Saturday, November 03, 2007


He's Back!

Much to "The Fly's" chagrin I am posting here again. I had to blackmail him with several incriminating photos of he and one of his "illegal Mexicans" named LuLu. Terms of our agreement prevent me from any further discussion of said photos. As you all know, "The Fly" reveres his anonymity and went to great lengths to secure these photos -- thankfully my dog was returned unharmed.

Long time readers will recall my short oil call from the Spring. Suffice to say it was not a money maker but not nearly as disastrous as other weekend poster's picks namely VDSI and VLCM.

The technical evidence suggests a potential double top in the XOI - otherwise known as the Amex Oil Index. With oil prices approaching $100 a barrel, one would expect the oil stocks to be charging ahead. That is not the case thus far.

To illustrate, let's take a look at a point and figure chart. For those of you unfamiliar with how point and figure charts work I will give you the quick and dirty. Essentially, they are used to illustrate the supply:demand dynamics of a security using X's and O's to determine if the bulls or the bears are in control.

X's are used to illustrate when the bulls are in charge and O's are used to illustrate when the bear shitters in charge. Buy/sell signals occur when a previous column of X's or O's is exceeded. A 3-box move in the opposite direction of the current column triggers a reversal. Currently the XOI is on a sell signal as illustrated by the most recent column of O's which broke below the prior column of O's which reversed at 1470.

Potential top or pause in an existing uptrend? We will further dissect this index and some specific names tomorrow.




Friday, November 02, 2007


Mid-Night Asshattery

More bow tie fun.

NOTE: If you are not worth at least 50 million euro, you're not allowed to wear a bow tie. Jim Rogers is allowed to wear one, as you know.


Eminem - Like Toy Soldiers


Closing Comments

What am I supposed to sit here and stew over my recent "debanking?"

Fuck that.

Everyday is a fresh chance to steal some money back from the bitch called "Mother Market."

For example: today I bought a bunch of shit, near the lows of the day, then blew it out, effectively 'stealing' money from some unsuspecting pussy.

Basically, losing vast sums of money does not rattle me, knowing I can make it back, since I've done it repeatedly--forever.

The key, as always, is to learn from mistakes and position correctly--for the next phase of this big lottery scheme.

In my opinion, stocks like VMI, CLX, WBD and JCG are high probability wins, right here.

Naturally, should the "cupfuckers" from MER or C throw the market another dog bone, all bets are off. However, for the most part, despite hating people, "The Fly" is a very optimistic investor, with delusions of grandeur and obsessions with being "right."

In closing, all of you can go fuck yourselves, as far as I'm concerned. I'm a busy guy, with lots of upside, while you're some internet surfing day trader.

NOTE: Please visit this website, over the weekend. "Tim" aka "Fly's God" will be guest blogging. And, some other dude may show up, much to my chagrin.


Quick Alert: Market Green

"The Fly" wins again.


Fly Buy's: VMI, CLX

I put approximately 100k to work, in both CLX ($63) and VMI ($85.29).

Disclaimer: If you buy the above stocks because of this post, your account at MER will be held in escrow, awaiting bankruptcy filings. And, you may lose money.


Fly Sell: RS

I sold 3,000 RS @ $57.


Fly Sell: CAAS

I sold 2,000 CAAS @ $8.05.


Fly Sell: EPD

I sold 1,000 EPD @ $31.65.


Fly Sell: ERTS

I sold 5,000 ERTS @ $60.31.


Quick Thoughts on the Banks

Although I feel they are due for a bounce, especially after Chuck gets shitcanned, they're still long term sells.

Over the next month or two, do not be surprised to see the regulators investigating these fuckers, giving them serious headline risk.

If you must own the group, keep a hedge or two on. For example: long MER or MS, short MTG or RDN.




Say mercy, bitch-- and the market will trade higher.


Sector Spotlight: Financials

This is getting ridiculous. If the financials don't bounce today, I'll name my next son "Chuck Bennett."

On my dead cat list is MER, GS, LAZ, BSC, LEH, MS, C and WM. If not today, these fuckers should get some sort of short squeeze going on Monday, after that fucktard Chuck Prince is fired.

Following such a strong jobs number, I am not surprised to see weakness in the sectors that need a rate cut most. However, it doesn't make any sense selling off the retailers and other consumer discretionary names, since they benefit from a strong labor pool.

In short, I see a bounce coming, get ready.

