Saturday, July 28, 2007


Check Your Head: Part 2

Ragin' and Boone have certainly been successful in keeping us entertained with a great ERTS recommendation and the teaser from Boone's "Stearns the Bear" short. But aside from Stearns the Bear getting "blasphemed" in his nether eye, there has been little talk of the clobberage the markets endured last week.

The charts posted in part 1 were the SPY, COMP, and DJI, flipped upside down. If your initial reaction to those charts was bullish, then pay careful attention to your reaction to the charts flipped right side up.

Note on these charts the anchoring effect that is generated when I draw lines indicating where I think the indexes will be going. I've just drawn lines which illustrate the markets' tendency to move up and down. What actually happens may be entirely different, so do not anchor too heavily on the Head and Shoulder reversal patterns illustrated.
As for the flipped-upside-down charts, if you wanted to buy them, do you want to sell the current markets equally as much?

Consider this simple experiment. Next time you have to walk away from your quote screen, for maybe an hour or so, before looking at it again, take a mental assessment of your positions. If you have many positions, consider focusing on the few you are the most familiar with, in regards to how they typically trade intra-day. Make a prediction of where you think they'll be trading, and then check the quote screen again.

If you are like me, the mental assessment and prediction process described above, if focused on, can be slowed down so that our biases become more easy to discover. For example, when I experiment with the process, upon returning to the quote screen, I often find that where I want the stocks to be trading is often different from where I really think the stock will be trading .

If you were bullish when viewing the flipped-upside-down Nasdaq chart, the 3-year weekly chart shows that the index is still at the top of the range established when it came off its lows in 2002. The index could drop another 150 points (~6%) and still be in the middle of this range. It could also drop another 400 points to reach the bottom of the current range, a ~16% drop from Friday's close.

Even if one abhors chart-chomping and feels it is akin to reading tea leaves, prognostications aside, charts do help illustrate a range of possibilities. Check your head to be sure your biases are not unduly influencing your actions, and be sure to consider the possibility that the U.S. indexes could continue downward, yet still trade within their historic ranges.


The Funny Money Daily Links Saturday - WSF Style

In the Money - Don't forget about the Yen

IBD 100 (provided by Intuitive Traders)

Get Short - Why I'm bearish on SWC

Bottom Theory - Jim Cramer video

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And, make sure to visit Wall Street Fighter everyday for your daily funny money links.

Oh, and I can't forget about the hot ladies link.

Note: The Cramer link does not work. Go here, and look for the heading - Cramer's bottom theory.


Stock Bloggers Exposed! - revisited

Here is a classic post by ShortdaBull. I just had to bring it back! The first time I read it, I almost pissed in my pants. Funny Shit!

"my crack (high on) research team has supplied me with paparazzi snaps of the internets most famous bloggies. Without further without further adieu ShortDaBull brings them to you, madstock readers:

Here is a snap of "Broker_A" aka "The Fly" over the weekend harnessing his stocks picks.......

Here is kidstock, coming up with his gameplan for the following week..

Woodshedder taking a break from renovations.....

Grumpy old man richard getting mad at my photographer as he was leaving the East Harlem Community Center saturday night......

TraderCaddy just being mellow, hanging out at the library.....

Ragin Cajun drinking himself silly over the fact he still has to go to classes......

there is no picture of mdawsz because my photographer didn't want to go into the barn where mdawsz was all weekend with some animal friends. My photo did however report lots of strange noises coming from there."


Non Sequitur

Well, Cagin's got a "hot girlfriend," Woodshed has a "wife," and yet, it seems everyone has opted for a late-night post off. What gives? You boys should be slamming the vertical taco, not posting on a blog Friday night after midnight. But then again, I'm bitter because I had to create stunning visuals for you guys, instead of hanging out with this girl I've been talking to. So it goes, as my dead friend Vonnegut says.

Typically, when I get a text after midnight, and it's from some drunken girl, who all of a sudden wants to "hang out" at 1:45 am. After that, I pause (haste makes waste), gauge the reality of the situation (hot?), then, rejoice in what will either be a booty call, or some heinous drunken advantage involving cunning, a portion of malice, and a dash of "don't cockblock me, obese roommate." At the very minimum it makes for a good tale the next day. I got texted last night, but I couldn't capitalize, not for any other reason than because I was like "fuck it--the internets need me."

What did I do last night? Well it sure as shit wasn't my usual antics on a Friday night. I made this video. It took a long as time to make, despite it's short length. It's a story, jerk-faces--enjoy it. It's about us all. The meat and bones come tomorrow, I hope this intro sets the stage for the tale. Come to think of it, it doesn't explain the plot at all. It's sort of a head nod, vaguely, to John from Cincinnati, what with fly's arrival out of nowhere but the recesses of the shaolin isle.

The movie will show how loose lending caused Stearns the lovable bear to be fucked in the ass by ducati, a dark lord, intent on blaspheming all animals in the ass, using some gypsy bullshit to melt global equities with one gay tip of his satin beret. Oh--and that palladium faggot JJ. He gets the first scene. Can't forget that wunderkind.

