Thursday, April 19, 2007


New Feature: Fly's Search Engine

In order to avoid clicking on my blogroll, I have consolidated it into a fucking search engine. That's right, "The Fly" is an internet expert.

So, check it out on the top of the page; put in a symbol and click "Fetch." Within a micro-second, my internet slave, aka Google, will help you shovel through internet shit, much more efficiently.


You are a dick. Too much, next mexican timeshares.
Boomer, you're a fucking loser asking questions and rambling on here. You have your head in your ass, make some sense you moron.
What next, NetBeans JavaScript? A futile attempt at being quasi-innovative yet technically bloated.

Just an ploy to demand a premium from your site sponsors, or the groundwork for a future IPO filing?

Truly a blogger bubble-top forming.
Typed in MVIS and it said I need more memory. Seriously it's a nice feature for all the retards.
Now I gotta go to Wendy's for my morning coffee. Thursday's are always Large for price of a medium.
BITCH REACHED BACK and slapped a ho today. So much for the DGX seasonality. CENX is getting goat fucked. Broker where do you keep getting all these drive by readers from. One off posts everywhere from random names.
Hey Brent if your here what do you think about MPEL now :) It's still undervalued here too.
Anyone else see that big dicked bull come into WGAT...just now...interesting. Picked up 10K more at .75....long 85K.

What a great call. It looks to me it wants to jump over the 200 day (19.52) before the opening. That could lead into $21-22 before settling down. Of course, with China growing at 11%, there will be plenty of playaaas on opening night.
Broker I know you are out there, did you buy more NTRI on that 200 day retest?
BRCM is looking rather favorable.
EQIX still getting punched in the nuts
ntri will be fine, as will eqix.

Search engine is good start. Now need live ticker quote lookup box. Thanks.
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