In retail, JCG is my only play. In addition, GES is seriously over sold. And, as you know, VMI is my overall top pick-- down almost 10 bucks in the last two days.

Nice call Cajun, for calling BIDU to $400.

Thursday, November 01, 2007


Strategy Going Forward

***Breaking News***
"The Fly" is not "Chuck Bennett."


Let's face it: with the Fed put off the table, the financials are fish in a barrel. Fuck what some of you inflation hatfuckers have to say, we are too tight. The economy is not strong; therefore, rates need to be in the 3-3.5% range.

As you know, the homies, mortgage, mortgage insurers, brokers, regional banks and a variety of money center banks are getting the shit kicked out of them. All of them are intertwined in creating one of the worst banking fuck-ups-- in the history of modern banking.

The short sellers have been making a bundle, betting against these fuckers--with the exception of a select few brokerage stocks.

My short list of potential 'going to zero' plays are: RDN, BSC, COWN, TWPG, CLMS, ETFC, CNS, MCGC, NFP, SF, AIB, ESGR, IHC, MGI, RAS, ACF, CCRT, CFC, PMI, ABK, MBI, TGIC, FPIC and RWT.

Now, I know that is a fucktardly long list. Pick and choose your spots.

Look, the financials represent the largest part of the S&P 500. With earnings being slashed and burned, the overall PE of the market is going up. Plus, let's not forget how fucked the consumer is, with their only source of income (house) in the shit box.

This is how I view the 10 principal sectors of the S&P 500:

Financials: Fucked. Their only hope is renewed Federal Reserve cuts and a short squeeze.

Healthcare: Biotech is a major dice roll. I hate those little time bombs. Additionally, with an election around the corner, I'm afraid the healthcare industry will be the whipping pole for many democratic candidates. The only safe haven is established pharma's, like GILD, MRK or PFE. Also, some of the cost containers, like MHS, may thrive.

Industrials: The only stocks that can work are companies that derive most of their business overseas and benefit from the wheelbarrow dollar, or who offer machinery and/or services to the booming agriculture industry. Stocks like VMI, LNN, AGU, MON, BG, POT, DE, ITT, FLR, JEC, FWLT, PCP, BA and BEAV should continue to do well. Also, it appears the military sector will not suffer, even under the Dems. There, ATK, GD, LMT, NOC and RTN look solid.

Consumer Discretionary: This is where the wild card lays. Either the consumer is dead or she received a new, shiny credit card in the mail. Thus far, looking at restaurant and clothing stocks, the consumer is dead and buried. Let's see if she can dig her way out of that grave, in order to buy a few more pairs of plastic slippers with holes in them. The only stock I have confidence in, long term, is HANS--due to its low priced product and loyal customer base. However, looking at M, VLCM, BWLD, CROX, SBUX, HD, AEO, PERY, CACH, RL, ARO, GES, COH, CTRN, BEBE and KSS, I'd say the market is screaming recession. If not, all of the above names can quickly recover 20%.

Consumer Staples: Stocks like CL, PG, CLX and UL have survived many recessions-- and are durable. Recently, I sold out of my PG, due to valuation. However, I still own CLX and will add to the position, especially if the market gets worse.

Materials: If you believe in the retarded 'global growth' story, this is where you buy. Stocks like BHP, FCX, RS, CENX, PCU, amongst many others, should thrive for years, providing 'Chindia' keeps growing. However, the sector is subject to extreme volatility-- and should never be bought on margin, if you enjoy life with green paper that have ugly faces on them.

Energy: Oil at $90+ and gasoline under $3.00 has fucked the refiners. Stocks like ALJ, VLO, TSO, HOC, WNR and DK will not breakout, until this paradigm alters in their favor. For now, service companies, like NOV, RIG, GHM and DRQ, should continue to receive a lot of hot money. Additionally, the solar stocks have been on fire, as investors hope and wish for energy alternatives. I am not sold on solar. LDK should be a lesson to you solar fools. Watch those yields and silicon quality. Finally, natty may make a move here, with China saying natty is 'seriously cheap.' I have some clients in the industry-- and they have been shutting in supply for two years. My guess, with a cold winter, natty may hit $10--sending UNG, SWN, GMXR, NGS, NGAS and BEXP higher.

