Monday, October 29, 2007


Late Night Thought

'Helicopter Ben' has sharp blades.

- Jim Rogers
He'll lop your farking Mr. Belvedere neat and trim little mustaches right off.
Brent is the biggest quitter in the blogosphere.

Jake doesn't update his blog, but at least he didn't just quit.
I find I do my best work in commentating at the moment. (g)


But seriously, I'll probably start back up with a more focussed approach. Maybe one idea a day, etc.

Something between Tee Gee (open the floodgates I'm buying everything!) and Boomer (buy Boom! That's what this site is about, isn't it??).

And I'll probably throw some Giant and Yankee shit in there too, for laffs.
Like for instance, why would you ever choose Joe Farking Girardi over Don Mattingly as your new manager?

And don't give me any "experience" bullshit. It would be like being back in the eighties and picking Luis Tiant over Lou Pinella as my next manager.

You just don't fuck with the greats liket that, Steinbrenner Junior, you junior asshat in waiting.

Fucking Williams Purple Cow Asshat.

That's his main problem.
I agree.

They pretty much fired Torre and Mattingly for a maniac catcher.
LOL! @ Jakey! "Floodgates I'm buying everything!"


That reminds me!

Where's my Shopping List???

Anyone having a little SCON with their coffee this morning?
Jake - sometimes I recommended selling BOOM too. Fair and balanced, see?

PS - Buy BOOM.
BOOM -- I was commenting more on the single stock perspective more than the buy and sell.

That said, I don't remember you ever saying "sell BOOM" on that site.
oh, on my site? i never said sell, because I was telling people to buy at $18 and shit.
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