Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Asshat of the Year Award: Donald Trump

Come on, do I really have to explain why this man^ is an asshat? My man Howard has opined on the fucktard named "The Donald," in prior posts. I'm sure he'd like to add another 2 cents.

Basically, "The Fly" believes no matter what happens for the remainder of 2007, no one will eclipse the level of "asshattery" Trump now embodies.

This man is a bankruptcy machine. Look at his new stock, TRMP. This thing is a fucking joke.

In short, Trump talks a very big game, but has a small wiener. Seriously, if Trump was within 50 yards of me, I'd have someone punch his eyebrows off. Plus anyway, his bullshit show, "The Apprentice," is plain ole vanilla gay.

I'll let the mob (you) fill in the rest.

Trump is a douche. He makes himself rich at the expense of everyone else. He is probably the worst "businessman" I've ever seen. But the BS that his mouth spews can get him on TV (though only on 4th place NBC). I might not like Bill Gates, but he made himself AND everyone who worked for him rich, I can at least respect that. Trump, however, licks goat anus.
I am sorry for you New Yorkers who have to look at is stupid fucking brand on everything in sight.
Fly-See my comment posted at 11:41 AM in your post right below (Morning Thought). This Trump post is timed at 11:42 AM. Its spooky. Great minds think alike.
Bullshit caddy. You're borrowing Fly's machine again. What alternative-positive-future-reality did you post that from?

Makes sense with all the cock-punching Broker B has taken with his pre-earnings picks, that he’d bestow a lay-up award to Trump. Is Cramer getting the next one? As a loyal customer, I’d prefer cutting-edge asshat awards.
Does the Russell look oversold to anyone?
Fucktard-It's a handy machine to have especially when picking news driven stocks before even the company knows the news. I am looking at my machine now and its telling me something about the Hillary campaign.
For some weird reason, I wouldn't mind boinking old Hillary.
My sense is that it would take a very large man to punch those 'brows off of TRMP. Maybe the contractor's debt collector?
gapping- You can get Brian's take on the Russell over at alphatrends.
any thoughts on AAPL going into earnings?

I agree. Russ is oversold. Completely retraced back thru the Feb high now.

Market psych has shifted more to large cap as brokerage firm strategists are table pounding for large cap div payers. Could still get worse for Russ.

Waiting for signs that the shake out is complete.

I'm buying AAPL as iPhone sales are most likely better than AT&T activation charges would indicate.
Using IWM as a proxy for R2K, IWM is at a critical level hugging the 200DMA. I may be a professional goat fucker, but I'm an amateur chart chomper, and my amateur chart chomping skills suggest if IWM doesn't bounce off $80 with meaningful volume, there's probably more work to do on the downside.
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