Technology: Tale of two cities. The semi's are being squeezed, with the exception of the ones who do the squeezing, like INTC. Also, having clients in the field, I understand extreme bullishness in INTC may be a profitable endeavor. However, the rest of the SOX cannot be relied upon. For the most part, good tech revolves around a select group of stocks, like AAPL, CSCO, RIMM, EQIX, CIEN, GRMN (on pause), AMZN, CTRP, PCLN, OSTK, MFE, GOOG, BIDU, SINA, SOHU, NTES, SNDA, ERTS, HPQ, MSFT, NOK, NVT, VMW, EMC, WFR, STX, WDC and a few others.

In short, it's a stock pickers tech sector.

Utilities: With rates coming down, the utilities may thrive-- thanks to rich dividends. Not really giving a fuck about the sector, I can tell you OKE, CPL, EN, D and GXP look decent.

Telecom: Another treacherous sector, if you're not careful. For a long time, NIHD was as good as gold-- not anymore. My favorites are foreign telco's, where growth still exists. CN, CHL, CHU, VIP, TKC, MBT, ROS are favorites. Domestically, I am lukewarm on VZ and T. Finally, USM seems to be kicking ass and is a takeover target.

In summary, this market, like many others in the past, is riddled with potential pitfalls. However, much of the fucked up stuff is already reflected in the share prices. Forget about where the DOW is trading. Look at the sectors that are in the eye of the storm, like retail, financials and home builders. They've been annihilated to the point where mass bankruptcy looks imminent.

Anything that helps the consumer, such as tax or interest rate cuts, will make the short sellers regret living. On the contrary, should our fucktarded politicians go gangster on China, hike taxes and fuck with our cheap labor pools, pack up boys and go home; we'll be at 9,500 DOW by 2010.

Place your bets.


"Fuck these people..."


Dean Martin - Ain't That A Kick In The Head


Closing Comments

Well, to top off this day from hell, "The Fly" gets to listen to the MVIS conference call. The silver lining: the stock can't go down 9 tomorrow, since it's only 4 and change.

My technician says we're going lower. Amidst his incoherent rants, I heard him say something like "VIX breaking out" and "down volume, so not gay."

I agree. Apparently, the market is in 'queer mode.'

I've noticed, the common denominator of all of the big disappointments have been U.S. consumer related. From CROX to BWLD to NTRI to you name it, the U.S. is a country full of poor, credit card using fucktards, who are constantly in need of a new plasma tv.

Into the close, I threw some shorts and other hedges on, just in case the gift keeps giving.

It seems fairly possible that we will endure a few major bankruptcies, within the financials. I know everyone's money is betting on the 'global growth' story. They even get happy when oil goes up, equating it to the 'burgeoning demand,' thanks to the 'global growth' story.

Whenever I see high gasoline and heating expenses, I am quite pleased the fuckers in China and India are 'banking coin.'

In closing, this bull market is treacherous, similar to the markets from '97-2000. Long term, we'll be fine. However, it's the short term blips that usually wipe out the small guy.

Live to fight another day.

NOTE: Maria Bartiroma is a bear whore.


Odd no?

Fuck MBI and RDN. Fuck all of the banks, who gave loans to homeless men.

Fuck all of the analysts who get paid to shovel shit.

Fuck the Federal Reserve for cutting rates to almost nothing, then jacking them 17 times in a row.

Fuck the credit agencies for not doing their jobs.

In short, fuck everyone.


This is Pleasant

Hey, it's only green paper with silly, ugly faces on them.

Let it all burn down, girls.

Come on, give me your best shot. Three hundred points is for pussies. Let's have a real down day, book some "man sized losses."

In the big scheme of things, stocks are mostly for retards. I have known this for many, many years; yet, I still buy and sell them.

In general, the fucktards who participate in short term market moves are degenerate jerk offs, unable to wait for young companies to mature. No?

Instead, most just swing in and out of stocks, casino style--trying to catch a buck here-- a buck there.

Oh, let's not leave oil out of the equation. Let's not do that.

Seize the fucking oil fields and take the oil: problem solved.

Finally, all of our banks are going bankrupt. However, before they do, buddy, be sure to get your latte drinking ass a fresh pair of CROX or new GRMN gps tracking device.

Which reminds me of my old Grandpa. He was old school. He carried a pistol, until the tender age of 77. He used olive oil as tanning lotion, resembling a bronze statue by summers end. And, last but not least, he burned his fucking business down to the ground, literally, in order to collect the insurance money. Then, he blamed "those fucking firemen" for stealing his stamp collection, which was inadvertently left in the shop. Naturally, the fire idea derived from the think tank of his older brothers.


