Friday, February 09, 2007


Coldplay: Yellow


Closing Comments

See, just yesterday I was alarmed over how giddy everyone was, regarding their investments. Then, BAM! The very next day, I get "machine gunned." See how fucked up the market could be?

This was a fucking "pre-Valentines Day massacre" for me, with massive losses, everywhere. Frankly, I got caught off guard like a school boy smoking crack in the bathroom.

Now, all of a sudden, everyone feels the market is "pricey" and it will crash through the floor boards, come Monday.

To them, I say: "Fuck you, may you die by electrocution."

Today, every sector was under fire, except Gold and Chemicals. I had a few stocks up, like ADY and HANS, but the majority of my "shitfilled" holdings got taken out, bitch slapped-- then shot.

Basically, I gave up my YTD gains, in one week. Not a big deal, considering how much fun it was to make and lose so much money-- in such a short time. Sort of like gambling.

Finally, I expect the markets will sell off again on Monday, then rebound on Tuesday. I can make such predictions, because my crystal ball says so-- and because I am fucking psychic.

Have a splendid weekend!


Late Day Thought

Bob Pasani is a Micron-hating bear fucker.


Fly Buy: MVIS

I bought 15,000 MVIS @ $3.15.

Disclaimer: If you buy MVIS because of this post, your sub-prime loan will poleax itself. And, you may lose money.


This is Fucking Fun

I guess the asshole dip buyer has been killed and his severed head put on a spike. As I sit here, losing $100,000 per minute, I can't help but wonder what will I eat for dinner.

On one hand, I feel like eating some sushi. On another, I crave some good ole fashioned alligator. Just like Mom used to make.

As for the markets:

I wish death upon those who are selling my stocks.


Position Updates: MVIS

This stock is starting to fucking annoy me. I mean, the trading pattern over the past 2 weeks has been horrific. I feel like a fucking circus clown, with the big red nose and shoes, buying this stock, while everyone north of Antarctica kicks it in the nuts.

While it's true, one press release can turn things around and send the shares on a moonshot. But, I can't help but wonder how long will it take for the company to cut a deal?

There are so many bullish rumors running wild, regarding MVIS. I only hope the fuckers who run the company understand how important it is to manage the stock price and Wall Street's expectations.

In short, the dicktards at UBS, who are selling, probably don't know dick from dirt. If you are long the company, like I am, hang tight and wait for the catalyst to buy more.

At this point, the catalyst may be valuation, based upon early projections of PicoP and HUD sales.

Bottom line: Shows us (shareholders) the money, you PicoP inventing fuckers.

UPDATE: New article on MVIS. Good read.


Fly Buy: CAT

I bought 2,000 CAT @ $65.19.

Disclaimer: If you buy CAT because of this post, "hot chicks" will find you repulsive. And, you may lose money.


Sector Spotlight: Gold

As I listen to the DRS call and see the stock price decline, I can't help but visualize myself shooting a grenade gun at the CEO. It was a great quarter, but the stock is trading lower. Obviously, "The Fly" doesn't appreciate these circumstances. However, I do believe the stock will reverse and trade higher, today.

As for today's trading:

Gold looks great. I see Gold stocks are popping this morning. However, I'd rather play the index directly, via SVG.

Also, BRCM is splitting the sellers' whigs, along with many Semiconductor names. In that sector, I like FORM, NSM, MRVL and AMKR for a trade. However, I am fucking livid for being such a pussy-- selling BRCM before the gap up.

Finally, HANS is finally getting into the bars and nightclubs, via Budweiser. If you bearish fuckers are not believers of HANS yet, well then, you are a hatfucker.


Position Updates: DRS, HANS

Via Briefing:

DRS Tech beats by $0.08, light on revs; raises Y07 EPS guidance (55.85 ) : Reports Q3 (Dec) earnings of $0.86 per share, $0.08 better than the Reuters Estimates consensus of $0.78; revenues rose 74.7% year/year to $680.4 mln vs the $704.3 mln consensus. Co issues mixed guidance for FY07, sees EPS of $2.98-3.05 vs. $2.89 consensus, up from previous of $2.83-2.90; sees FY07 revs of $2.70-2.75 bln vs. $2.8 bln consensus.

Hansen Natural and Anheuser-Busch announce on-premise sales and distribution deal (37.06 ) : Hansen Natural and Anheuser-Busch (BUD) today announced they have concluded an agreement under which Anheuser-Busch will manage and coordinate the sales, distribution and merchandising of Monster Energy energy drinks to on-premise retailers including bars, nightclubs and restaurants in territories approved by Hansen. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Thursday, February 08, 2007


A Quote for the History Books

This paragraph was left in the comments section and was so fucking funny, I felt it needed its own post.

Congrats to the author for such a grand accomplishment.

