Friday, October 12, 2007


The Cure: Last Day of Summer


Closing Comments

I told you fuckers I'd be rich-er today.

You bearshitters are old hat. To celebrate, I will visit my local old age home and hang out near the stair wells, while drinking over caffeinated florescent green soda.

As you know, "The Fly" banked a profound amount of coin today, while fuckernutter fell off a cliff. Keep in mind, the bears can hate me; but they can't beat me.

All day, I saw my positions in CALM, HANS, FXI, ERTS, CN, WBD, LNN, AAPL, ALJ, OEH, RIMM and XFML, amongst others, trounce the shorts, much to "The Fly's" pleasure.

Also, I closed out my entire SRS position, conceding the obvious: we are not going down.

Basically, nothing can stop this market. It is a runaway freight train, on plutonium based fuel.

In closing, feel inferior knowing "The Fly" will have a better weekend than you, mainly because he is BRAVER, smarter and has a much cooler blog than all of you-- combined.

Fuck off.


Fly Buy: CRESY

I bought 1,000 CRESY @ $23.05.

Disclaimer: If you buy CRESY because of this post, Rick Santelli will fix his teeth. And, you may lose money.


"I have all that shit, tough guy"

UPDATE: BIDU going fried rice on the shorts.


Mid-day Thought

The traders at SAC are fucking faggots.


Fly Buy: ALJ

I bought 1,000 ALJ @ $35.53.

UPDATE: I bought 1,000 @ $35.45.

If you buy ALJ because of this post, oil will go to $200 per barrel. And, you may lose money.


Fly Buy: WBD

I bought 1,000 WBD @ $105.45.

Disclaimer: If you buy WBD because of this post, the KGB will try to assassinate you. And, you may lose money.


"Im gonna bash them right the fuck in."


Fly Sell: SRS

I sold 3,000 SRS @ $82.5.


Position Update: CALM

Fucking eggs.


Sector Spotlight: Internet

So far, it looks like the bears will get their jaws busted loose today, God willing.

All of the economic data was benign and investors are quick to put their money to work, for fear of "missing out."

See, thanks to the "V shaped recovery," post sub-prime scare, people who mange money do not believe the market can stay down--for any extended period of time. As a result, whenever the market dips, it's met with frantic buys.

As you know, this can last forever, or until the Earth explodes, thanks to global warming.

Today, I like the Chinese momentum names for a trade, especially BIDU, XFML and STV.

Also, it's worth noting, ATI is dragging the metals down. I'd stay away from metals, homies and financials, while buying internets, retail and software.


And, today's Chinese lotto winners are:


Thank you for playing.


Within the internet sector, BCSI, SFLY, IGLD, CTRP, OSTK, VCLK, SINA, YHOO, GOOG and GMKT have mojo, while NILE shits the shower.

Finally, looking at the vast strength in the Naz, "The Fly" believes it will trade up, between 1-1.5% today.

Be well.


Fly Buy: XFML

I bought 10,000 shares of XFML @ $8.45

Disclaimer: If you buy XFML because of this post, your local Chinese restaurant will serve dog meat, but call it chicken. And, you may lose money.


Position Update: XFML

Late last night, I had a conference call with the Beijing IR of XFML.

A few things I thought were worth noting:

- The company has used 9 of the 50 million dollar share buy back. I got the sense they intend to pick up the pace, sometime soon.

- They are serious about Corporate governance and want to improve their image, here on Wall Street.

- One of the ways they want to improve their image is by "reporting good quarterly numbers," that either meet of exceed expectations.

- They have 30 year contracts in place, thanks to the Chinese government.

- Earnings will be out, before November 15th.

All in all, I hung up thinking "they're going to blow the doors off the estimate."


Morning Thought

Never fuck with Icahn.


Thursday, October 11, 2007


Quick Alert: Off to Eat a Pumpkin Pie

I have no idea what effect this will have on the Asian markets.



How 'bout a late night China stock rally?

Angelo Mozilo, CEO Countrywide Financial


A Tribe Called Quest - I Left My Wallet In El Segundo


Closing Comments

Today, "The Fly" caught a buzz saw to the groin, as the "key reversal" teed off on his face.

During the day, I sustained wild and exaggerated losses in CALM, AAPL, FMCN, LNN, LLNW, SNDK, GME and RIMM. Oh, and let's not forget the drubbing I took in XFML. Hey, I liked it at $9.25; I have to fucking love it at $8.40.