SS Fly


Position Update: FTK

FTK is in a tough business. How could I expect them to do well, being an oil service company, with $97 oil? No one wants to drill. It simply isn't worth it, with oil at $97 per barrel.

(sarcasm off)


Sector Spotlight: Financials

Boy, do I love Citibank. It's like the gift that keeps on giving.

In general, the financials are nightmares, run by maniacs who are better suited for local OTB's-- than large money centers.

As usual, following a Fed meeting, we are being whipsawed, with the major indices shaving the skin off of investors.

As for me, business as usual. One of my stellar performers, albeit small, posted numbers last night at around 11:30pm. Who the fuck does that anyway?

Needless to say, the stock is down 8 bucks.

And, as most of you know, MVIS will be reporting numbers, after today's trading. Don't expect much. Typically after earnings, MVIS trades lower. It's almost a given, unfortunately.

By the way, it looks like most of the financials are going bankrupt, with "Frankensized" losses in BBX, ETFC, C, PJC, BCS, FHN, FCS, CCRT, JPM, MER, COF, GHL, FBC, FIG, NAL, FMT, etc.

We're finished.

I think two or three of my stocks are up, one being Chinese, of course. Scratch that, the fat fuckers from BWLD just went green. Yeah baby.

How's CROX. Good, no?

Back to the electric chair.


Why "Dollar Danks" is the Best CEO in America

Only Danks can settle a lawsuit-- and actually receive money by doing it. It looks like the company is cleaning themselves up for a quick "see ya later, I'm the fuck out of here" sale of the company.

Danks and my Chinese restaurant guy would make great business partners.

4:05PM iMergent announces preliminary approval of settlement of all derivative litigation; to recieve $3.3 mln (IIG) 24.12 -0.44 : Co announces the Third Judicial District Court in and for Salt Lake County of Utah provided preliminary approval of a settlement agreement between the company and all derivative litigation filed in various courts in Utah. Under the terms of the settlement, iMergent is to receive a payment of $3.3 mln in insurance proceeds. The funds will be used to pay $2.8 mln for the settlement of the class action settlement, discussed in Form 8-K filed by the company on September 21, 2007, and $500,000 for attorney fees to derivative counsel. The settlement also calls for the co to adopt certain corporate governance measures as well as present certain items to a vote of the co's shareholders. After final approval of the settlement and court approval of the class action settlement, the items that require a vote of the shareholders will be included in the next scheduled annual proxy statement. Additionally, after final approval of the settlement and court approval of the class action settlement, all corporate governance items not requiring approval of the co's shareholders, which have not already been adopted, will be adopted by the co.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Late Night Fact

MVIS is coming down the home stretch.


Halloween Theme


Closing Comments

Off to trick or treating with the kids.

The people who pull the levers on this market are a bunch of candy-asses, spoiled fuckers.



Quick Alert: "The Fly" Going Egging

Thanks to the resolute damage "The Fly" is absorbing in BWLD today, he has opted out of managing money (for the day). Instead, he will spend the rest of his day throwing eggs and spraying shaving cream, at piker Wall Street brokers-- from the comfort of his black car.



Ben: Ransack or Rescue?

To me, it's a win-win, whether he cuts by 25 or 50.

Either way, it will give a boost to the slowing economy. Knowing all the bad shit in housing, how could the market sell off?

If the decision to cut rates is split, with little hints of future cuts, we may get taken to a filthy BWLD restaurant.

However, if the wording is like last cut, "fuck you shorts, you're dead."

It really is that simple.


"We Need Some Candy"


New Chinese Lotto Ticket: CISG

via Briefing:
(Happy Trading)

CISG CNinsure IPO prices above range; Chinese insurance agency (16.00 )

