Friday, June 29, 2007


Face to Face - Disconnected


Closing Comments: End of Quarter

Half way through the year and "The Fly" is still holding onto a 30% return (preliminary numbers), year to date. Albeit, I was up 40%+ a few short weeks ago. However, thanks to fucktarded declines in ARWR and MVIS, I gave back a little.

No big deal.

What's important to know is that I intend to crush the cover off the ball, for the remainder of the year.

Thus far, I have enjoyed monster gains in NTRI, BWLD, RIMM, LNN, MVIS, FMCN, HANS, JCG, EQIX, AAPL, MCHX, UPL, VLO, GILD, FXI and GME.

My biggest disappointments have been NYX and ARWR.

For the most part, I have very little exposure in ARWR (I sold a bunch). However, I am still long the fuckers at the NYX.

As you know, energy stocks have ripped higher, as oil prices press new highs. Because of the current price per barrel, coupled with the prospect of hurricanes this summer, I have been adding to my VLO position.

Admittedly, I have not capitalized on the energy run, like I should have.

Finally, it's time to scour the market for second half plays.

Without using my "calculator brain," I'd say stick with hurricane plays and semiconductors. However, over the weekend, I will do some high IQ thinking-- and figure this asshattery out.

NOTE: I think Danny will give us another half hazzard attempt at weekend blogging, sometime this weekend.


Late Day Thought

The bulls have weak balls.

UPDATE: The bears are old and weak. As a matter of fact, I just kicked one down an empty elevator shaft.





I don't like this reversal, not one bit.

Fuck it. I'm taking a little money off the desk, in order to wrap up the quarter nicely.

However, I may go banana's by the end of the day, buying or sorts of crap.


UPDATE: Scratch that idea. We're goin' higher. Yeeeee-Hawwwwww!!!!!


Fly Buy: VLO

I bought 5,000 VLO @$74.10.

Disclaimer: If you buy VLO because of this post, your doorbell will malfunction. And, you may lose money.


Fly Sell: SNDK

I sold 10,000 SNDK @ $49.36.


Position Update: FMCN

Thank you short sellers for betting against China's largest outdoor advertising company, ahead of the 2008 Olympics.


This stock is screaming.


Position Update: NTRI

It's a little early, but so far, I hear NTRI's quarter went well.

Considering the stock is at least $30 undervalued, coupled with a 40% short position, I don't think the stock is done going higher.


Quick Alert: Fly's Analyst Gives Prediction for MVIS Shorts


Sector Spotlight: Hardware

First of all, I'm not going to brew my own fucking coffee, ever again. Secondly, I will never step foot in a Dunkin' Donuts again (this may be a lie). I'm sick and tired of standing behind fat fuckers, who can't decide what donuts to stuff their fat mouths with.

I mean, if you are ordering 24 donuts, why even bother choosing? If I were to get all "Hansel and Gretel," by ordering 24 donuts in a sitting, I'd tell the fucker to choose the donuts himself. "Go ahead there Chief, knock yourself out."

Now, regarding my stocks:

This is the way to finish up the quarter, limousine treatment. Look at RIMM you miserable fuck. Is it still "overpriced" and going to at least $50?

Also, I have lots of valuable information on MVIS, but why bother sharing? Most of you are already sold and do not need bullet points. However, I've noticed many bear shitters spying on this site, secretly betting against MVIS. Therefore, I do not want to give them a reason to cover their shorts. No.

I want to fucking Pearl Harbor them and knock their houses into the Atlantic Ocean.

As foretold, AEZ came out with good data. This time, unlike my retarded ARWR strategy, I'm selling on the news.

Thus far, Hardware stocks are on the top of my radar, with big dicked gains in RIMM, FMCN, MVIS, TASR, VOXX and SYNA.

Also, it's worth noting, the semi's look great. Go ahead, get long SNDK. Knock yourself out.

We're going much higher today.


Fly Sell: AEZ

I sold 5,000 AEZ @ $6.72.

Thursday, June 28, 2007


Smile Empty Soul: Bottom of a Bottle

No CC's comments today. Tennis time for the young one.