On top of that, I covered my LAZ short, effectively taking a few financial line drives to the cock.

To make matters worse, I saw this coming. I knew we were extended and I violated the laws of reason.

Going into the close, the market rallied, but did little to restore my foamed mouth bullishness.

Next thing you know, the bull shitters shut the lights off and the DOW dives 1,000 points, effectively sending "Mr. Fly" to his local mental institution.

With my money, I intend to muck around and purchase a few weeks worth of hot dogs (non-kosher).

All in all, investing in MVIS is like putting money into a safety deposit box, where a sneaky family member occasionally takes a few hundred bucks out--every so often.

Top pick: XFML.

NOTE: CWTR shit the bed, again.


Position Update: CALM

Fucking eggs.


The Other Side of the Blade

That was fun. Maybe it was the rain in NYC. Maybe it was Hillary Clinton. Or, maybe someone accidentally pressed the "shit the shower" button. Nevertheless, the market is in "fuck the investor" mode, as profits get booked and Chinese related stocks get the hammer.

Luckily, "The Fly" sold out his highly speculative Chinese positions, when he did. Unluckily, he loaded up on XFML and covered his LAZ short.


However, I am in XFML for the duration. So, should the fucker come down, I'll get my golden basket out and buy more.

As for the rest of the market:

Normally, I'd say we look pretty fucked. However, as of late, nothing seems to keep this bitch down.

With that being said, why not take a shot here, providing you have ample gains booked YTD?


Mid-Morning Thought

If CTEL can go up 167%, why can't ASTT?


Fly Buy: KTEC

I bought 1,000 KTEC @ $31.43.

Disclaimer: If you buy KTEC because of this post, your drinking water will be poisoned. And, you may lose money.


Fly Sell: JADE

I sold 3,000 JADE @ $7.05.


True Story: CTEL

Two days ago, I had an order for 10,000 CTEL @ $5.18. But, because I didn't want to chase it, I pulled it and said "I'll fuck with it later."

up 167% today.

Fuck me.


Fly Buy: LAZ

I covered my LAZ short, buying 5,000 @ $49.


Fly Buy: XFML

I bought 40,000 shares of XFML @ $9.10.

UPDATE: I bought 25,000 XFML @ $9.25.

Disclaimer: If you buy XFML because of this post, you might ingest a Chinese solar burrito. And, you may lose money.


Sector Spotlight: Chinese Solar Burrito's

This is just crazy. All of my China stocks, with the exception of XFML, are going banana's. I booked a huge percentage gain in NOEC and have JADE running.

The irony, XFML is the best Chinese company out there, yet it goes unnoticed.

Taking a look at the company, it can go much, much higher. Basically, they are the CNBC or Bloomberg of China. In China, they own television, radio and print properties, where they cater to the affluent and sell advertising. Glancing over the numbers, the company is trading 13x 2008 estimates, with a growth rate in excess of 110%.

Comparing XFML to FMCN makes "The Fly" very happy and encourages him to quietly build a position. On an apples to apples comparison, if XFML were to trade at the same FPE as FMCN, the stock would trade at $20. Now, if the fucker were to trade at FMCN's trailing PE, the stock would be at $41.

In short, if you were a Chinese fucker and wanted some information about your stocks, you'd tune into XFML.


And, today's China lotto game winners are:


Thank you for playing.


Aside from stock market lottery, "The Fly" is thinking, not pondering, about sneaking into Dunkin' Donuts, for a large cup of coffee.

And, I believe the market will clip the shorts today, NY Italian mafia style.

Off to play some lotto.


Fly Sell: NOEC

I sold 2,000 NOEC @ $10.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Late Night Thought

XFML is cheap.

Odd no?

Read more here.


Red Hot Chili Peppers - Can't Stop


Closing Comments

Today, I enjoyed nice gains in LNN, NOEC, VMI, JCG, VLO, GILD and LLNW.

However, for the most part, today was a loser, with the exception of crazy Chinese and dry bulk stocks.

One little shipper that soared today was FREE. Don't forget the z's and w's, FREEZ and FREEW.

Also, within the China space, SEED took the headlines, with SDTH taking second place. My favorite China lotto tickets are NOEC, XFML and maybe SORL. Or, how about "China Youtube," via CYTV? Just kidding.

