Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Closing Comments

Hey shorts, why don't you go fuck yourselves, no?

All day, I witnessed the bears, trying their best, to drum up panic. However, thanks to the prophecies of "West Coast Trader," they got their jaws knocked around.

Now, despite gayness in MVIS, "The Fly" banked some serious (and I mean serious) coin in FXI, CN, WBD, RIMM, AAPL, FTK, SNDK, HANS, VMI and CRESY.

Regarding XFML, the stock bottomed today. Write it down, bitches.

In closing, "The Fly" is feeling somewhat bullish. For the most part, life is good. The bordeux is abundant and the rib eyes are nicely marbled.

Off to spit on my neighbors fence.

NOTE: I sold most of my WBD today. I kept some as a souvenir.

NOTE II: LULU up another 14% today! My wife will give me hell, during dinner tonight.

NOTE III: Tonight I dine in hell.

The Fly is God
broker, any thoughts on VMI's earnings. I've had this stock since the early $80's.
VMI should be blowout. $1.00 or better.
I have reason to believe that GOOG is going to announce an iTunes killer on the conf call. DRM free music supported by an advertising model. Compatible with iTunes and iPod. Quality .mp3s for free, supported by ads.

If this info is right...good lord. GOOG gonna blow.
Dream or actual Harvard buddy stuff.
Boomer, I read the exact same thing on my fortune cookie at lunch today!
Buck or better? That would be sweet. But would you bet a heavily marbeled rib-eye on that?

BTW, a 2" New York strip has got it all over the rib-eye.

And just General info, i was at a place near Sebago LAke, ME last w/e. a nice little tavern. The owners/chefs favorite was spiked out as such on the menu.

A-get this-Chuck tenderloin.

Normally chuck has great flavor, but is useless unless cooked for 3 hours in a stew. But a chuck tenderloin smothered in lightly browned sweet onions with gorgonzola herb butter? Chuck? come on.

Came out as two peices 1 1 1/2' thk -round about the dia of a coffee can. meduim rare red thru and thru. One of the best steaks i ever done ate.

If ya ever see it, trust ol cigs on that one.
So what can you figure on this market. Everybody needs a computer to figure out how much their losing in there house and Granny stocks like HD,WAG,C,WM,BBBY.....

AAPL and GOOG should change symbols to XAPL and XGOG that would get them to 1,000. Broker A- I remember you talking about Hong Kong a month or so ago.
Sorry. You can keep your fucking NY strips and chuck. "The Fly" only eats rib eyes, and sometimes mashed potatoes--made from JJ's house.
Whats gonna happen if JJ wins one?
He'll still be JJ.
well you cant really argue with a ribeye.

but i will anyway!

sometimes a crappy one slides thru unless youre always in one of those $42-per steak-and-they-cant-even-throw-in-a-fucking-25-cent-baked-potato-made-from-jjs-gutter, and you end up with that huge glob of fat in the middle of it where tasty steak should be.

Now the strip? has that nice 1/2 strip-o-cow-insulation running right down the side of it...just makes it all the tastier.

take it from a guy who has murdered more than one vegetarian just for fun.
KC STRIP that is always hard to beat. Cooked at high heat preferably wood flame.

Rib Eyes are wrong on so many levels thats why they are so good. I agree- don't do Rib Eye at the Lone Star / Outback type places.
JJ eats Bedouin goat rib-eye.
*Ayeayeyayeyayeayeayeayeayeaye!* (*sound of high pitched Islamic tongue flickering noise in the background)

I hate goat. I especially hate Romania goat! I also hate the one who fucks with a Romania goat.

The most distasteful thing is eating a FLY. Spit it out already! I will not eat a ribeye if I see a FLY around.

XFML has 50% chance of going up and 50% chance of going down tomorrow. Your money is better spent on a casino than buying XFML.

Time to short some FSLR.
I wouldn't play at a casino, since they typically have a 3%-5% advantage over breakeven--a losing proposition.

Theoretically, XFML has a 33.334% chance of going up, a 33.333% chance of going down, and a 33.333% chance of staying unchanged. (The extra 0.001% advantage of it going up is due to the Chinese influence on the stock).
mrkcbill - neither. other.
Gentlemen, let me enlighten your steak debate with one fine point:

As the best steak chefs know, "age" is the great differentiator. A rib-eye reaches its peak of perfection when it is aged properly before cooking. Aged and then char-grilled correctly, they will melt in your mouth.
Thank you for that clarification, fuckface.

I would have never of known that ,without you posting it here.
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