Friday, June 22, 2007


Live: Selling the Drama


Closing Comments

Admittedly, with my late day buys, along with some "friends of mine," MVIS firmed up and looked set to close down .05. However, at the close, thanks to Russell Small Cap buying (MVIS is entering the Russell), MVIS printed $5.54.

In short, I just went from getting liquored up and angry to rib eyes and tequila shots (no lime).

As for ARWR:

Look you, just because I mention a stock, does not mean you should put your life savings in it. No stock should make or break you. If so, then you are nothing more than a gambler.

I sold some ARWR because I didn't like the price action. The story is the same and the stock may rip higher on Monday. However, after reviewing some of my positions, I noticed too many micro cap speculative plays, as the market bled out the bulls.

Remember, this is not casino time for me. I am unpredictable and make decisions that benefit my investors. I do not succumb to pressure and will not change my methods, just to placate fucktards on the internets.

The market got stumped, but rates went lower. I feel the market will rally hard on Monday and "The Fly" will resume punching idiots in the sternum.


Fly Sell: ARWR

I sold 15,000 ARWR @ $5.85.

Price action warranted.


Fly Buy: MVIS

I bought 3,000 MVIS @ $5.38.

UPDATE: I bought 25,000 shares @ $5.41.

Disclaimer: If you buy MVIS because of this post, your wife will leave you and take half. And, you may lose money.


The Important Matter of General Contractors

Trust me when I tell you, nobody despises general contractors more than "The Fly." Unfortunately, due to my wife's desire to constantly build stuff and renovate, I am in non-stop "negotiations" with these jerk-offs.

One guy, named Frank, is obviously in the Italian mafia. He looks like Phil Leotardo and sends a 6'5/275 pound gorilla to "collect," after every 1/4th of the job is complete. I am constantly arguing with him and his fucking prices are absurd.

For example, he charged me $850 to skim coat and prime a small wall. Whenever I ask him to do a job, his initial reply is: "that's gonna cost ya." Then he proceeds to mark me up 300%. Everything starts at 1,000 dollars. Everything.

However, Frank and I have a certain understanding with one another. He probably thinks I sell crack, being so young and able to pay him 30k in cash on a day's notice. He, on the other hand, has ample supply of "illegal Mexican's," who do everything-- soup to nuts.

In short, Frank has probably whacked a lot of people to get where he is today. Who am I to debate his inflationary construction bills?

The way I look at it, it's good for karma. The more money I give Frank, the higher my stocks go.


Fly Sell: LNN

I sold 15,000 shares of LNN @ $43.50.


Asshat of the Week Award: LNN Shorts

Seriously, why would anyone short a company that makes irrigation systems, as commodity prices shoot through the roof and fresh water supplies, worldwide, dwindle?

Answer: Because they're fucking asshats.

For the first time in "Fly history," I am awarding the "Asshat of the Week Award" to an entire group of investors, LNN shorts. 28% of LNN's float is sold short.

After a mind boggling 15 point run, in two weeks, they have earned it.

NOTE: Bearshitter was runner up with his HANS pan. Oh, and Guy "toast my face" Adami did a shitty job defending the HANS story yesterday, on national television. He came in third place.


Sector Spotlight: Internet

Watch out for those rates. As you know, BX came public and is doing very well in after market trading. Also, it appears "The Fly" missed out on SMSI, despite going through all the trouble doing channel checks. The way the stock is trading, it appears VZ is about to resume doing business with those software fuckers.

As for me, with rates kicking up, I will not add to any positions, unless forced by gun. Although, I do like the way MVIS is trading.

The internet sector seems immune to the sell off, with ok gains in EBAY, OMTR, ANSW and GOOG.

Also, BBY is bucking the trend, up .45. I still own a little. "The Fly" likes to keep bullshit stocks around, like ugly Christmas tree ornaments.

Finally, it's worth noting, the dollar is taking a serious drubbing, versus the Euro. I guess that bodes well for the big multi-nationals. However, I do not like the combination of rising rates and weakening dollar.