Update: I tried to load this practically all night so you guys could download it full quality (BIG difference) via zshare, but the file never took. Youtube has terrible quality and kills it, so I am gonna try and fix that, but it's all I could do.

download the fucker, higher quality


Ragin Cajun, and the important matter of a revolution.

I guess this is how it feels when a musician preforms on stage for the first time. I feel nervous, yet excited, that people all over the internets will hear what I have to say.

First, let me do a proper introduction. My name is Ragin' Cajun, and I come from the bayou state of Louisiana. I do not view myself as a country boy, mainly because I grew up in the murder capital of the world-- New Orleans. I moved out to Lafayette a few years ago to study business at UL Lafayette, home of the Ragin' Cajuns. My family still lives in New Orleans and suffered major damage from that bitch named Katrina. And, I have a hot ass girlfriend!

I started trading stocks when I was 19 years old, my first trade was AT&T Wireless. The very next week the company was bought out by BellSouth, and I banked Coin-- dumb luck. From that moment, I was hooked on the stock game!

So what was I thinking when I purchased my first stock? Well, first I was a current customer, and I noticed AT&T wireless stores popping up left and right. They had a new camera phone, which was the first one to come to the market. Me, being the early adopter, I had to have one. Within 2 days, they were sold out, I instantly thought, "This company has got to be making money hand over fist, plus the stock is cheap." I think it was trading somewhere around $8 bucks.

Well, the point that I'm trying to make is, I was dumb, I had no idea what a stock was and what made it cheap or expensive. I had no clue about financial statements, and how to value companies. But guess what, I had a winner, and sometime it's that simple to find a winning stock! This is no advice in how to invest, but it can be a great starting point. You just have to look around you. (I can only imagine the first time people see a kid playing his favorite YouTube video on a wall, via PicoP from his Motorola handset, it just makes me want to own even more MVIS.)

Anyway, I'm not here to pump MVIS, you already know that's a winner, and going to $10. I'm here to talk about another stock, ERTS. This is a stock, even if I knew nothing about investing, I would want to own. Why, you ask? Two very important new games, on new consoles: NCAA 2008 and Madden 2008. I don't think you old farts realize the power of video games, and the fact that we just rolled out a new generation of consoles. You, probably think that story is old and tired, but I'm here to tell you WAKE THE FUCK UP, and smell the Tony Hawk. Kids go crazy over these games, and with new consoles, they want the new games with the new graphics (NVDA), especially Madden.

This game not only appeals to the young, but even the old. I know grown folks that play Madden and can't wait for it to come out. I also see college kids who play this game until the sun comes up, battling roommates for light bills. This game has started a revolution: TV shows, Tournaments, and even SuperBowl like championship rings are made for this game. This is it, and this is the first year for Madden on all 3 new video game consoles. This will be huge!

Stop worrying about P/E ratios, and dare to invest like it was your first investment and you had no idea what the fuck a P/E ratio was. Invest for the game, invest for the revolution. Madden '08 release date August 14, 2007

For you chart-chompers:

Fuck the MACD, RSI, and moving averages, I'm only worried about the huge spike up, the same time last year that would have netted you 19 points, when the last installment of NCAA and Madden came out.

Lets also take into consideration, that on a DOW down 200 pt day, ERTS experienced unusual high-volume call activity (What is CWTR doing on that list). Anyway, the company reports next week on Wednesday-- after the close, I will be putting half my position on Monday, and the rest after the earnings report. Should we get a big decline after earnings, I will be loading up this truck with nothing but ERTS.

Oh yea, one more thing. Check this shit out, historically August has been the best month to own ERTS.

Note: If my grammar is fucked up, I blame it on the fact I live in Louisiana.

I guess I will post a YouTube video now, since it seems like the thing to do on this blog. First, I would just like to warn you that this guy does not represent me (far from me, New Orleans boy remember), nor does he represent Louisiana, but he does represent the true definition of a coonass.


Check Your Head

Chart-chompers: How would you trade the following charts?
Leave your analysis in the comments section. I'll update the post later.
My analysis is beneath each chart.

Despite the strong volume here, I think price will meet resistance soon, likely around the area of previous support, or the 200 dma. However, the change of trend is obvious here. I expect that a quick pullback is in order here before another leg up.

More of the same here. The downtrend line has been broken. A pullback is likely, but I expect price to continue up after pulling back a bit towards the downtrend line.

After a strong rally, price is likely to meet some resistance at this level. However, should the area of resistance be breached, a trip up to the 200 dma may happen very quickly.

Also, do you find the above charts to be bullish or bearish?


Welcome to Woodshedder's Re-Education Camp

"Ya got time to breathe, ya got time for music."

Friday, July 27, 2007


Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit

I know this is a repeat. But, it never gets old.


Closing Comments

Pack your bags, internet fools, we're heading to Romania.

As you know, I was instructed to pull the "Golden Bull," after learning of mysterious put buying, coupled with ridiculous "rapery" by the shorts, thanks in large part to the elimination of the uptick rule.

Our regulators are asking for bloody murder, by allowing short sellers to keep selling and selling, without an uptick. In short, stocks tend to go down a lot faster than up. Some of my "smart friends" have been buying puts, then shorting the underlying security.

