Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Fly Sell: LAZ

I sold short 5,000 LAZ @ $49.10.

Disclaimer: If you sell short LAZ because of this post, you will receive 100 hard cold calls, this week. And, you may lose money.

I believe you will be amply rewarded for your patience with this position.

Perhaps you started early but you know enough not to blow your wad at one price level.

As I stated yesterday, the dark side is where I see the most opportunities for the next few weeks.

Long QID
I covered LAZ @ 44.

This is my second go around.
You still holding VLO in light of earnings miss?
Why,Based on what?

Big Money is going to steal these homies and Mortgage guys. The Consumer is whats its all about and Chase, Citi,COF, are more than happy to front any poor Mom and Pop with 2 shitty incomes.

I like CSCO maybe some of those back in the day valuations will come to fruition.

I'm tempted to join you again in this position... but I got smoked the first time round.

Also, the whole thing about the cold calls scares the shit out of me.

Hope you punish it this time Fly. I would see 46 as a logical place for support.
"I covered LAZ @ 44.

This is my second go around."

Of course. I imagine you sold SRS at 115 as well.
Hey Knob:

Here you go again:

However, still in SRS.
Don't listen to Polish Ed.

But do listen to me.

WTF are you doing?

The bikini wax wasn't working on the moustaches, so you decided to try this instead?


Remember that book you think is overrated? The old one by Eddie the Fever?

There's an odd character in there who refuses to get out of a position despite the remonstrations of a younger colleague. In the end, in answer to his colleague's queries about why he won't bail on his position so he could at least buy back on the retrace, the old dog says:

Why, it's a bull market m'boy.
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