Friday, October 19, 2007



Eazy-E: Real Motherfuckin' G's


Closing Comments

Well, I'm outta here. My 'smart friends,' who have been shorting this market, are so fucking happy right now; I think they shit their pants.

Thank God "The Fly" is not President, else I would have everyone on CNBC and the NYSE arrested, for stock market treason.

While it's true, the market needs to correct, every once in awhile; this is plain ol' vanilla gay.

What are the fucking odds, following 2 weeks of the 87 crash programming by CNBC, today, on the actual date, the market shits the bed? You can't make this shit up.

Will some law enforcement agent please arrest Maria Bartiromo?

So, in short, today I lost a mind boggling amount of money. As a result, I will let my wife go shopping tonight, as always-- in order to just 'spend it all away.'

Additionally, I am looking forward, with great vigor, to completing the crash of '87 on Monday. My guess, we will drop anywhere between 2,000-3,000 points, or we will go up 300.

Who knows?

Nice knowing you.


Reenacting the Crash


Let's do 509 points today, baby! Come on, let's fucking do it, yeah.
FLY, 2007
After eating a few sandwiches, I checked my monitor, much to my dismay. As you know, "The Fly" is having his balls roasted for him, as the CNBC sponsored 'reenact the '87 crash' continues.

Frankly, today's sell off makes me chuckle, not laugh. This is the seasonal October, blah, blah, blah.

The market will fuck itself, until it doesn't.

However, if there is one thing I know, it is 'Helicopter Ben' to the rescue, buddy. So, with that being said, if short, make it quick and book your profits--else your head will be swiped off by a helicopter propeller.

With the money I have left, I might nibble at the close, but not likely.

I'm enduring flush outs in a multitude of my positions, while up on only a few.

Looking back, the speculative behavior of the Chicom stocks marked the top. What else is new?

I knew it would happen. I've seen it before. Yet, I did nothing; so it doesn't matter.


Jerky Boys: "I need bird seeds"


Position Update: MVIS

Here is the bullshit Maxim report for MVIS.

Price target: Who gives a fuck?

NOTE: Much to my surprise, the analyst from Maxim Group must have a time machine too. This analyst, with the handy help of her plutonium powered time machine, has projected revenue out until 2016.


Let me get this straight. She is projecting revenue of 1.14 BILLION dollars by 2016, yet her price target is only $7?

Fuck that. If I were given that future information, I'd slap a $250 dollar price target on this fucker.



"I'm Stupid"


Sector Spotlight: '87 Crash

I had a feeling SNDK would pull this shit. Despite owning the stock, I had zero confidence in SNDK's ability to deliver a crisp quarter, mainly because of insane pricing pressures. In short, you have to be a fucking calculus major to even attempt to figure out if SNDK is having a good quarter.

Impossible to game.

As for the general market:

Well, considering everyone wants to 'celebrate' the crash of '87, we might as well try to reenact it, no?

Fucking morons scared of anniversaries. I can't help but vomit on my tv, whenever I see old artifacts, like Robertson, try to tell me where the market is going.

In closing, enjoy today's reenactment of the crash of '87, as the men on the exchange floor behave like crack heads in need of a fix.

I'll just go take a nap, then eat a few sandwiches.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Late Night Thought

Yes, the $80-120 rule applies to crude.

NOTE: UPL is your China oil play. Learn up bitches.

UPDATE: Never doubt "The Fly's" time machine again.


Alice in Chains - Rooster


Closing Comments

How do you know I'm not a magician or some sort of IBM super computer gone haywire--spitting out high probability stock picks for destitute web surfers?

While it's true, every so often, "The Fly" gets beaten like a thief in Burma. However, for the most part, he banks coin.

All day, I enjoyed gains in OEH, RS, HANS, LNN, OIIM, SNDK, RIMM and FTK, while sustaining minor cuts in FXI, JCG and BBY.

Also, it's worth noting the scatter logic of the bears and their "earnings suck, so let's short" marching orders. That's the whole point of the Federal Reserve rate cuts--retards.