In short, today may be a good day to have an espresso shot drinking contest.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Will Smith: Summertime


Closing Comments

Now, you watch your shitty monitor in amazement, as LNN rips the lips off of those who bet against it. I, on the other hand, am very busy milking those fucking farmers-- down to the last penny. Just so you know, I sold zero shares of LNN today. I am waiting the shorts out, ready to snipe those fuckers-- whenever they scramble for safety. Plus anyway, I was not in the office today, as you know.

Don't feel entirely inferior to "The Fly" aka "Senor Tropicana." I'm sure some of you are great engineers, teachers, internet geeks or even garbage men. Me, I just bank coin, specifically in stocks.

It makes little sense to try emulating me-- by copying my brain patterns, for they are too advanced and may cause your central nervous system to breakdown. True story.

Look you, I pick stocks like a fucking space alien magician. Fuck around and lose your house, shorting my stocks.

I spoke to my MVIS source today and he is balls to the wall bullish. Through institutional accounts, he bought over 150,000 shares today and told me: "Fly, be a net buyer." MVIS has the goods, stick with it.

As for everything else, HANS soared. What else is new?

Oh, and CORS is "mushroom clouding" the shorts in after hours, due to a special dividend.

What can I say? I am blessed.

Finally, I have a new micro cap play. I will share it with you, when I am sure. We don't want another WGAT. And, my people tell me: "keep buying ARWR, it'll make you fucking rich."


Sector Spotlight: Energy

Right out the gates, imbecile MVIS shareholders sell their position, due to the warrants being called. I must say, when I see wholesale idiocy, like this, I take a break from throwing shit at my trader/servant and chuckle, not laugh.

Fucktards of the internets, the company has successfully increased the share price of MVIS, so that the company may call in the warrants. As you can see, the stock is down on light volume, which tells me only retards hit the bid.

The fact of the matter is most warrant holders are large institutions. They are not licking their chops, waiting to sell MVIS, once they convert. Like most big money management firms, they have a longer term investment philosophy, than you internet chicken heads, clicking away on Ameritrade.

Plain and simple, MVIS has cash, lots of it. There is no longer the need to worry about financing or burn rates. My sense, this paves the way for the next piece of news, which will ultimately poleax the bears into oblivion.

This sell off is amateur hour.

Aside from that, Energy stocks look good. Once again, the scholars in Nigeria are blowing each other up, sending oil prices higher. With my money, I will buy more AEZ and nibble at GMXR.

Finally, it's worth noting, I have decided to cease paying for my own phone calls, despite the fact the cost is negligible. Instead, since "The Fly" is so important and successful, from now on he will call collect. That's right, and if you are on the phone, busy with business, I will have the operator "emergency interrupt" your call--collect.

In short, nothing tells a friend "fuck you, I'm better," than a collect call.

NOTE: I will be away for the remainder of the day. I have a pressing matter to attend.


Position Update: MVIS: Warrants Called

Don't get convoluted. This is good news. The bears thought this day would never come.
REDMOND, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Microvision, Inc., a global leader in innovative ultra-miniature projection display and image capture products for mobility applications, announced today it has exercised its right to call its publicly traded warrants. The public warrants were issued in connection with the company's June 2006 financing transaction and allow the company to redeem the warrants if the Nasdaq closing bid prices of the company's common stock averages at least $5.304 over any 20 consecutive trading days ending after June 4, 2007. The company will receive $34.2 million in proceeds if all 12.9 million public warrants are exercised.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Method Man: Bring The Pain


Closing Comments

Thanks to rising rates, the market had its whig split, with sizable losses--across the board. On a side note, SCMR may be a good play on rising rates. The company is pretty much all cash and will generate more interest income-- as rates climb.

As for me, I lost a little less than 1%. My losses were muted, thanks to big dicked gains in LNN, AEZ, BWLD, FMCN, MCHX and HANS.

However, ARWR lit my fucking shoes on fire, with a swift 5% decline. Nonetheless, I remain bullish on the name and intend to catch some shares, as the weak hands drop out.

