this post, you will get called for jury duty. And, you may lose money.


Fly Sell: CHK

I sold 5,000 CHK @ $31.78.


Special Request: SIGM

A few of you fuckers are debating SIGM on this very manly blog of mine.

Here is the Wallstrip show on SIGM. (Thanks Howard)


UPDATE: Apparently, I am unable to decipher stock quotes anymore and referred to SIGM, when in fact the fuckers were arguing SIMG.

I have a link for that one too



Position Updates: ACLI/ Homophobia

I own this stock from the high 40's/low 50's and have mentioned it here several times. I am a big fan of the Trannies, but this is getting fucking ridiculous. However, the damn stock is still trading less than 30x 2007 numbers. Nonetheless, the stock feels expensive and bloated.

Either way, I will not sell a single share. I like the company too much to trade its stock.

NOTE: Not that anything is wrong with it or anything, but I just saw a fucking ad on my site that read "Gay Friendly Ads Here." What kind of shit is Google smoking to be slapping ads like that on this very manly website? I just wanted to let you know, I have no say in who or what advertises on this bullshit blog. I just sit back, with my legs up high, and collect my $10 per month, off of Gay Friendly Ads-- in a very manly way of course.


Fly Buy: NGAS

I sold 10,000 NGAS @ $7.15.



Fly Buy: MVISW

I bought 32,000 MVISW @ $1.35.

UPDATE: I bought 12,000 MVISW @ $1.40

If you buy MVISW because of this post, your only son may decide to become a "gangster rapper." And, you may lose money.


Fly Buy: HANS

I bought 1,000 HANS @ $32.96.

Disclaimer: If you buy HANS because of this post, the neighborhood kids will accidentally throw a baseball through your car window. And, you may lose money.


Sector Spotlight: Software

My meetings have been rescheduled for tomorrow.

I feel like a broken record, but once again, the market is up and looking great. At this point, the bears just look plain silly, really. They are like those Japanese soldiers on that island-- still fighting WWII like fucktarded asshats. Really.

Today, the Software sector caught my eye, as stocks like ADBE, LNUX, SYMC and VIGN charge ahead. My fav in the sector is ADBE.

Finally, oil is down and everyone is running for the hills, like retreating bitches. I suspect today's dip in oil stocks will prove to be a wise purchase. VLO looks good, but no dip there.

NOTE: My favorite Networker, EQIX, had its price target upped today to $105.

Sunday, December 10, 2006


Nat King Cole: Christmas Song

Sorry, I will be away meeting clients, all day. However, I need you to do two things while I am away:

A. Listen to Nat sing the Christmas song.

B. Take the new "Fly Survey." How old are you?

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