"Hey hows it going today. Man I gotta tell you I feel wonderful today after ripping your tonsils out and tickling my balls with them. Good call on IVAC, and my balls thank you once again."

Feb., 2007


CWTR Makes the Ugliest Clothes on Earth

Nice call Cramer. Fucktards.


The Hush Sound: Momentum (Live)

Click here for clean audio.


Closing Comments

With the market in bull mode, everyone seems to have a hot stock. Just today, I got "tips" on AVZA, GCA, OPXA,GNLM, SKNN and PICO. Unfortunately, this type of frantic behavior is somewhat reminiscent of the dot-fucking-com disaster-- when I lost millions upon millions upon millions.

Nevertheless, I am still bullish and will continue to throw lunch meat at my servant/trader-- so that he buys the dips.

Today, we had great action in Oil and Gold stocks. I understand the oil fuckers think "black gold" is going to a gazillion dollars per barrel. Also, Goldman came out with a research note today, putting a $71 target on crude-- for 2007. However, I think they are all nuts. Oil is a sell here.

Finally, I liked the action in China related stocks, with outsized gains in FMCN, ADY, CBA and SINA.

My favorite is ADY.


Fly Sell: BRCM

I sold 3,000 BRCM @ $33.57.


Fly Buy: MVIS

I bought 5,000 MVIS @ $3.39.

Disclaimer: If you buy MVIS because of this post, you may never win a bingo game again. And, you may lose money.


Quick Alert: Sellers Poleaxing Themselves

It appears the asshole dip buyers aka space aliens are buying Tech with both hands. So far, the Internet sector has caught fire, with momentum in CMGI, NFLX, NILE, REDE, TZOO, SINA, MAMA and WZEN.

Also, the Networkers are on fucking fire, with gains in RGRP, NT, CIEN, MRVC and AVCI.

Finally, I like BRCM for a daytrade here. I feel the momo will carry the stock higher, into earnings.

Holy Shit UPDATE: AKAM is on fire.


Fly Buy: BRCM

I bought 3,000 BRCM @ $33.29.

Disclaimer: If you buy BRCM because of this post, they may miss earnings. And, you may lose money.


Sector Spotlight: Biotech

Due to recent stock market success, "The Fly" has decided to travel throughout Manhattan, in his stretch limousine (of course!), and flick quarters at people. Also, I bought my servant/trader a new hat and gloves. He is now required to wear white gloves, when opening the limousine door for me.

So far, today's trading looks like cold vomit stew. The buyers must be out, buying new fur coats or some shit. And, the sellers are getting giddy-- taking down almost every sector. Moreover, it's worth noting, the Homebuilder and Steel stocks are getting "machine gunned."

However, there are some pockets of strength, particularly in Gold and Biotech.

Personally, I fucking hate Biotech stocks. They are like little time bombs, waiting to blow your arms off-- a la FDA denial. Seriously, one needs balls of titanium to play the sector in size.

The only drug stocks I own are DNA, FRX, GILD, GERN and PFE.

Finally, I despise the action in the Semi's. I spit on them. Moreover, I made a mistake-- covering my WFR short position yesterday. Nonetheless, I have faith in the asshole dip buyers ability to steam roll the sellers. Hence, I remain ridiculously bullish.

NOTE: On the back of great numbers, SINA is on fucking fire. Perhaps, the buying bonanza will spill over into PCNTF, SIFY, REDF, SOHU, TOMO and IIJI. Perhaps.

NOTE II: I feel something good will happen to MVIS soon. Call me a fucktarded asshat if you must, but I am putting my balls on the line here @ $3.36. It's going higher.

The following Biotech/Drug stocks have mojo:

ALKS +8%
BDSI +7.8%
ACOR +5.9%
AFFX +5.5%
ACL +4.2%

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Big Pun & Fat joe: Twinz

No closing comments today. Too busy counting my fucking money.


Fly Buy: DNA

I bought 500 DNA @ $87.

Disclaimer: If you buy DNA because of this post, you may get "man-tits." And, you may lose money.


Fly Buy: ADY

I bought 1,000 ADY @ $18.77.

Disclaimer: If you buy ADY because of this post, your taxes will go up, way up. And, you may lose money.


Fly Sell: AKAM

I sold 2,000 AKAM @57.02.


Position Updates: AAPL

AAPL is on fucking fire.

Carry on.


Fly Buy: AKAM

I bought 2,000 AKAM @ $56.89.

Disclaimer: If you buy AKAM because of this post, seagulls will shit your car. And, you may lose money.


Fly Buy: AAPL

I bought 2,000 AAPL @ $84.55.

Disclaimer: If you buy AAPL because of this post, your milk may spoil. And, you may lose money.


Fly Buy: WFR

I covered my WFR short, buying 2,000 @ $55.