In general, I sold off some of my key positions, particularly BWLD and LNN. Basically, I want to raise a little money, in order to take advantage of the pending decline in U.S. equities.

In short, I love the market here, but rather buy cheaper-- if possible. Remember, most bears are fucktarded, dickless asshats, who do not have the gumption to scare guys like me out of the market. The fundamentals are robust and the future is bright.

Finally, there is a whole fuckload of buyers in MVIS. Any sell off is met with frenzied buying. If I were a space alien and just landed on Wall Street, I'd think there was some news pending.

NOTE: Mention ARWR and lose your eyebrows or website.


Fly Sell: LNN

I sold 6,000 LNN @ $39.10.


Fly Sell: BWLD

I sold 3,000 BWLD @ $47.10.


Fly Buy: ARWR

I bought 2,000 ARWR @ $6.23.

UPDATE: I bought 2,000 ARWR @ $6.19.

Disclaimer: If you buy ARWR, because of this post, your PC will crash. And, you may lose money.


Short Sellers Raid LNN, HANS and BWLD

Decisive battle.


Position Update: LNN

Here is the link to the LNN conference call.

Considering there is more than 25% of the shares sold short, I'm inclined to wait them out, which will inevitably result in a much higher stock price.


Fly Buy: AEZ

I bought 10,000 shares of AEZ @ $6.50.

UPDATE: I bought 5,000 AEZ @ $6.41.

Disclaimer: If you buy AEZ, because of this post, your favorite baseball team will trade away their best player. And, you may lose money.


Sector Spotlight: Retail

Trust me when I say, that guy who wrote negatively on MVIS today, who happens to be a piker hedge fund manager, is going to feel the full wrath of "The Fly" and his minions. The anonymous "goat fucker" will get buried in his MVIS short, so deep, his bullshit fund will close down, due to absurd market losses.

All I can say is: "keep shorting Mr. Nobody, "The Fly" is coming for you--with a fucking hand ax."

As you can see, "The Fly" is milking the farmers, hardcore, via LNN melting up. Those were fucking kick ass numbers.

And, apparently, HANS beat the estimate, despite initial confusion. Look for that stock to trade higher, and Herb "The Bear Shitter" Greenberg to apologize, via drinking an ice cold Monster on CNBC.

Aside from LNN, I have breakouts in CN, FMCN, BWLD and NTRI today. Also, I really like the way AEO is trading.

Retail is kicking ass, thanks in large part to HD's absurd buyback. Today, there is momentum in BNG, UA, OO, CROX and LOW.

Finally, I am hearing chatter on IIG, possibly wanting to go private. Who knows? And, ARWR is going to punch some bear teeth out, sometime this summer.


Position Update: LNN: Fucking Blowout

As you know, it is impossible for "The Fly" to get "machine gunned" two days in a row. Read summary of report here.

08:04 LNN Lindsay Manu reports MayQ revs up 24% (36.22 )

Co reports Q3 (May) EPS of $0.62 vs $0.55 a year ago. Revenue rose 24% yr/yr to $93.1 mln. There are no analyst estimates. Co says "While current drought conditions have eased in much of the irrigated agricultural market in the US., irrigation equipment demand has remained firm. An improved pricing environment has allowed us to recover material increases while continuing to improve margins through our cost reduction initiatives."


Position Update: HANS

08:54 HANS Hansen Natural earnings color - Reuters is telling us an actual EPS of $0.25 is comparable to their consensus of $0.24 (44.04 ) -Update-

In their 10-Q, co reported an EPS of $0.21, which at first glance was $0.03 below the Reuters consensus of $0.24. After getting in contact with Reuters Estimates, they are now telling us that excluding Special Investigation Charges for stock option grants, an actual of $0.25 is comparable to their consensus of $0.24, also comparable to First Call's $0.25 consensus. See 8:09 comment for full report.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Coldplay: Don't Panic


Closing Comments

Despite the cocksuckers from BBY stealing my money, I closed up 1.35%-- thanks in large part to MVIS.

Nothing can stop MVIS now. Get the fuck out the way or become road kill.