For now, it makes zero sense getting in the way of the bull, prior to the holiday shopping season. If you want to place bearish bets, do it after Thanksgiving, not now.

Finally, with my money, I will accumulate shares of CRESY, BWLD, FTK and XFML, while continuing to agitate hardcore MVIS holders with my derisory banter.

NOTE: GOOG is chopping cocks off in ah's.


Position Update: OEH


Orient-Express: Dubai Holding discloses 9.2% stake in SC 13D (64.25 3.70) :


Fly Sell: RS

I sold 2,000 RS @ $54.90.

Fuck you day traders. I can do everything you do, but better.


Quick Alert: CNBC is Hosted by Imbeciles

Too muck coke, too little gray matter.


Quick Alert: Bulls Interrupt the Bears Lunch


Position Update: VMI

Space. Alien. Magician.


Quick Alert: "The Fly's" Top Ten Holdings

As you know, it changes minute to minute.



Fly Buy: DK

I bought 1,000 DK @ $25.09.

Disclaimer: If you buy DK because of this post, your only son will name his blog 'Get Short,' then exclusively take long positions. And, you may lose money.


Quick Alert: "The Fly" has seen the future...

...and it has higher stock prices in it.



Fly Buy: RS

I bought 2,000 RS @ $51.50.

Disclaimer: If you buy RS because of this post, private equity guys will hit the soup line. And, you may lose money.


Sector Spotlight: General Market

The market has an ominous tone to it this morning, no?

No need to panic. This shit is normal, ahead of a big Fed meeting. Should Bernanke cut rates again, he gets a two-fer. Not only will he get to cut rates, he'll get to cut the balls off the shorts too.

Isn't that nice?

Anyway, thus far my plans of richness, via VMI explosion to the upside, have been delayed. No worries, "The Fly" stepped in and bought more.

Also, for the first time ever, I sold a piece of my FXI position. I made about 130 fucking points on the stock, how much did you make?


With my money, I might buy more BWLD. After all, the Indians are one game away from going to the World Series. Meaning: people in Ohio (25% of BWLD's restuarants are in Ohio) are eating chicken wings at an alarming rate.

Finally, if you believe retail can deliver this Christmas, JCG is on fucking sale, under $41. The stock has bounced, numerous times, from these lowly levels.


Fly Buy: VMI

I bought 1,000 VMI @ $91.25.

Disclaimer: If you buy VMI because of this post, your car battery will cease to work, while you're driving on the interstate. And, you may lose money.


Fly Sell: CN

I sold 1,000 CN @ $66.31.


Fly Sell: FXI

I sold 1,000 FXI @ $208.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Late Night Thought

The mystery of "The Ducati" may never be solved.

Odd no?


Position Update: VMI


17:41 VMI Valmont reports Q3 EPS of $0.99 vs $0.80 Reuters consensus; revs of $372 mln vs $353.40 mln Reuters consensus (95.96 +1.66)

Co reported third quarter sales of $372.0 mln compared with $310.9 mln for the same period of 2006. Net earnings for the third quarter were $25.9 mln, or $0.99 per diluted share, versus third quarter 2006 net earnings of $15.1 mln, or $0.58 per diluted share. Co says "we are expecting favorable comparisons in sales, operating income and earnings per share for the fourth quarter. Our businesses continue to perform well, market conditions are favorable and the long term drivers are supportive."

Fly wins again.


Smashing Pumpkins- Doomsday Clock


Closing Comments

Hey shorts, why don't you go fuck yourselves, no?

All day, I witnessed the bears, trying their best, to drum up panic. However, thanks to the prophecies of "West Coast Trader," they got their jaws knocked around.

Now, despite gayness in MVIS, "The Fly" banked some serious (and I mean serious) coin in FXI, CN, WBD, RIMM, AAPL, FTK, SNDK, HANS, VMI and CRESY.

Regarding XFML, the stock bottomed today. Write it down, bitches.

In closing, "The Fly" is feeling somewhat bullish. For the most part, life is good. The bordeux is abundant and the rib eyes are nicely marbled.