CNinsure (CISG), a Chinese insurance agency and brokerage, prices its IPO at $16, above its expected range of $13-15, which had been raised from $11-13. Each ADS represents 20 ordinary shares. The co employs 11,000 sales reps and 170 sales outlets operating in eight provinces. CISG began in the automobile insurance area then expanded into property and casualty. Its experience in the life insurance segment is more limited as it entered this market in Jan 2006. The co intends to expand its service offering by providing insurance claims adjusting services, such as assessment, survey, authentication and loss estimation, beginning in Q4 2007. As an insurance agency, CISG does not assume underwriting risks. Instead, the co sells insurance products underwritten by insurance cos operating in China. CISG gets paid by insurance cos, typically on a percentage of the premium paid by the insured. The insurance agency and brokerage sector in China is at an early stage of development and highly fragmented. As such, CISG plans to increase its market share by aggressively expanding its distribution network through acquisitions, recruitment and franchising. China's insurance penetration rates (insurance premiums as a percentage of GDP) are low at just 1.7% for life insurance and 1.0% for non-life insurance vs 4.0% and 4.8% in the US. Continued economic growth and the aging of the Chinese population should drive growth of China's insurance industry. The co is profitable and posted 1H07 revenue of US$22.7 mln, up 62% yr/yr, on impressive 32% operating margin... Briefing Note: There is a lot of interest here as the Chinese sector has been hot. Also, investors see it as a secondary play on China Life Insurance (LFC 99.16) which has been a huge mover, up 220% over the past year. This is an 11.7 mln ADS deal (each ADS worth 20 ordinary shares), led by Morgan Stanley. Wm Blair, Fox-Pitt, and Piper were also invovled. (IPOXX)


Missed Opportunity: WXS

Last Year, "The Fly" had a large position in WXS, but sold it--mainly due to boredom.

In short, the company helps the trucking industry manage expenses, particularly gasoline.

With oil above $90 and the trannies feeling the 'gas squeeze,' WXS can go significantly higher.

Click here to access this mornings conference call.

It's a great story that can gather momentum.


"I am Cornholio"


Sector Spotlight: Machine Gunning

Wall Street can be a brutal place to make a living, especially during earnings season. To put it plainly, buying or selling stocks, ahead of earnings, is equal to river boat gambling. Furthermore, when one of your favorite companies misses estimates, not only does it hurt monetarily, it jars your very existence.

For me, this earnings season has been the worst of my career. I don't think I've ever had two top ten holdings blow up like this, first NTRI, now BWLD. Thankfully, I had great success, early in the year, else I'd be in a deep hole.

The lesson to be learned: never go all in, or heavily overweight a stock, no matter how much you like it.

Sure, BWLD is a top ten holding, but comprises less than 7% of my holdings. Does that make me not want to punch the beards off of the bitches who are running BWLD into the ground? No.

However, I'll survive this bombing and probably come out on top, eventually.

My plan is to buy here, for now. The stock is down way too much, on a small miss. Plus, the company is entering its best quarter, going into peak football season.

Nonetheless, I will not chase the stock lower. If it looks like support is weakening, I will wait for it to dip again, before adding.

In short, this is a machine gunning to the torso.

All in all, I'll be fine, with nice gains and positions in HANS, MVIS, GME, RIMM, AAPL, VMI, iiG etc.

This hurts, but life goes on.

As for today's trading:

With the Fed meeting on deck, I suspect the market will flat line, until "The Great Bearded One" makes his decision.

For now, I'll make a few offerings to the stock God's, while punching my fucking monitor-- with the set of brass knuckles I have on my hands right now.


Fly Buy: BWLD

I bought 10,000 BWLD @ $30.

Don't bother. This is a car accident with a bag of grenades in the trunk.


Tuesday, October 30, 2007


The Important Matter of Buffalo Wild Wings

So, "The Fly" was having a pre-earnings celebration, prior to the market close--waiting for BWLD to post spectacular numbers.

I was in the office, graciously handing out low end hamburgers, deli meatballs and good champagne, until I saw the BWLD miss.

Franticly, I started taking back the burgers, making the assholes in my office spit out the meatballs, while knocking over their champagne glasses. Needless to say, the party was over. Back to work.

I couldn't believe my eyes; the fat bitches who run BWLD had done lost their chicken head minds, via not beating eps estimates.

Now, as you already know, "The Fly" came back to the internets and declared tomfoolery. I sugar coated the reaction and made believe the STOCK WASN'T DOWN 5 FUCKING BUCKS.

Believe me when I say, I am fully aware that the stock "de-banked" me.

In other words, the homosexual commenter, named "Knob Polisher," is right! I'm just throwing money away, owning this dog bone of a stock. Not only did I lose buckets of money; I bought 3,000 shares at the bell.

Ha! Who's better than me?