All is well, go have a drink.


Goat versus Rabbit

I don't know what the fuck this guy is saying, but it amuses "The Fly."


Position Update: SNDK

SanDisk-SNDK initiated with a Buy@NEED

Fly wins again.

UPDATE: Considering the stock is now dropping like a piano off a building, I am not really "winning," at the moment.



Quick Alert: Office Brewed Coffee

Sick of waiting on queer lines, I have decided to brew my own coffee. In other words, I am guzzling down some pretty fucked up coffee bean.

That's not to say I grind "low end bean." It just means I am unable to determine the proper amount of water that goes in this fucking machine.

In other news, NTRI is eating away at the shorts, pun intended.

And, FMCN is looking kind of sporty.

Also, I have completed my MVIS warrant conversion. Long live Tokman.


Fly Buy: SNDK

I bought 3,000 SNDK @ $48.70.

Disclaimer: If you buy SNDK because of this post, you may never get a "calculator brain."


Sector Spotlight: Energy

As you know, I'm too busy to disseminate opinions on the stock market-- at least to fucktards on the internets. Plus anyway, on days like today, "The Fly" enjoys walking around, getting hopped up on Monster Energy Soda, then plan vendetta's.

For example, my vendetta against Steve Jobs' face (not real face, a picture) on my fucking dart board worked out great. Since I put his face on my dart board, AAPL is up 35 points.

Today, I hope the Fed doesn't fuck me. If not, the shorts should be skinned alive, providing the oil fuckers don't run those barrels up to $100.

If we get smashed with some Cat 3-5 hurricanes, this summer, oil will "springboard" to $90, easy. In short, we're all fucked.

Obviously, there is a way to profit from everyone's misery. In this case, being long VLO, GMRK, SU, GMXR and BXC should do the trick.

I mention BXC because I made a bundle in that stock, post Katrina.

Look it up. I'm too busy to explain everything.

Finally, with oil breaking $70, many small cap energy stocks are ripping. Big gains can be found in USEY, XNL, VRNM, HOKU, INSU, BMD and USEG. However, it's worth noting, they're probably not worth the paper they're written on.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


The Smashing Pumpkins: Bullet With Butterfly Wings


Closing Comments

That's it. I've given my trader/servant the green light to just buy shit, indiscriminately. This market, in my opinion, is ready to break off the legs of numerous sellers, like King Crab.

As you know, I stepped up to the MVIS plate of death, early this morning. Thankfully, my voodoo Doctor has successfully cursed a few thousand MVIS sellers. So, if you are a MVIS short and one of your fingers falls off, don't be surprised. My voodoo Doctor means business.

Aside from magic, I had a very good day. Once again, I have people calling me with fucking tips. For now, until some of their previous tips work out, I give them elevator music.

However, what I do know is institutional interest for MVIS has soared, over the past week-- thanks to new supply. I know the stock doesn't reflect it. Just know and try to understand these fuckers buy when you fuckers sell.

Don't believe me? Come back to this blog on Labor Day and tell me I was wrong.

NOTE: This recession guy on CNBC should be drawn and quartered.


Late Day Thought

Bob Pasani is a bear fucker.


The Market is Ready to Smoke Shorts

That's right, you read it here first.

Soon enough, entire houses will be foreclosed (opposed to the retarded concept of partial houses, fuck you), further exasperating the housing crisis, due to beartarded fuckshots losing all their coin, during the great bull run of 2007.

In my opinion, the semi's are a must own here. In particular, I like SNDK, WFR, INTC, AMKR, MSCC and KLAC.

Also, Woodshedder has asked me to link whore him, so that you (internet coin tossers) may click on his ads, enabling him to eat chuck steak for dinner. As you know, Wood is a loyal MVIS long and shouldn't be forced to eat meatloaf or chuck steak. At the very most, he deserves to eat skirt steak, not rib eye.

Rib eye is for closers only.


Position Update: MVIS

The bottom is in, fuckers.

Now you shorts will die.