Fly Buy: LOCM

I bought 1,500 LOCM @ $4.36.

Disclaimer: If you buy LOCM because of this post, the next time you eat ice cream, you will get a brain freeze. And, you may lose money.


Sector Spotlight: Networkers

The market looks poised to move higher this morning, as everything but AAPL breaks out. The fact that CSCO had great numbers is huge. Furthermore, I expect the buying bonanza, currently underway at CSCO, will spill over to the rest of the Networkers, such as EQIX, LVLT, TLAB, GLBC and AKAM.

I blew out most of my IVAC position and will likely roll it up to DRS. Just so you know, IVAC supplies parts to DRS for its night vision devices. With earnings right around the corner, I am taking my IVAC diceroll and moving it to DRS.

Also, it's worth noting the weakness in the dollar. Should it continue to suck wind, I expect to see higher Oil/Gold prices.

Finally, I may start adding to my minor LOCM position. The company is so small-- it may just work.

NOTE: The last sentence above is fucktardingly incoherent.


Fly Buy: MVIS

I bought 2,000 shares of MVIS @ $3.40.

Disclaimer: If you buy MVIS because of this post, you may get electrocuted. And, you may lose money.


Fly Buy: DRS

I bought 3,000 DRS @ $55.80.

UPDATE: I bought 2,000 DRS @ $55.69.

UPDATE II: I bought 2,000 DRS @ $55.75.

Disclaimer: If you buy DRS because of this post, the next time you go shopping, your credit card may be declined. And, you may lose money.


Fly Sell: NETL

I sold 3,000 NETL @ $26.25


Fly Sell: IVAC

I sold 6,000 IVAC @ $27.60.

UPDATE: I sold 2,500 IVAC @ $27.95.


"Fly is King"

I like the sound of this. Now go eat some chicken wings.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


One Republic: Apologize


Closing Comments

Today was a decent day for me, with nice gains in TKO, LMT, ACLI and IVAC. However, because of my near term bearishness, I will be shuffling the deck quite a bit. Hence, it will be difficult to understand what the fuck I am doing.

In short, I will raise cash and possibly short more WFR. I have nothing but good things to say about WFR's fundies, but it is too expensive at these levels. The bitch needs to drop.

Finally, after the close, IVAC blew-the-fucking-doors-off the estimate. I anticipate the stock will rip higher in after-hours. And, CSCO posted a good number. Look for NETL to run up, as result.

NOTE: MVIS closed at a possible support line. Look for the stock to trade higher tomorrow.


Late Day Thought

When I was a kid, I thought Ford had the shittiest cars in the world-- and I still do.


Fly Buy: LOCM

I bought 5,000 LOCM @ $4.34.

Disclaimer: If you buy LOCM because of this post, your local asshattery will run out of asshats. And, you may lose money.


Fly Sell: LMT

I sold 5,000 LMT @ $101.10.


Fly Buy: ADY

I bought 1,000 ADY @ $19.30.

Disclaimer: If you buy ADY because of this post, Guy Adami will tan himself into oblivion. And, you may lose money.


Position Updates: MVIS

Right now, MVIS is suffering from post CES blues. Typically, after CES, many small companies like MVIS or ONT get plundered--for lack of catalyst or momentum.

In no way does it mean MVIS is done. For now, the momentum gravy train that pushed MVIS to $4 has stalled. In order to get the fucker up and going again, the company needs to execute and make a fucking product.

Afterall, I didn't buy the stock for CES, did you? If so, then you should have sold weeks ago. I am in the stock for the duration or until the greed factor overwhelms me.

Despite murderous days like this, with the stock down 5%, I am optimistic. The big picture, for me, is licensing agreements and revenue, then earnings. Everything else is just noise.

To put it plainly, if you bought MVIS and can't handle the volatile nature of micro-cap stocks, you should have known better. Your fault fucker.

With my money, I will "man-up" and look to buy some-- should it dip in the $3.20's.


Fly Sell: WFR

I sold short 2,000 WFR @ $54.10.

Disclaimer: If you short WFR because of this post, the next time you go skiing, you may crash into a tree. And, you may lose money.


Sector Spotlight: Gold

Tech is really starting to annoy me here. Instead of fucking around with the likes of Steve Jobs, I'd rather buy some gold.

Right now, I do not like the behavior of the market. It has a sucker feel to it, where only asshat top tickers get poleaxed regularly.

Sure, there are pockets of strength in a variety of sectors, but none look as good as Gold/Silver.

In short, I feel selling some Tech for Gold makes sense here. Furthermore, in general, the Metals look good, with outsized gains in GGB, BOOM, and ACH.

Finally, if the Metals continue to run, the shorts will become victims, trapped in TIE.

NOTE: Please take the new "Fly Survey." Where is Gold going next?