I suspect many fucktards throughout the globe are doing the same.

Basically, we are "southern fried" cooked, with the exception of MVIS shareholders. MVIS is my nuclear bomb shelter.

Ok, so here is the doomsday scenario. Should the Yen continue to gain versus the dollar, watch FXY, we're fucked with a sandpaper handle.

With the money I have left, I might spend it on hoes and clothes. Or, I'll take a bite out of RS or MVIS-- whenever my mood changes.

Finally, I made some changes today. I sold out of LZ and bought more MCHX. That cocksucker (MCHX) might be the death of me. It keeps going down and I want to kill it.

Sometimes I wish my stocks would transform into real people, so that I could have their fucking eyebrows punched off.

NOTE: Be sure to visit this weekend. I have 3 guest bloggers, who will battle for the coveted position of "Supreme Weekend Blogger."


Behold, The Golden Bull

SPECIAL UPDATE: I was instructed to "withdraw the Golden Bull." I cannot go into detail.

That is all I can say on this subject.


Vodoo Doctor is Here to Help

As you know, "Broker A," formerly known as "The Fly," retains the services of a voodoo Doctor, just in case people need a good neck pain or for severe market down turns.

Recently, "Broker A's" oatmeal consumption has led to precipitous declines in the major indices. Conveniently, the fuckers from CNBC exclude this fact, when explaining why the market is eating balls.

As we speak, the voodoo Doctor is sticking pins and needles in gay ass looking dolls and requests I post a picture, which will be posted within 15 minutes.

He promises, if done correctly, the market will "power surge" (his words, not mine) almost immediately.



Here We Go Again

Oil stocks are being murdered, despite robust per barrel prices. This tells me, someone wants to raise cash--in a very big way.

Don't forget, the finanacials are the bread and butter of many funds, representing the largest asset class in the S & P. It makes sense, if you are getting poleaxed in GS, BSC or LEH, to raise cash, via selling VLO, XOM or TSO.

So, with that being said, it appears the market is up for a little capitulation action.

In other words, get ready to take a few stabs to the scrotum.


Sector Spotlight: Financials

You gotta love CNBC. The market goes down a few percentage points and they set up a fucking summit, with Bush's top economic fuckers.

Asshattery at its finest.

Thus far, I've been opening trading positions in some of the financials, waiting for a bounce. Thus far, I caught some air off BSC and GS. However, it's worth noting, I already took profits on BSC, as you know.

Everyone on the planet is telling you (idiot audience) to buy tech. Now, don't get me wrong; I like tech. But, can we be somewhat objective for a moment?

AKAM, LVLT and NTGR just got their fucking brains punched out, by Mother Market. Generally, the tech sector has been mediocre at best. And, when the market was raping bear villages and burning down caves, tech did not lead the way.

In short, I want to own some of the basic material stocks on this dip. The whole premise of this "risk adjustment" is that deals will not get done. Moreover, all the talking heads say: "private equity can't get financing."

Want to make a bet?

Don't misconstrue the summer doldrums, when normal people take a break, for the end of the private equity era. My money says, come Labor Day, deal flow will be abundant.

Anyway, within basic materials, I like RS, CENX, KALU and AZZ.

As for the financials:

I view them as a trading buy. Meaning: If you buy the bitch and it goes up, take the profit. I do not think the market will "hockey stick" up. Not yet.

Finally, now is a good time to compile a list of high quality names, which have been discounted. So far, two standouts, in my opinion, are VMI and MVIS.

I'm pretty sure the MVIS conference call, scheduled for July 31st, will be kick ass.


The Power of the Buffalo

Kick ass video.

Hat tip: Brian


Fly Sell: BSC

I sold 3,000 BSC @ $127.45.


Fly Buy: LAZ

I bought 5,000 LAZ @ $38.25.

Disclaimer: If you buy LAZ because of this post, your eyebrows will fall off. And, you may lose money.


Fly Buy: BSC

I bought 3,000 BSC @ $126.02

Disclaimer: If you buy BSC because of this post, your favorite hedge fund will go bankrupt. And, you may lose money.


Fly Buy: GS

I bought 2,000 GS @ $193.86.

Disclaimer: If you buy GS because of this post, you will find out Ducati is your natural Father. And, you may lose money.


Fly Buy: MCHX

I bought 1,000 MCHX @ $13.89.

UPDATE: I bought 1,000 @ $13.88.

UPDATE II: I bought 1,000 @ $14.01.

Disclaimer: If you buy MCHX because of this post, your cock will fall off. And, you may lose money.


Position Update: LZ

"Big dicked gains?"

Lubrizol-LZ sees 2007 EPS of $3.82-$3.92 vs. consensus of $3.84
Lubrizol-LZ reports Q2 EPS of $1.16 vs. consensus of $1.13Reports Q2 revenue of $1.15B vs. consensus of $1.1B. :

UPDATE: Fuck you LZ. You lazy fuckers.

Thursday, July 26, 2007


"Go to Work"

NOTE: In light of the market correction, coupled with my need for a new weekend blogger, I am accepting any and all who want to give it a shot--for this weekend only. If you are interested, email me at my earliest convenience (e-mail address is on the left hand side).