Carry on.


Fly Buy: MVIS

I bought 5,000 shares of MVIS @ $4.55.

Disclaimer: If you buy MVIS because of this post, it may cause side effects, such as suicidal thoughts. And, you may lose money.


Fly Buy: SNDK

I bought 7,000 SNDK @ $48.42

UPDATE: I bought 4,000 SNDK @ $48.56.

Disclaimer: If you buy SNDK because of this post, seagulls will shit down your chimney. And, you may lose money.


Sector Spotlight: Utilities

Obviously, this oatmeal shit isn't working. I may have to call a voodoo Doctor to put a hex on whoever the fuck is selling my stock.

Pardon me for venting, but I have a brand fucking new vendetta.

Aside from the MVIS pleasantries, rates are tanking, enabling the utilities to gap higher.

Within that sector, SJW, CWT, SWWC, D, CV, ENSI, PEG and EXC have mojo.

The general market is firming up nicely, as everyone calms the fuck down and chooses their spot.

For me, until this fucking knife stops falling, I will do nothing. While it's true, it makes little sense to become emotionally involved in a stock. Furthermore, investing in such a manner can be detrimental to ones financial future. Nonetheless, I trust the people who have guided me into this stock and will not be shaken out.

Naturally, this doesn't mean you should do the same.

Finally, looking at the general strength in the market, I sense it will close significantly higher than where it is now.


Alert: Midnight Oatmeal

I'll have you know, I just consumed a punishing amount of oatmeal, brown sugar, milk, no cinnamon.

If this cannot help lift my positions, nothing will.

My money is on the fucking oats.

By the way, read this OVTI press release from 2001 and let me know if it resonates. During October of 2001, OVTI hit a low of $1.17, then after getting their camera technology into cellphones, the stock lifted to a high of $33-- just two years later.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Kava Kava: Tic


Closing Comments

Oh well, the day spawned in fucking hell has ended for "The Fly" and friends. If you think the MVIS dip was bad, I know people who are elbow deep in IOC. Tough fucking day.

Aside from the death spiral in MVIS, ARWR "enjoyed" a death spiral of its own. In short, I was staggered today, but remain as belligerent and confident as ever.

As you know, I know many MVIS shareholders. The general tone is "morgue-like," but opportunistic. Basically, other positions are being sold, in order to buy MVIS.

I don't want to hype the internets with more buzz phrases, but this is not game over.

As for the general market:

It sucked cock, with the exception of internet and drug stocks.

All day, there was strength in GOOG, SIFY, VERT, ANSW, FLWS, SINA, ELN, EMIS, EXEL, TECH, CRA and CPHD.

With my money, I sold off some more ARWR, AEZ and even some HANS.

My feeling of the market is somewhat distorted, considering I've been "machine gunned" in a multitude of stocks.

So, for now, I will drink some poor man's whiskey and plan my revenge.



They're Out to Get Me

Much to my chagrin, most of my positions are being stripped and kaned. If I didn't know any better, I'd say the bitch, Mother Market, is trying to kill me.

The way I will deal with this precipitous decline in value, whether it's MVIS, ARWR, HANS or BWLD, is to set priorities and not trade on emotion.

For example, I am tempted to fucking double my MVIS position, right here, right now. But, that's fucktarded.

When shit hits the windshield, my priority is to protect the downside and deal with making the losses back later.

This means, I will be trimming back non core positions, in order to raise cash. With the cash, I will sit patiently and wait for an ideal entry point for one of my core holdings.

Naturally, "The Fly" will recover from this debacle and eat the livers of those who tried to destroy me. All in due time.

For now, my main concern is the overall tone of the market, coupled with some serious slippage in key momentum names, aside from my own holdings.


Fly Buy: MVIS

I bought 10,000 shares @ $4.72.

Disclaimer: If you buy MVIS because of this post, the Italian mafia may accidentally rig your car with explosives. And, you may lose money.


The Important Matter of Death Nail Stocks

Ok, I'm over my hissy fit and will, once again, resume my life long campaign of skinning short sellers or other stupid people. In other words, the real "Fly" is back.