Off to spit on my neighbors fence.

NOTE: I sold most of my WBD today. I kept some as a souvenir.

NOTE II: LULU up another 14% today! My wife will give me hell, during dinner tonight.

NOTE III: Tonight I dine in hell.


Fly Acknowledgment: West Coast Trader

And I quote:

"3rd leg down is done for day - we push higher from here - mark the tume {sic} (2:37). Fuck You Shorts."

-West Coast Trader, 10/17/2007

Someone give this man a toaster.



The market is not supposed to be down. Early this morning, I saw the bears taking down weak DOW components (IBM, UTX, HD), trying to make the market "look" bad, via DOW weakness.

Then, all of a sudden, this ploy worked, causing a domino effect in the DOW, which then infected the Naz.

Look you, fuck what CNBC says, if shit is good at INTC: stay long.

It's asshattery at its best, coupled with drunk traders pressing the wrong buttons and shit.


Position Update: MVIS

I must say, "The Fly" is very disappointed with the obvious ineptitude by management of MVIS, with regards to managing the stock. In no scenario, considering what they have going for them, should the stock be trading in the low 4's.

Frankly, I could give two queer goats and a bottle of whiskey if the stock triples, over the next 18 months. The fact the company let the stock deteriorate like this is alarming, to say the least.

While you may say "they can't manufacture news" or "make the stock go up." I say, how about some insider buying Tok? How about an update on the technology advancements?

Instead, the only news this company has released, since 7/24, is the fucking CFO selling shares.



Fuck you longs, you're dead

Big intra-day reversal. Armagaddeon imminent. Stay tuned for more carnage.



Inside an Unnamed Private Equity Firm


Fly Sell: WBD

I sold 1,000 WBD @ $116.


Fly Buy: VMI

I bought 1,000 VMI @ $95.70.

Disclaimer: If you buy VMI because of this post, the $80-120 rule will no longer apply. And, you may lose money.


Sector Spotlight: Semiconductors

Now, I could be a little early, but not wrong. If my "calculator brain" is reading this correctly, I'd say we're going straight up until Christmas, with one or two down weeks along the way.

There is no fucking way INTC can post a number like that, with such great margins and low inventory, without insane demand for their products. It's not just about taking market share from AMD anymore. It's about selling lap tops to rich Chinese investors.

So, with that being said, "The Fly" feels like giving a green light to buy stuff. Go ahead, get drunk, pick up a few stocks and live life on the lam.

As for me, I still have a few legs to break, regarding XFML.

Looking at the action in the semiconductors, I'd say we are setting up for a 2% increase in the naz today.

Within semi's, I like the action in INTC, ASMLD, KLAC, SLAB, NVLS, NVDA, VSEA, DIOD, CHTR and SPIL.

Go long.

Last night, the Indian markets got the shit kicked out of them, thanks to government regulation on foreign investment. What the Indian government is concerned about is too much hot money flooding their markets, sending the rupee to new record levels. Just know, the Indians want the rupee to be in the wheel barrow, since they are an exporting nation.

Bottom line: I sense the tide is shifting from rupee strength to weakness. As a result, take a look at Indian IT service companies, like CTSH, INFY, SAY and IGTE. They will benefit, big time, from a decline in the rupee.


Position Update: CN


My guess, lots of hot Chinese stock market gain proceeds are flooding into Hong Kong-- thanks in part to the Chinese Government allowing investment in the Hang Seng. As a result, I am noticing a lot of momentum in Hong Kong related names, like CN, OIIM and CTEL.


Position Update: GME

via Briefing:

GME Gamestop: Initiation details
(58.12 )

As mentioned at 6:59 Bear Stearns initiated GME with an Outperform and a $75 tgt saying they believe GameStop benefits from compelling sector growth prospects, significant barriers to entry within its lucrative used business, and solid management. While current valuation reflects bullish expectations for the video game cycle, the firm says estimates may not fully account for the international opportunity and continued growth within the used game business

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Late Night Thought

That bag of shit (SWC) was down 2.48% today, while MVIS lost a mere 1.3%. "The Fly" wins again, even when he loses.