NOTE II: Immediately following, "elections" will be held.


DMX - Stop Being Greedy


Closing Comments

Don't be tricked by the jerk off rally, at the end of the day. It's an old trick, sort of like three card Monte.

Thanks to the fuckers at Pershing, I missed 4 points in BSC. Lucky for them, they reside behind armed guards, many miles from my office. However, it's worth noting, my trader/servant might have a broken arm--with all the stuff I tossed at him today.

In short, I got "machine gunned" today, with mind boggling losses in a variety of queer names. But, I did escape punishment in NTRI, FMCN, AAPL, EQIX, RIMM and for the most part MVIS.

My advice to you (internet leech) is to protect your downside and start listening to those chart chompers. By the way, Brian is my favorite internet chart chomper.

As you know, "The Fly" thinks technical analysis is the lazy man's handbook to investing. However, during uncertainty, the idiots who manage billions of dollars gravitate towards straight lines with dots.

People look for a line in the sand.

Good luck with dinner. I'll be eating Burger King.

Off to tennis.


Fly Buy: LZ

I bought 1,000 LZ @ $63.83.

Disclaimer: If you buy LZ because of this post, Bob Pisani will buy the house next door, effectively becoming your neighbor.


Late Day Thought

If tomorrow's GDP numbers are bad, I'll be retiring to the mountains of Romania, where New Equitie's Mother and I will herd goat.


Quick Alert: Dynamite Car Stalled


When the market was down 100+, I bought about 300k of inverse ETF's, hardly a real hedge. Now, I'm sitting here pondering: Should I sell them and start buying some stock?

It's one of those deer in headlight situations. Instead of making moves, I find myself enjoying the carnage, despite being eliminated from the market.

Look, I still have "big dicked gains" for the year. Although, it's worth noting, the gains are quickly whithering away.

Anyway, I'm very close to pulling the trigger on buying BSC, HANS and LZ. Remember, LZ is reporting numbers tomorrow morning.

With my recent streak, LZ will just forgo the earnings and file for bankruptcy, after the close of trading.

One thing is certain, I am going to close out my inverse ETF positions and wait for a buy signal.

UPDATE: Finally, I decided to buy 5,000 RS, 2,000 HANS and 2,000 BSC and my fucking system melted down. Pershing's (Fly's clearing agent) entire system is fucked. Nothing is operational. Not only have I been throwing shit at my trader/servant because of this; but, I am on hold--waiting to curse out these Pershing fuckers.

UPDATE II: Since Pershing went down, the market rallied 110 points and I missed out on multiple trades. However, the system is back up and running. Right now, the market is down 288. Look out below; a bunch of Pershing fuckers are about to hit the bid.


Quick Reminder: The Bears Are Weak

Oooh, the DOW is overvalued, up 8% year-to-date. Give me a fucking break. Look, back in 1999, when the Naz was up 100% for the year, overvalued was a valid argument. But, with earnings at all time highs and stocks barely up for the year, claims of "overvalued" indices hold no water with me.

Anyway, we are down more than 300, as predicted. Now what?

The problem is strictly cosmetic. Meaning: The current perception is that stocks are vulnerable, so the domino effect is in play.

What's important to remember is the high short interest, saddled onto stocks. My guess, this current dip gets blown out of proportion by the fucktards at CNBC, effectively putting a bottom in the market. Based upon current earnings estimates, this market is finger licking cheap.

In short, I am not afraid of this dip. Instead, I am scouring the market for oversold securities. In other words, I am embracing the "asshattishness" of those who dive into empty pools.

Doing some quick scans, I like the discounts in AMTD, LAZ, BSC, GS, CSG, FMX, WCI, PLPC, TEX, CENX, RS, FCX, ALCO, BWLD, HANS, BBND, GIGM, KUB, WF, BBD, AMKR, ASTSF, MU, CAJ, TSM, HUGH, TAR, ALJ and NDAQ.


What to do with these long, tedious lists?

I don't know. Stick it in your ear.

With my money, I will hop into my car, made of dynamite sticks, and drive towards the sun.

Wish me luck.


Sage Financial Advice



Before growing facial hair and going in "full disguise mode," Broker A, formerly known as "The Fly," will attempt to save the market, via eating giant bowl of oatmeal.

Right now, the DOW is down 215.



Special Market Meltdown Update

We're going to be down 300+ today. Sorry, there is nothing you or your stupid friends can do about it.

My strategy is pretty simple. For shits and giggles, I am long some inverse ETF's. And, I will try to nibble at some of my favorite, yet fucktarded, stocks.

The banks and brokerages are in serious trouble, at least today. Next thing you know, we're in full melt down mode.

Thanks in part to the fucktards who fear monger on CNBC.

If you think about it, we've had this beat down coming for a long time. How many times can an elderly man get kicked down a flight of stairs, before he gets up and breaks your jaw?


Me, I'll take this in stride. Act like I'm living on the lamb, like the cops are after me. I'll eat bad food, grow facial hair and avoid contact with the public, especially my neighbor's.