Here's the kicker:

Those disgusting, filthy, slobs, who run BWLD, let the company miss. That's right, it's entirely managements fault. They showered themselves with stock grants, while watching the drunken idiots, who eat at their filthy restaurants, eat cheap wings. This is America, ain't shit cheap, with the exception of heavy lead laden toys--made in China.

Fuck that.

If "The Fly" were CEO of BWLD, he'd jack prices continuously, especially on over inebriated patrons.

I mean, why should I, as CEO of BWLD, have to absorb the high cost of freakishly big chicken wings? Again, fuck that; I'm passing that cost, and much more, along to you (the drunken, football fool).

In short, the BWLD quarter was devastatingly bad. Atrocious. I'd spit on the CEO, if given the chance and proper escape route.

What "The Fly" needs to do is get done with his 2005-2007 plays, and prepare, via hard nosed research, for 2008-2010.



The Strokes- Someday


Closing Comments

Tough day for the market, ahead of a key Fed help.

All day, momentum sectors, like the shippers, metals and oils, were obliterated. To top things off, it appears the filthy restaurant owners @ BWLD missed earnings, but beat on revenue. My guess, they will blame some sort of 'chicken wing' phenomenon.

Like I said before, either way, I will own the stock, in size, until March. Should the son of a bitch trade down 5, so be it. I'll buy more.

There was a nice bounce in the homies, as the sellers book profits ahead of 'Helicopter Ben.' I'm long SPF.

Look you, I have lots of important shit to do, instead of telling you the future. Just know, no matter how gay the market gets, "The Fly" will always come out straight.

Finally, the "death hammer" dip in VMI should be bought, as should the "chicken wing aberration."

Off to throw a chair at my trader/servant.

UPDATE: This looks good. Big overreaction.

16:21 BWLD Buffalo Wild Wings reports Q3 (Sep) results, beats on revs; guides FY07 revs above consensus (38.91 -0.58)

Reports Q3 (Sep) earnings of $0.24 per share, includes charge, may not be comparable to the Reuters Estimates consensus of $0.26; revenues rose 20.6% year/year to $82.4 mln vs the $81.6 mln consensus. Co issues upside guidance for FY07, sees FY07 revs growth of 20%, which equates to ~$333.8 vs. $330.32 mln consensus. Co sees 2008 20% revs growth, and 25% EPS growth. Co says, "In May, we announced that we had exercised the right of first refusal to acquire nine Buffalo Wild Wings franchised restaurants in the Las Vegas area and that the acquisition was anticipated to close by the end of 2007. One of the conditions to closing this transaction is obtaining gaming license approvals. This process is taking longer than expected, and, although we cannot determine the exact closing date, we anticipate that the transaction, upon satisfaction of the remaining contingencies, will be completed in 2008.


Fly Buy: BWLD

I bought 3,000 BWLD @ $38.95.

Disclaimer: If you buy BWLD because of this post, filthy restaurants will spring up all over your neighborhood. And, you may lose money.


Quick Alert: "The Fly" is Celebrating Early

Lots of champagne, meatballs and low-end hamburgers being passed around the office.



Position Update: VMI

Just in case you didn't know, "The Fly" is fresh out of 'shotgun to the head' picks. However, he does have a 'rip both of my eyeballs out, if it doesn't work' pick, which is: go long VMI.


Quick Breaking News Alert: Dump SWC

Hey, MVIS is up, while SWC is down.

SWC is no good, otherwise; I would have bought some by now.

If there was anything worthwhile in SWC, I would have bought it today or maybe even yesterday.

Sell all of your SWC and jump on board the mini-projector super-cycle, which will make you Monopoly rich.

JJ's evil twin.


Position Update: XFML

There has been a big buyer in this name, over the last two days.

Maybe it's Yucaipa buying more?

Who knows?

One thing is certain: "The Fly" is not overly optimistic over this quarters upcoming earnings report, despite being long 100,000 shares.

Basically, I believe the sellers were leaning on this stock, thinking the JP Morgan (.14) and UBS (.16) estimates were too high, compared to the HQ (.07) and CIBC (.06) fuckers. However, what might run them through the ringer is 2008 guidance. Hence, a short covering rally, ahead of earnings.

In short, this is a 2008 play, with emphasis on the Beijing Olympics.


Sector Spotlight: Chicken Wings, Motherfuckers

Today is the day, ladies.

After the close, we find out if those fat fucks from Ohio were redoubling their chicken wing eating efforts or not, at BWLD. The current eps estimate is .26; I'm hoping for .31.