On the back of the LNN numbers, I have complete confidence in VMI into their quarterly report. Look for that fucker to break $100, literally any day.

I was thoroughly impressed with the oils today, despite warnings from CVX and VLO. Right now, my favorite energy plays are GLF, UPL, VLO and FTK.

Finally, I'm buying BWLD everyday, until the fucker hits $50. Write it down. And, I will not sell LLNW, until it has fully recovered.

Off to the gym.


"Shut that fucking door"


Fly Buy: XFML

I bought 3,000 XFML @ $9.04

Disclaimer: If you buy XFML because of this post, your pet monkey will shit the bed. And, you may lose money.


Fly Buy: BWLD

I bought 2,000 BWLD @ $40.86.

Disclaimer: If you buy BWLD because of this post, your wife will leave you for Bob Pasani. And, you may lose money.


Due for a sell-off

October is a slippery month. I'm expecting a 3-5% sell-off, within the month.

My game plan is simple: drink lots of Monster Energy Soda, while playing the Chinese lotto game. Then, take profits, leave the money in cash and eat oatmeal.

After I eat oatmeal, go to my favorite eatery, where salty rib-eyes are abundant and the people mind their fucking business.

Finally, go for a late night drive, throw empty Starbucks cups on my neighbors front lawn, while honking my horn, in order to startle the early nighters.

In short, take profits and load up on Halloween for the Thanksgiving run.


Fly Sell: LAZ

I sold short 5,000 LAZ @ $49.10.

Disclaimer: If you sell short LAZ because of this post, you will receive 100 hard cold calls, this week. And, you may lose money.


Sector Spotlight: Gold

Ho-hum, LNN is up a 5 spot, as the market trades down.

I told you fuckers to milk the farmer. What did you do?

You bought shit. You bought stupid semiconductor stocks, trying to get long tech, because it's "so under owned." Whoever started spreading that "tech is under owned" shit is an asshat-- and should be thrown into a cactus farm (not sure if cactus farms are real).

Nonetheless, today has a loser feel to it, aside from select internet, homebuilder and gold stocks.
And, today's Chinese stock lotto winners are:


Thank you for playing.

Actually, most of the gold stocks are up, partly due to the bullshit dollar. Not knowing much about gold, I can tell you GROW, AUY and KGC look good, while SWC looks like a bag of shit.

Finally, with my money, I'll be buying more BWLD and playing the Chinese lotto game.


Special Edition: Mid-Night Closing Comments

The market went up...

I made lots of money....

You guys suck....

I have a "calculator brain" lodged in my head....

My time machine is working perfectly....

This weekend, I will be drinking lots of "rich man's whiskey"....

I have a new stock and will not share it with you....

....because it's too good and I hate the internet investor class....

Finally, make sure to eat lots of wings this weekend....

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Weezer - Undone

No closing comments today. I'm too fucking busy. Plus anyway, I have an Alex Tokman dartboard to address.


Milk the Farmer!

If there is one thing "The Fly" has learned this year, it is to "milk the farmer," down to the last penny.

The current commodity frenzy has resulted in bid up stocks, within the ag sector. Basically, anything related to food is being forklifted by overzealous Wall Street fools.

Nonetheless, it makes sense to "milk the farmer," until the farmers figure out how to fuck themselves, once again.

Fly's "milk the farmer" index includes:


Feel free to add some names.


Quick Alert: Fly's Head of Research Looks for his Charts


Fly Buy: BWLD

I bought 500 BWLD @ $40.89.

Disclaimer: If you buy BWLD because of this post, Bernanke will shave his beard, then raise rates. And, you may lose money.


Fly Buy: OIIM

I bought 1,000 OIIM @ $16.31.

Disclaimer: If you buy OIIM because of this post, your only son will sport a "Hitler mustache." And, you may lose money.


Sector Spotlight: Frothiness

What's up with these shipping stocks?

I mean, does DRYS deserve to be trading at $115 or have people lost their fucking minds, bidding up stocks forever and ever?

I don't get it.

Also, EXM, GNK and EXPD are exploding, daily. As you know, "The Fly" refuses to buy these fuckers, mainly due to missing out on them in the first place.