Fly Sell: TKO

I sold 40,000 TKO @ $3.68.


Position Updates: TKO

Telkonet and GE Energy Develop Integrated Utility Substation Automation System


Position Updates: NTRI, TLAB

via Briefing:

Nutrisystem up 2% yesterday, likely on potential Whitney offer for HLF - Boenning & Scattergood (44.24)

Boenning & Scattergood notes that NTRI was up 2% yesterday, possibly aided by the buyout offer from Whitney & Co for Herbalife (HLF), which values HLF at 9x forward EBITDA; yet the stock quickly rose to a premium as most observers agreed that HLF should fetch over 10x EBITDA. This was also the valuation realized by privately-held Jenny Craig when it sold to Nestle in mid-2006. Firm says that applying a 10x EBITDA multiple to their 2007 est for NTRI and adjusting for cash generates a price range in the mid-$50's, which is below their tgt of $75. However, firm says the issue is growth: both HLF and Jenny Craig were priced as 10%+ sustainable growers, while NTRI recently provided conservative 1Q07 guidance for 40%+ growth. If you look ahead to a slower growth 2008 EBITDA scenario and apply a 10-11x valuation, firm derives a target in the $70's.

Via FlyontheWall:
Follow-up: TLAB upgraded to Buy from Neutral, tgt $12.50@MLCOMerrill upgraded shares of TLAB citing expectations for an improvement in cross-connect demand and margins. The firm expects TLAB to benefit from AT&T new broadband initiatives, a demand recovery at Cingular, T-Mobile 3G deployment plans, and an increase in Sprint/Nextel base stations.

Monday, February 05, 2007


Nelly Furtado: Say it Right


Closing Comments

I got fucking smoked today, losing more than 1%. Death spiraling action in MVIS, AAPL, BWLD, HANS and IVAC contributed to the bloodbath.

Typically, my blend of positions has served as a great forward looking indicator for the general market. Unless today was just a bullshit, crush Broker A and move on day, we are doomed-- near term.

Sorry, I don't make the rules.

On the brightside, my LMT,TKO, GD and VIP positions did fine. However, I can't help but notice the gunpowder taste, left in my mouth, from getting shot in the face by my losers--all fucking day.

Because of this experience, I am shifting my bullish position to neutral. That's right, I have abandoned you bullish fuckers, in the middle of a mountain climb.

Finally, I saw a big shift to Utilities today, with nice gains in ORA, FE, SBS and EXC.


Fly Buy: TKO

I bought 25,000 shares of TKO @ $3.41.

Disclaimer: If you buy TKO because of this post, you may have to sell one of your testicles to meet future mortgage payments. And, you may lose money.


The Good News is You're Fired

Best scene ever.


Fly Rant: GOOG Needs to Split Their Stock

If the owners at GOOG want to help their shareholders, they would split their fucking stock already. I mean, are these guys fucking kidding with the $500 stock price? Do they really think they are the next Berkshire Hathaway? Hey assholes, you are a tech company, not a legendary holding company.

Frankly, by not splitting their shares, they are hurting shareholders and it wreaks of arrogance. Every dominant tech company, since the exchange was founded, has split their shares.

Do the dicktards at GOOG believe they are better than others (MSFT, AAPL, INTC, CSCO, etc) ? Moreover, why do they desire to keep the share price out of reach for the piker/average investor?

Answer: Because they are asshats.

Frankly, if you are long GOOG and have been mesmerized by Cramer's rantings on the stock, wake up. Considering the stock is only up 15% over the last year, while their financials have been smoking hot, I feel the GOOG boys are greatly mismanaging their share price.

Split the stock already, you GOOG-tards.


Sector Spotlight: Networkers

Damn it's cold in NYC. It's also worth noting how much I fucking hate Keyspan Energy for sending thousand dollar monthly gas bills to my residence. Those natural gas fuckers are making a slaughtering off of the cold fuckers who need to heat their houses. Again, I hate those natural gas fuckers.

As for today's trading:

We are going to rip higher today. Already, I see the signs everywhere. All of the important sectors are green, with the Semi's, Retailers and Networkers leading the way. I like the action in RVBD, CTSH, RIMM, RMBS, CROX and BKS. They are on fire. General weakness can be found in the Homebuilders and Trannies.

Finally, Carl "the fucking man" Icahn is at it again, bidding for LEA. Also, MLS, IFIN and TRI caught bids. All of the M&A action makes shorting equities a very dangerous game. Frankly, I would be scared shitless, short stock into any weekend. For now, stocks trade higher, bitch.

NOTE: TKO looks great.

The following Networkers stocks have mojo:

RVBD +5.1%
MIKR +4.2%
ONSM +4%
TKO +3.8%
ORCT +3.7%

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