As for earnings, "The Fly" will try his luck again, tomorrow morning via LNN. Should LNN miss and cause me to lose money, I am going to do some serious damage to this here keyboard.

Also, look for HANS to file their 10-q, literally any day. And, anticipate the company to resume its share buyback program.

All day, the sellers got their fucking teeth punched in, as rates dropped-- investors piled into equities. I sold my TLT position; because it was only a short term trade. However, I do think rates will continue to go lower, as evidence of a softening economy reveal itself, such as shitty BBY numbers.

Finally, I am digging dip, trying to get an angle on SMSI. The stock has been crushed, thanks to product delays at VZ, who is their biggest customer. Apparently, VZ is delaying the launch of their Vista equipped handhelds. Providing VZ keeps SMSI on board, with their "Music Essentials" software, the stock can rebound-- rather quickly.

Also, I like AEZ for a two week trade. And, I am hearing some big dicked news on ARWR is no longer than 45 days away.


Position Update: HANS

Look for a HANS filing soon. Maybe after the close.


Fly Buy: AEZ

I bought 6,000 AEZ @ $6.27.

Disclaimer: If you buy AEZ because of this post, your swimming pool will become contaminated with dead birds. And, you may lose money.


Late Day Thought

Eric "the oil barrel" Bolling may have been right on BBY, but is getting "Molotov cocktailed" on his FXI short.


Position Update: PMQCW

I understand, yesterday, proxies went out for PMQC. They are making an offer to buy Chem Rx. From what I can see, it looks like a kick ass acquisition.

"Chem Rx (“The Company”) is the largest independent Long Term Care pharmacy in the United States, and is fully family owned and operated.

Chem Rx currently services all of New York State, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Chem Rx has been in business for over 40 years and services multiple industries, providing the lowest prices for prescription and non-prescription drugs, intravenous medications, durable medical equipment items and surgical supplies for over 60,000 residents."


Special Song for MVIS Shorts

Stay out of the water.


Position Update: MVIS

Die shorts die.


Fly Sell: TLT

I sold 10,000 TLT @ $83.90.


Sector Spotlight: Retail

This happens from time to time. You know, get all cocky, due to stock market success, then get punched in the nose by Mother Market. Going into BBY's numbers, I felt their was $2 of downside, and $5 up. Now that it has breached my downside limit, I am out.

The stock is dead money, at best, until next quarter.

Now, LNN is set to report tomorrow. Will "The Fly" get "machine gunned" again? Could it happen two days in a row?

Tune in tomorrow, goat lovers, for another exciting earnings adventure.

All kidding aside, the market looks weak, with significant losses everywhere, but Airlines and Defense stocks.

Thanks to the fucking geeks at BBY, retail is taking a few punches to the scrotum, with notable losses in BKRS, CC, RSH, SHRP and CROX.

As for me, I will seek revenge against the fuckers at BBY.

Finally, it's worth noting, "real stocks" like LNN, MVIS and BWLD are doing very nicely today.


Fly Sell: BBY

I sold 10,000 BBY @ $45.90.


Position Update: BBY

Shitty painting.

UPDATE: Considering how bad these numbers are, I may eat the loss and move on. Aside from that, I may drive up to my local BBY and throw a night's worth of chicken wing bones at their window.


Monday, June 18, 2007


Keith Murray: The Most Beautifullest Thing


Closing Comments

Despite the market going down, and most of you (internet leech) losing money, I was up 0.5%.

My big gainers were AAPL, RIMM, LNN, FXI, AEO, JCG and HANS.

Generally, the market was soft, thanks in large part to retarded oil prices. However, I sense today's pullback was just a way station, until we break the necks of numerous, stubborn bears.

Regarding MVIS, I am hearing they may reveal who their Asian manufacturing partner is, short term. Additionally, the big news could come, literally any day.

Also, anticipate the company to call in the warrants, now that the stock is above $5.30 for 20 days.

In short, I feel the warrant conversion is a major plus for the company, and expect little to no negative effect on its shares. As a matter of fact, the stock should gain momentum, due to its newly secure balance sheet.