Let's not forget the Chinese related names, like JRJC, STV or EFUT. Like the dot coms, anything related to the word "China" is screaming higher.

Don't fuck with "The Fly." During the dot com era, he played the dot com lotto game like a drunken Italian-- making sweet music with an accordion.

In short, I'm not really into the high beta/gambling stocks, yet. For now, I'll just stick to what I know, which is much more than what you know, ironically.

Finally, where's that fuckface who claimed "The Fly" topped ticked OIIM, yesterday? Now that it's higher, I've dispatched 3 internet laser beams to laser his eyebrows off, effectively leaving three jerk offs from Brooklyn unemployed--due to technology advancements.


NOTE: With the Indians advancing to the ALCS, BWLD should continue to shovel hot wings down the throats of people from Ohio (20-30% of BWLD's restaurants are in Ohio).

Monday, October 08, 2007


Position Update: BWLD

The Buffalo Wild Wings (Clev. Indians) defeated The New York Yankees.

May the Ohio wing eating bonanza continue.



Jay-Z ft. Pharell - Blue Magic


Closing Comments

As you know, "The Fly" is too busy to fuck around with you retards. He's in his office making all sorts of money, thanks to his meaningful positions in RIMM, AAPL, VLO, GD, LLNW, NYX, HANS, BWLD, AXR and FMCN.

Because of his marked increase in "stock market wealth," he has declined to post closing comments, since you are "not worth it" and he has "better shit to do."

Early reports indicate, "The Fly" is on his way to get a haircut, by his Japanese Samurai barber.

In closing, "The Fly" says "MVIS is a stock for fucktarded donut fuckers." And, "may God strike LAZ dead."


God Hates Chinese Solar Burrito Companies

Rumor is LDK makes bullshit polysilicon.

Yields are low, the stock is high.

Hence, investors are getting their faces punched off.


Position Update: LLNW

God loves "The Fly."


Research: KTEC

Click here to download Needham report.

Thus far, I have no position. However, I will be buying some shortly.


Quick Alert: Food and Beverage stocks still strong

Despite weakness in today's tape, most of the food and beverage names are strong.

As you know, "The Fly" is a big fucking fan of food and beverage stocks, mainly because you are fat.

Right now, CAGL'A, YUM, ADY, TAP, BKC, WBD, GMK, CALM, AKO'A, CMG and HANS are fucking strong.

My favorite, by far, is BWLD, especially if corn prices weaken.

My point: Never bet against the fat dude with a creamed cheese bagel in his hand. That man will make you rich.

Also, I like this KTEC. These fuckers make the machinery that will put human beings out of work, in food processor plants. Their client list includes all of the majors and is represented in most of the shit at your local grocery, such as french fries, vegetables, beans, etc.

Basically, KTEC is a play on feeding fat or skinny people more efficiently. Their machines weed out the low quality stuff and package the good.


Fly Sell: AXR

I sold 1,000 @ $32.90.

UPDATE: I sold 1,500 @ $33.71.

UPDATE II: I sold 500 @ $34.40.


Sector Spotlight: China

"The Fly" has been to the future and he wasn't impressed. If I were a OTB betting man, I'd bet my fat gut the market would trade down this week, ahead of inflation data. It's just the way shit works. Get all amped up on the Goldilocks story; then bam, off with your nose.

Thus far, there is marginal strength in steel, semi-conductor, internet and defense stocks, while China goes banana's, again.

Over the weekend, "The Fly" was scouring the internet for all sorts of new investment ideas. As you know, he won't tell you, mainly because his Starbucks cup told him not to. However, if he did, he may tell you (internet daytraders) to take a gander (fully aware that 'gander' is a queer word) at KTEC, XFML, CRESY and ALJ.

With regards to China:

How could I go wrong investing in China?

Today's lotto winners are HRAY, HIHO, XFML, CTDC, YTEC and SCR. If I had a company to bring public, from China, I'd have the ticker symbol COMMY assigned to it. I bet that little fucker would run like the wind, enabling "The Fly" to complete a lifelong dream, which is splitting 3:1. I always wanted to do that.

Finally, with my money, "Dollar Danks" makes sense, via iiG. And, re-short the LAZ and nibble at the SRS. Oh, and MVIS looks almost ready.


Late Night Thought

Whoever can get aboard the Kvass train will be fucking rich.

UPDATE: These guys love Kvass.

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