NOTE: Mention XFML and wake up with cigar smoking jerk offs in your bedroom.

UPDATED NOTE: Almost forgot. Woodshedder begged me for a link last night, in order to boost the traffic for his fledgling blog. He even did some heavy analysis on MVIS for me. Notice the lines and dots prove, without doubt, that MVIS is going higher.

Here ya go, buddy.

Technical analysis is a wonderful way to combine laziness with ignorance.
-Fly, 2007

Dinosaur trader is shutting down his blog, due to an *obvious* lack of iron clad *patents*.


Chinese Music


Closing Comments

That's it.

In a frantic state of rage, thanks to losing stock positions, "The Fly" ripped the fucking carpeting off his office floors, much to the dismay of his trader/servant. I can't take this shit any longer.

Let's face it. Losing buckets of money is supposed to happen to you, or homeless people, not "The Fly." Needless to say, I am not coping with the NTRI and XFML's of the world, at all.

Meanwhile, back at home, my wife is bragging about her LULU ransacking the shorts. Her portfolio is doing better than mine, for the moment. Here, take a look: she owns TGT, LULU, CROX, AMZN, PVH, BWLD, GYMB, DPZ (ha, ha!) and AAPL (fuck!).

Regarding the market:

I don't want to talk about it. For now, my life force is committed to straightening out the JP Morgan analyst covering XFML. That fucker, despite company guidance and CIBC's lead, is way out of line with 3rd quarter EPS estimates. The company is comfortable with 6 cents, yet he is at 12. What the fuck. Earnings gaming cock sucker.

Fuck MVIS, fuck BWLD, fuck RIMM, AAPL and LULU. "The Fly" will now drive himself to his local mental institution, while crying/laughing, crying/laughing, crying/laughing, in order to get one of those fancy sleeveless dinner jackets.


NOTE: WBD rocks.


Late Day Thought

XFML ate my balls.


Fly Buy: BWLD

I bought 1,000 BWLD @ $39.70

Disclaimer: If you buy BWLD because of this post, someone will vomit on you. And, you may lose money.


Sector Spotlight: Oil

What the fuck is going on?

What, all of a sudden oil, Turkey and bullshit numbers from a second rate company (ERIC) is going to get in our way? Magically, Rick Santelli's bearish wet dream will come to fruition and the SRS will print $120 again?

Fuck that, we're going higher, eventually.

Despite the negative tone in early trading, I see signs of strength in MSFT, NVDA, AAPL and a bunch of charging energy stocks.

While it's true, I anticipate timid trading until after Halloween; it still makes sense to start nibbling at unfair declines.

Now, if you missed out on the phenomenal run in Chinese related names, this can be a good opportunity to roll some dice, as many Chicom stocks are being marked down.

Already, JRJC went from negative to +$3 today.

As you know, my favorite way to play China is through advertising companies, like FMCN and XFML. However, it's worth mentioning, XFML trades like a fucking turd.

Finally, there is vast weakness in credit related names, especially the homies and brokers. Once again, I'd avoid all financials and homebuilders stocks. Instead, when looking for places to put money, I'd look at some of the infrastructure and oil service related names, like VMI, UPL or FTK.


Fly Buy: XFML

I bought 2,000 XFML @ $8.00

Disclaimer: If you buy XFML because of this post, you will enjoy catching falling knives. And, you may lose money.


Quick Reminder: Don't Forget to Celebrate the Crash of 1987

We should always celebrate market crashes, especially when the markets are going up. Or, if the market starts going down, we can tell other people "this market is very similar to the crash of ...."

Your choices are: 1929, 1973-74, 1987 or my favorite, 2000.

Monday, October 15, 2007


Late Night Thought

SWC looks like a bag of shit.

Go watch a movie. You're welcome.


Nas: Surviving the times


Closing Comments

I must say, the Fox business channel is fucktarded. I mean, they don't even have a meaningful scrolling ticker. They have numerous asshats, talking complete gibberish. And, they do not have a presence on the NYSE.