Sure, they'll gossip amongst themselves. But, as usual, I'll ignore them and give them murderous look downs, whenever I peel off in my car.

In short, get ready to have your nuts punched in.




Sector Spotlight: General Market

What the fuck is going on? Can someone please wake me up, because I don't like this inferno of fun.

Let's just state the obvious, right now. All of my fucking bloviating and obnoxious jargon has upset Mother Market, for I am stepping on one happy land mine after another.

Indeed, the tables have turned, my swarmy internet friends. This market is fucking toast.

All the important sectors are being lit up, like a Jewish deli in Islamabad. In other words, all aboard the S.S. Titanic fuckers, next stop: Iceberg.

Aside from oil and a few strong stocks, thanks to good earnings, everything is deep in the red, with the exception of gay biotech stocks. The weakest sector, as you know, are the financials. Why bother mentioning the victims? They're all dead.

Moving right along.

Hey, at least MVIS longs grew a pair of balls, sending the stock in the black. Yes!

With this .01 gain in MVIS, my loss in OEH (down 3) has been offset. True story.

Finally, since I won my last wager (MVIS will print $6 before Labor Day), I'd like to make another. Ten phantom dollars says MVIS sells an equity stake to a major handset maker, before Thanksgiving.

Any takers?

NOTE: I know you think the market will rally off the lows today. Well then, this here time machine says differently. In the meantime, I will go for a walk.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Special Update: AAPL

Shorts get what they deserve on this one.


Beltram: Energy Flash


Pre Closing Comments

If I was a space alien, who knew nothing but algorithms, I'd be buying stocks hand over fist right now.

For two years, buying the dip has worked. Why should this dip be treated differently?

Now, you're probably sitting there thinking "hey, dick, look at the finanacials." Well, how about the melt down in the basic material stocks, last year? Most people thought the sector was dead, never to come back again.

Without the advantage of plutonium powered time machines, everyone sold out--near the lows. In my opinion, the same capitulation is occurring right now, within the financials.

With my money, I will start taking down positions in BSC, LEH, GS and LAZ. Fuck it. I'm betting against a melt down.

Generally, the market was very volatile today, with stomach twisting moves in the major indices.

As for my positions:

I view today's decline in MVIS as Mother Markets way of punishing me for escaping yesterday's debacle. The bitch came back and punched me in the nose today, and then went about her business. It's almost as if she didn't want to forget breaking my nose, before recovering.

Looking through my watch list, I am impressed with the strength in internet stocks, led by AMZN. Additionally, I like SNWL, SFLY, TSCM, MCHX and BIDU.

Also, thanks to the spike in oil, energy related stocks are bouncing. Within the sector, I like ALJ, VLO, UPL and SU, amongst others.

And, don't forget the metals. Traditionally, now until Labor Day is uneventful, with regards to deal activity. During this time, I want to load the fuck up on RS, CLF, AZZ and KALU.

Come Labor Day, I'm sure the deal flow will be burgeoning, once again.

In short, today was a success for the bulls, effectively stopping the bears' designs of a precipitous market decline.

Sometime tomorrow, I anticipate "business as usual." You know, fucking around, kicking old weak men down empty elevator shafts. Look, I have plenty of time to win. I'm playing chess here fuckers, while you draw straight lines on your charts-- hoping to catch a few percent so that you may buy your wife something shiny.


Mandatory Testosterone Post

It is needed.


Position Update: AAPL

Let me just get this out of the way now.

You assholes are gamblers. All you want is "the next hot stock." For what?

So that you can make money and spend it on hookers or heroin?

Look you, my biggest position is less than 10% of my holdings. You fuckers dive head first, into empty pools, hoping to hit the lottery on the way down.

Asshattery at its finest.

Now, considering the gutting I endured on NTRI's earnings last night, I disrespectfully decline to offer an opinion on AAPL's numbers.

Just know, I am long the stock from the fucking 50's, you fucking faggots (no offense to gay people).

I'm not selling and will buy more, if my blood pressure goes high enough.


Asshat of the Year Award: Donald Trump

Come on, do I really have to explain why this man^ is an asshat? My man Howard has opined on the fucktard named "The Donald," in prior posts. I'm sure he'd like to add another 2 cents.

Basically, "The Fly" believes no matter what happens for the remainder of 2007, no one will eclipse the level of "asshattery" Trump now embodies.

This man is a bankruptcy machine. Look at his new stock, TRMP. This thing is a fucking joke.

In short, Trump talks a very big game, but has a small wiener. Seriously, if Trump was within 50 yards of me, I'd have someone punch his eyebrows off. Plus anyway, his bullshit show, "The Apprentice," is plain ole vanilla gay.

I'll let the mob (you) fill in the rest.


Morning Thought

This market is fucking nuts.

NOTE: I am off to Dunkin' Donuts. As you know, I am embarrassed to be seen at one of those "pink cupped stores." Often, I send one of my underlings there, in order to buy me some coffee (large, milk, 3 sugars). Then, I take the coffee and pour it into a Starbucks cup. You know, this way people do not think I am poor, or anything like that.

Secretly, I enjoy their coffee.