Either way, I'm a buyer of the stock, going into peak football season. Remember, BWLD makes more money off alcohol consumption, than wings.

Hey, guess what?

Bernanke is going to skin the shorts alive today. And, iiG is up, again. Anyone surprised?

Which reminds me, "The Fly" bet 'both of his eyes,' that VMI would print $100, this week.

Finally, seeing the low end restaurant chain TXRH post good numbers gives "The Fly" confidence that BWLD will do the same. Also, I'd like to beat the devil out of the fuckers who keep selling LFT.

Off to my local Panera Bread.


Position Update: MVIS

By the way, ever since MVIS put out that press release, the stock stopped its mind numbing decline.

Odd no?

Fly wins again.

Monday, October 29, 2007


Late Night Thought

'Helicopter Ben' has sharp blades.


Matisyahu: King Without A Crown (Live)


Closing Comments

It's worth noting, "The Fly's recent Chinese lotto endeavors have led to precipitous declines. However, it's also worth noting, I'm still up more than you (internet fools), as I bank coin daily on core positions, which include: HANS, iiG, BWLD, FTK, RIMM, AAPL, FMCN, GME and MVIS.

While you may think you are smarter or 'more clever' than "The Fly," you are not. So, just cut that shit out right there.

Going into the Fed cut meeting, I am taking a 'pot shot' on SPF. Maybe I get a bounce. Maybe it goes bankrupt. Either scenario is perfectly acceptable with me.

The financials are off the races. Thank God I covered my ridiculous LAZ short.

Going forward, I have unbreakable confidence in BWLD. Aside from queer corn prices, BWLD should be clicking on all cylinders, going into peak football season. Should the stock dip, post earnings, I'll be cracking open the family safe, in order to get a piece of the burgeoning chicken wing business.

Finally, "Don Dollar Danks," CEO of iiG, is settling lawsuits I never knew existed. Funny, yet profitable shit. In my opinion, Danks is the best CEO in America. However, it's also worth noting, if he were a guest in my house, I wouldn't leave him alone for a second--for fear he would steal the silverware or a few DVD's.


BREAKING NEWS: Bears Getting Shit on

Go ahead, fight it fuckfaces.

While you're at it, go short some of my stocks, like WBD, HANS or FTK.

Fuck around, next thing you know, your house gets foreclosed on.

In other news, LFT is on sale. This is a Chinese Goldman Ball-Sach's deal. No way they let this fucker melt away, like the assholes who did FUQI.

NOTE: MVIS looking sporty.


Fly Buy: LFT

I bought 1,000 LFT @ $27.80.

If you buy LFT because of this post,your nanny and landscapers will get deported. And, you may lose money.


Quick Alert: FMCN Shorts Get the "Sword to the Gut" Treatment


Fly Buy: iiG

I bought 1,000 iiG @ $24.50.

Disclaimer: If you buy iiG because of this post, your new car will get egged this Halloween. And, you may lose money.


Sector Spotlight: Internets

By the way, "The Fly" will be eating large amounts of pumpkin pie, from now until Thanksgiving. Sure, some of you may say: "you're a pumpkin pie eating bastard." However, I'll have you know, pumpkin pie makes my stocks go higher, just like oatmeal.

Is it any surprise to see me getting fucked in FUQI? I own this stock for about 5 minutes and already I want to track down its CEO and throw him down a flight of sharp stairs.

Oh, by the way, in case you didn't know, we're going higher, bitch.

Today, the internet stocks look good, as investors try to position in ahead of the shopping season.

Within the space, I like BCSI, OSTK, CTRP, PCLN, VCLK, iiG and maybe even God forbidden MCHX.

And, today's Chinese lotto winners are:

Thank you for playing.

In short, if you manage to lose money in an internet stock, during this time of year, you're a fucktarded, dickless asshat.

Also, the networkers have woken up, with nice gains in LLNW, DVW, AVNX, GIGM, STAR, FDRY, NETL, BRCD and CRNT. I'm thinking the networkers are due for a major run soon.

Finally, with my money, I'll be buying VMI, iiG and JCG.

NOTE: How many fucking times do I have to show you iiG going higher, before you get it? How many?

Sunday, October 28, 2007


Late Day Observation

The Hang Seng has 'de-balled' the sellers.

Prepare for more 'lotto fun' tomorrow.


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