In short: they suck.

As for today's trading:

"The Fly" was very impressed with the resilience of the markets, with many stocks getting bid up at the close. As you know, I continue to buy XFML, believing Ron Burkle knows his shit and the company will recover.

For the most part, my losses were muted, as some of my positions, like MVIS, CN, FRX, SNDK, UPL, FMCN, OIIM, ALJ and OEH, picked up the slack.

Keep note, during earnings season, you may get your arms, legs and torso blown to shreds. As always, "The Fly" hates earnings season, except when it goes his way.

So, with my money, I will do nothing, while watching pirated copies of 3:10 to Yuma.


Fly Buy: XFML

I bought 2,000 XFML @ $8.37.

UPDATE: I bought 2,000 @ $8.40.

Disclaimer: If you buy XFML because of this post, FBN put CNBC out of business, effectively boring you to death. And, you may lose money.


How 'bout a late day MVIS rally?

Angelo Mozilo, CEO Countrywide Financial


Let's Celebrate the Crash of 1987

Fucking yuppies.

Ron Insana with hair!


Quick Alert: Doug Kass is an Asshole

The market goes down, Doug Kass magically reappears with his message of darkness.

If properly motivated, "The Fly" would fly to Greece, after the market closed, find Kass, then have some local jerk off punch his eyebrows off.

Lucky for him, I have better shit to do, such as throw darts at my Alexander "The Arrogant" Tokman dartboard.

If only MVIS had more warrants to call in, we might get a press release or two.

With regards to the market: higher commodity prices are taking their toll. Plus, investors are afraid to get in front of the earnings band wagon. They usually jump on, after it passes them.

With my money, I intend to put money to work, believing the bulls will press their case, sometime this week-- effectively sending Doug Kass and his stupid mustache back to Dumbfuckville, Romania.


"This is what you get..."


Sector Spotlight: Oil

Silly me, I must have missed the fucking memo that said to hold onto SRS, because the market was going to swan dive. With that being said, I have no regrets, with the exception of not having all of my fucking money in oil--since it's going to $1,000 per barrel.

Seriously, this oil shit is getting absurd. Where does the carnival of crude stop?

With the OIH topping $200, I can't help but think ALJ is going much, much higher, mainly because "The Fly" owns it.

Also, how about those Chinese crude names, PTR, CEO and SNP? Now that's what I call investing.

Thus far, I like the mojo in SNP, PTR, CEO, SFY, BTJ, ANW, HES and GHM.

However, for the most part, energy stocks are lower, thanks to the broad based market sell off. Look for the indices to trade between 1-2% lower, today.


And, today's Chinese lotto winners are:


Thank you for playing.


Finally, it will be interesting to see how the market reacts to a new set of Chinese ipo's to hit the market. With EDU posting blow out numbers this morning, I expect NED to have a good showing. However, will the new supply of quality Chinese ipo's sap the momentum out of some of the lesser names, already traded?

Probably not. This whole Chinese stock craze is exactly like the dot coms era. As you know, that shit lasted for 2 1/2 years before getting its cock chopped off.

Happy trading.


Quick Reminder: FBN Launches Tomorrow

Don't forget to tell CNBC to go fuck themselves, via watching the new Fox Business Channel. For those of you residing in NYC, FBN will bump MSNBC and broadcast from channel 43.

For the rest of you, living outside of NYC, you can go fuck yourselves too.

Good Night.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


More Lotto

Just in case you didn't know, more lotto tickets are coming to market, vis a vis IPO fun.

Your watch list includes: NED, FUQI, and the big dog LFT.

Happy trading-- and a fuck a you, or D'iu lay.

NOTE: 3:10 to Yuma was 2007's second best movie, with #1 being 300, of course.


Delightful Weekend Reading

Go to Howards.

NOTE: Is the word "delightful" somewhat fancy? Let me ask my fucking Starbucks cup.


UPDATE: Holy shit. I just noticed old man Howard called me "Asshat Fly." As you know, he will pay for this affront, many, many times over.

Developing again....

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