Position Update: MVIS

I expected to see a sell off, post OEM deal.

Reason being: Many money managers bought the stock, only for that one press release. Now, in my opinion, these people are making a big error, selling out before the fun starts.

I told you once, I'll say it again: I'm in this stock long term.

Unlike other high turnover investors, I believe the potential upside to MVIS is $30, within three years. Without a doubt, should MVIS embed their technology in only 3% of handsets worldwide, this stock is going to forklift the shorts and bury them under several tons of rubble.

I'm in the stock for that type of fun, not 15% on an OEM deal.

Look, taking a longer term view, MVIS can be worth multiples of where it trades now. On the other hand, should Tokman (CEO) fail, the stock will "mushroom cloud" itself into oblivion.

After seeing the technology and getting to know the CEO, I am confident yesterday's non-descript OEM announcement is just the tip of the iceberg.

My game plan is to buy gingerly on this dip.


Sector Spotlight: Financials

AMZN is a bear killing machine. Logic dictates the stock should be nowhere near its dot com high. However, Mother Market, and her infinite wisdom, says otherwise. That bitch (AMZN) is probably going to print $100. How could it resist?

In general, the tone of the market is good, but dicey. It seems, everyone is waiting for the hammer to drop.

Right out the gates, Chinese related stocks are ripping higher. There, momentum can be found in LFC, ZNH, SOHU, CHU, FMCN, amongst a variety of others.

In my opinion, look for the weak, old shorts to cover their losses, grateful to get out of their positions alive. This market will not nosedive, providing these weak, old fuckers hold big short positions.

Right now, I feel NTRI is a screaming buy. The company is a cash cow, looking to net $3.50 in 2007. Fuck around, the CEO will decide to take the company private. Trading 13x 2008 numbers, I feel the downside is extremely limited, at these levels.

The most important part of the market, right now, are the finanacials. Because they represent more than 20% of the S & P 500, it's important they remain healthy. Thus far, the index is up 1.77%, with big gains in all of the brokers.

In short, I will try to get a feel for the market, early this morning. If I feel the gains will hold, I might add to some positions. If not, well then, I might eat oatmeal.

NOTE: Please take the new "Fly Survey." Are you bullish or bearish on the markets?

NOTE: Regional bank BBX, looks as cheap as balls.


Tribute to Fly's Beverage Analyst

Its been awhile since I showed him some respect.

NOTE: Citi pounded the table on NTRI, after the close. They suggest being aggressive buyers down here, price target was reduced to $90.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


The Important Matter of Rib Eye Steaks at Outback Steakhouse

So, after today's miserable tape, coupled with NTRI's cardiac arrest trading in the AH's, I decided to eat amongst the poor and destitute. In other words, I took $100 out of my wallet and went to Outback Steakhouse.

Normally, I'd rather be found dead outside of Palm, than alive inside an Outback. However, I was feeling kind of proletariat, considering the market had been executed by a few "sub-prime lenders."

After arriving at this jerk off steakhouse, the fuckers seated me near the bathroom. Being irritated, I decided to ignore my "shit filled" surroundings and focus on the "cuisine." After all, I was with my family.

The waitress came over and took my order. I ordered some seared Ahi tuna for an appetizer, and a fucking rib eye steak for my entree.

To my surprise, the seared tuna wasn't half bad, despite the bullshit sauces that came with it.

So, I'm sitting there, sipping on my coke, waiting for my God damned rib eye. In the meantime, my kids are going banana's, throwing crayons at the fuckers next to me.

To make a long story short, those asshats served me a well done rib eye. I had asked for it to be cooked medium rare. How else should steak be cooked?

I told the manager: "I'd rather eat microwaved meat loaf, than battle this fucker into my stomach." (true story)

He graciously accepted my crude behavior and told me he'd send over a properly cooked rib eye, to my table-- in short order.

Well, you know how the story ends.

I sat in a filthy booth and waited for another 45 motherfucking minutes, while my kids were busy throwing their shoes around the table, for a flimsy, poorly cooked, 1 inch rib eye. Can you believe it? 1 inch.

As you know, "The Fly" was not pleased with this rib eye and made sure the manager was well aware of his inadequate "cuisine." Trust me, I'm fucked up like that.

Needless to say, I left a paltry 12% tip.

Those guys fucking suck goat balls.

NOTE: Sucking goat balls is worse than moose balls.


Special Update: NTRI/ Time Machine

While it's true, I did not load up on NTRI, prior to numbers; I did buy the fucker.

As you can understand, this leads to great displeasure and animosity between "The Fly's" time machine mechanic and Fly. It is true, as we speak, "The Fly" is accusing his mechanic of tweaking the machine to visit "alternative future realities," which better suits positive outcomes, instead of "truthful future realities."

In short, "The Fly's" time machine is lying to him, thanks to a drunken, irresponsible mechanic. However, not to worry, that fucking mechanic will be dealt with accordingly.

NOTE: The fucked up state of "Fly's" time machine has nothing to do with low grade plutonium.


50 Cent - I Get Money


Closing Comments

Well, it was one hell of a day. Finally, MVIS showed part of their hand, revealing their relationship with MOT. On the other, the market was obliterated, with the help from the fear mongering fucktards at CNBC.