Finally, BBY is posting numbers tomorrow. If they suck, big deal. Eventually, the stock will rebound. However, if they blow out numbers, expect the shorts to get "daisy cut."

NOTE: MCHX should do better, now that YHOO's fucktarded CEO has been fired.


Late Day Thought

Eric "the oil barrel" Bolling doesn't know shit about BBY.


Fly's Technical Analyst Has a Special Message for Shorts

Hint: It has to do with their hats.


Update on Losers

As you know, "The Fly" rarely loses money, when picking stocks. However, from time to time, crafty Asian merchants trick me into making bad transactions. Also, on occasion, the position of the Moon causes me to select and invest in "future losers."

Currently, I have a few open losers, such as CORS, ACLI, PNRA, PLCE, NYX and BBND.

Out of all of the above stocks, I intend adding to CORS, NYX and BBND. I know, CORS looks like dry shit on a baseball mound. I'm not ready to give up on it, yet.

NYX will eventually work through the bullshit. No worries there. And, BBND is a newly traded Netwoking company, with new offices opening in China. It is risky, but cheap.

Try to figure that out.

As for PLCE, ACLI and PNRA: fuck them. I am far too busy with all my good stocks and new idea's, than to fuck around chasing shit on a stick.

In short, "The Fly" does not like to buy weakness. I stick with trends. When I am proven correct, via higher stock price, I build. On the other hand, if the stock is trending lower, I either cut it out or let it sit in my portfolio's-- like shitty paintings in my attic.


Fly Buy: BBY

I bought 2,000 shares of BBY @ $47.75.

UPDATE: I bought 1,000 BBY @ $47.98.

UPDATE II: I bought 2,000 BBY @ $48.25.

Disclaimer: If you buy BBY because of this post, your bald spot will get bigger. And, you may lose money.


Sector Spotlight: Networkers

Seriously, I believe people who are consistently bearish are mentally ill. I remember these same fuck nuts, during the low of the market in 2002, saying the Dow was going to like 4,000 or some shit. Now, as stocks rip their lips off, every-damn-day, all they do is conjure up Government conspiracy theories on how the data is fraudulent.

Go fuck a fig tree.

I mean, really, could there be a bigger party killer than a bear fucking shower shitter?

To me, all that matters is price action and momentum. Don't get me wrong, I am not naive to believe this trend will last forever. However, while it lasts, I intend to milk every fucking penny out of the bear shitters.

Speaking of milking, LNN reports earnings on Wednesday. I expect to milk those farmers, hardcore, post earnings.

If not, I guess it makes sense to sit here and wait for fresh water supplies to dwindle next to nothing-- then bank coin.

LNN makes irrigation systems, in case you didn't know.

Also, BBY reports numbers tomorrow morning. I feel the expectations are incredibly low. Furthermore, should BBY post a blowout, the stock can rip 5 bucks, easy.

Today, I like the action in the Networkers, specifically INFN, ORCT, CRNT, OPXT and SMTX.

It's worth noting, small cap stocks are gaining momentum, which bodes well for MVIS and ARWR.

Frankly, ARWR has been trading fucktarded. Nonetheless, my people tell me "Fly, shut the fuck up and buy the stock."

In reply, I cuss them out, throw chairs at them, then kindly ask my trader/servant to fetch me warm, not hot, slices of pizza. When he gets back, I have him buy more ARWR.

NOTE: Please take the new "Fly Survey." Are you bullish or bearish on the markets?

NOTE II: Special thanks to Danny for weekend slaving on this blog. Also, VLCM better trade higher. Your "job" may depend on it.


Position Update: MVIS

Read full story here.

Obviously, MVIS would not require the expertise and facilities of Oerlikon, if they did not fully intend to mass produce Picop projectors. Using the same logic, it is also clear, MVIS will not be mass producing Picop's by themselves.

Expect news that will disclose, once and for all, who their cell phone and accessory partners will be, near term.

I anticipate the stock will gain momentum, on this news, throughout the day.


Very Late Night Thought

Bears are getting fucked up bad in Asia.

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