If the market was stable, without a doubt, MVIS would have closed at $6+. In my opinion, the company has a lot more relationships to unveil. Moreover, I sense the stock will steadily climb to $8, by year end.

As for NTRI:

Today's numbers were great. Additionally, they guided up for the year. However, they did guide lower for next quarter. Before making a share price prediction, I want to listen to the conference call, scheduled at 5:00.

After the close, there was a slew of positive earnings reports, namely AMZN and LRCX. Considering more than 90% of stocks were lower today, I feel we will fucking bounce like a rubber handball tomorrow.

Finally, during market declines, everyone wants to give up and become a "bear fucking" asshat. Just know, there is record short interest and the sellers are weak, old men.

Sometime tomorrow, I hope to continue kicking elderly short sellers down steep flights of stairs, while guzzling florescent green energy soda, from my diamond encrusted chalice.

NOTE: MCHX is almost my top pick.


Final Thoughts on NTRI

As you can see, I am having my head sawed off for me, being long NTRI. Investors want no part of this company, considering the "death tape," and the prospect of numbers tonight.

In short, I am prepared to make or lose 10 points. If you are not willing to endure extreme pain or pleasure, NTRI is not for you.

As you know, "The Fly" is driving his car, which is made of pure gasoline and dynamite sticks, into a burning house-- found in Fat Fuckville.



Late Day Thought

Bob Pasani is bought and owned by the bear shitting fucktards.


Fly Buy: NTRI

I bought 1,000 NTRI @ $63.90.

UPDATE: I bought 1,000 NTRI @ $64.09.

Disclaimer: If you buy NTRI because of this post, you will become the recipient of counterfeit money. And, you may lose money.


Position Update: NTRI, MCHX

After today's close, NTRI is due to report how many fat fucks ate their food. While it's true, my level of confidence is not as high as last quarter, "The Fly" still believes NTRI will exceed street expectations. My approach is to buy a little, prior to today's close. I am not loading the fucking boat.

Keep in mind, I own this fucker from the 40's.

Regarding MCHX:

You fuckers have no idea how sweet MCHX will be. They fucking own the internet, literally. MCHX owns and operates over 200,000 (maybe 300,000) websites, where they sell ads. The websites generate over 31 million hits per month and could be used to leverage deals with GOOG and YHOO.

The kicker: MCHX' contract with YHOO is up for renewal. I believe the new terms will favor MCHX and lead the way to higher profits. Additionally, the company just launched 100,000 zip code websites, emphasizing on locality. Look at one here.

In short, MCHX owns internet real estate. They own many valuable properties, such as

Dude, they own everything. Do a whois search and look at their properties. Amazing.

Bottom line: I'd be shocked if YHOO didn't swoop down and take MCHX. The stock is ridiculously undervalued.

Here is an article explaining MCHX' business.


Position Update: MVIS

It's all over for the shorts.

The MOT deal is just the tip of the iceberg. Tokman (MVIS CEO) has stated his disdain for exclusive deals. This means MVIS will be inking deals with many handset companies, worldwide.

Now, with more than 11% of the float sold short, expect a massive short squeeze to ensue. Right now, the stock looks like it is losing momentum, but don't be tricked. It's going higher.

Understand, a lot of weak fuckers made a vow to sell MVIS on the news. Well, I guess it makes sense if you are interested in making a little bit of money. For me, I'm interested in "banking coin."

So, I intend to sit here, maybe buy some more shares, while watching my voodoo Doctor perform a ritual on NTRI's short sellers.

No congrats. I'm not done making money.

NOTE: Below is a nice clip of an interaction between a MVIS long and short.


Crude is Fired/ Fuck You Too

Well, it was fun while it lasted. Crude did well his first week, only to blow himself up-- amidst a penny stock scandal on the second.

Truly a low end way to go out.

As for some of you message board posters:

Go fuck a goat on a boat. Listen to me you fucking faggots: "The Fly" doesn't "get lucky" on short squeezes. And, he will never blow up. Ever.

For those of you who wish this upon me, I will track you down and kill your goldfish, or throw old lamb chops in your garage (whenever you leave the door open).

The reason why I will never blow up is because I'm smarter than you. Proof of my "smartness" is my IQ of 155-- and ability to read 850 words per minute. How many can you read?


Plus anyway, I'll leave you bull fuckers at the top of the market, without remorse or pause, and start shorting stocks, just like you "dicktarded bearfuckers."

The only difference: When I start selling short, I'll fucking make money doing it, unlike you bag holding "corn can fuckers."

In short, fuck you; I "bank coin."

Good Night.

Should I Shitcan Crude Broker? [131 votes total]

Yes (117) 89%
No (14) 11%

Monday, July 23, 2007


Okinawa Sunset


Closing Comments

Nice tape painting on MVIS. I've noticed there is an asshole who likes to do that. You know, paint the tape. Now, I know what you're thinking. You think the asshole is me, considering "The Fly" is responsible for all things bullish. However, it simply is not the case.

See, instead of pushing the stock up at the close, I'd rather see it lower. This way, I can buy shares cheaper.

Don't get me wrong, I have a full position in MVIS and cannot buy the stock forever, unless "The Fly" gets another "big dicked investor." Nonetheless, I'd rather buy cheaper, knowing I can sell higher.

Aside from the asshattery of MVIS, I had a decent day, but uneventful.

As usual, the NTRI longs have the jitters, scared to hold the stock into earnings. Unlike "The Fly," who will drive his car, made of pure gasoline, into the circle of fire.

HANS had a terrific day, thanks to a gay upgrade. Just keep the stock and shut up about it.

One thing I have noticed is the amount of missed opportunities, flying underneath my nose.

For example: I am missing out on the Chinese fun. While it's true, I am long FXI, FMCN and CN, there are many other stocks, based in China, that are doing better, such as ZNH, CTRP, JRJC, LFC and BIDU.

Also, I missed the spastic moves in ISRG, SNCR, CIEN, TASR, CROX, KB, IMMR, GRMN, LEAP, GSF, ACH, RTP, NCTY, WBD, CMG, JBX, BKC, GMCR, TBSI, FWLT, ATK and a variety of others.

At some point, "The Fly" owned all of the above names, but sold out like a fucktarded, dickless asshat.

In short, it makes sense to get behind a winner and accumulate, opposed to selling it on a breakout. Most retarded investors sell their stocks, partly thanks to Cramer and his trading mentality, after a quick 15-20% gain.

In my opinion, during bull markets, it makes little sense to sell winners, unless they are highly speculative and have no future catalyst to drive its shares.

While it's true, as an investor, finding the next big winner is a difficult task to accomplish; it's downright impossible if all you do is scalp for 5-10% gains, like some sort of goat fucker.

Finally, sometime tomorrow, I will add to my RS, NTRI and LZ positions.


Late Day Thought

Fat fucks feast on food from NTRI.


Fly Buy: NTRI

I bought 1,000 NTRI @ $69.80.

Disclaimer: If you buy NTRI because of this post, your herb garden will be eaten by a crocodile. And, you may lose money.


Sector Spotlight: Networkers

Look at this GGBM shit today. One deal and boom: all shorts have been "mushroom clouded."

Before starting this rant, I want to acknowledge the fucker who kept telling me to buy OPSW. Nice call; see you in jail.

Aside from oil, everything is snapping back, rather nicely. If you are short the market and enjoy having depreciating dollars in your bank, I suggest lightening up on short positions Else, your house will be mine.

As for me:

As you can see, I am enjoying obnoxious moves in NTRI, HANS, BWLD, CORS, FTK, VMI, NYX and FRX.

Generally, I like the tone of the market and will deploy cash reserves, sometime today. Moreover, I will likely buy LZ, NTRI, MVIS and HANS. As for MCHX, that fucker better start walking straight.

Within the networkers, there is momentum is TLAB, GGBM, CIEN, ISLN and CSCO.

Also, thanks to Barron's touting SAP, software stocks are on fire. There, I like CTSH, CRM and WIT.

Finally, it's worth noting, there is muted strength in our "shit head financials." However, the foreign banks are going Compton on the bears, with big dicked gains in KB, SHG, WF and BBD.


Position Update: MVIS

Can't you see I'm busy over here?

While your sitting in "Dr. Fly's" waiting room, here is a new research report on MVIS, via MDB.

Sunday, July 22, 2007


Fuck PWRM; Let's Vote

After a long weekend of driving, mofongo eating, and nearly running over pedestrians, while hopped up on Monster Khaos Juice, I come back to this shit?

Fuck that Crude.

I know the game of penny stocks and the assholes who promote them. Now, I am not accusing you of peddling a bullshit, illiquid, non-listed OTC stock, in return for monetary compensation. All I am saying: That shit is possible.

In short, if you were next to me, while typing that shit, I'd immediately break a beer bottle over one of your ears.

Without further adieu, I give you "elections."


Take it or leave it.

It seems many of you do not know a good thing until it hits you smack between the eyes. You even had a hard time grasping the pick(s) from last weekend. Funny, it seems that others are finally catching on i.e. BSR. Go ahead, bash the Midstreamers. In the next nine to fifteen months you will understand.

From what I have gathered you want no color commentary, nothing. So we will get right into it. You had better start accumulating PWRM. I am sure I will be receiving a mountain full of shit for recommending a penny stock. That's fine. You may just wonder how in the hell Crude "Fuckface" Broker knew about that stock. No hat, lots of cattle I say.

Buy the PWRM (pronounced, pee-worm). Call and chat it up with the CEO, he will talk to you at length. You should listen rather closely. It is always nice to know about things before they happen, wouldn't you agree?

Many of you can relate to this evening's videos.


Too late to post.

If you are reading this, go back to bed Vlad the Impaler. There is only one pick that will be dished out, no need to give it at 3 a.m. Many of you (and you know who you are) can't even handle a few recommendations at eleven in the morning. So, we wait. In the morning, I'll explain the importance of time in relation to buying and selling equities. Also, more importantly, the value of patience. Obviously, you have none.

Steady as it goes.

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