Regarding MVIS:

Obviously, this stock is being rewarded the "death nail," by hermaphrodite warrant holders. Instead of fucking themselves, they've decided to fuck me.

When dealing with a downward spiral, like this, it's important to remember why you own the stock.

Has anything changed, aside from dilution?

Short answer: No.

In my opinion, the price action is not a reflection of the underlying business. Simple supply/demand imbalances have produced a temporary decline in the share price-- similar to the initial reaction to secondary offering filings.

Ask yourself this question:

Should Tokman pull it off and ink an accessory, then an embedded deal for the Picop, will the stock still trade in the mid 4's?

This is only my opinion, not fact, but I feel the stock should be valued between 500-650 million dollars ($7.50-$8.50 p/s), considering the market size they are targeting.

So, for now, I will watch the stock very carefully-- and buy when the price stabilizes. This is, undoubtedly, a great buying opportunity.

Unfortunately, the cost is angst amongst current/loyal shareholders. Like past miscues, this will past and be nothing more than a blip on some assholes chart.

NOTE: I wasn't joking when I said Tokman is rumored to have been or is in the Far East.


Position Update: MVIS

Wow, they're selling MVIS faster than a Bronx whore. Clearly, the stock is being shit upon by anxious warrant holders, mostly retail of course.

From what I understand, the CEO of MVIS is in the far east, probably because he wants to eat authentic Asian cuisine.

Obviously, he is not there to sign deals or make friends. The food is good.



Sector Spotlight: Bear Sterns

Lots of crazy stuff going on today, such as higher stock prices. As you know, BSC is on the verge of handing out free "mushroom clouds" to U.S. equity holders. Furthermore, it doesn't end with Bear.


Look at LEN's numbers today. All I can say is: wow.

Right now housing is so bad, it almost makes sense to be homeless or even worse, rent. Clearly, the Gov't is trying to cushion the housing bubble disaster, via wreckless spending. In other words, if it weren't for all the stimulus provided by Washington, jobless rates would be at 12%+ and ANF would be boarded up and closed.

I know all of this useful information, via "Economy for Dummies" text, vol.1.

With my money, I am looking to sell short AAPL, ahead of the iPhone. My technician tells me the stock is forming a "bearish wedge," and should top out soon, sometime Thursday to be exact.

Also, as we know for fact, GS is hiding their "Bear Stearnish" exposure to the sub prime market. Ignoring GS's dominance in finance, I would argue its PE is too high, considering they have made their money via ponzi scheme.

"Fair value" for GS is $50.

Finally, I strongly suggest avoiding any stock that has less than 90% institutional interest. Obviously, if the "big money" hasn't heard of the name, it probably isn't worth investing in. I know many of you will say "shut the fuck up dick, institutions are full of corporate asshole hacks." To you, I reply: "every big winner has been sponsored by institutions, from the very beginning."

True story, look it up.

NOTE: Please take the new "Fly Survey." Are you bullish or bearish on the markets? Easy question to answer.


Where's My Sandwich?

Monday, June 25, 2007


Election Results: Danny Wins/Get Ready to Lose Money

Danny won the election. Hence, he will stay on board for a while or until I get bored, again.

As for you fucking ingrates, who leave snide remarks on this holy site, I will fucking skin you alive--the next time my stocks rip higher. After sharing my time machine with you junkyard goats, all I get in return is ingratitude.

Therefore, starting tomorrow, in an effort to misdirect the internet investor class, I will start emulating other websites, by giving bad advice-- on purpose of course. My goal is to lose the internet investor class a grand total of 93%, inside 3 short months. A difficult task, indeed.

To accomplish this woeful task, I will simply read other websites, like Ducati, and regurgitate their "stupidness," for lack of a better word, and pass it off as my own--in the process rendering this blog meaningless.

So, from here on, beware of my picks or suggestions-- for they are intended to destroy you.

NOTE: Should this new "policy" change, you will never be informed. Hence, go eat some meatloaf, fucker.

Election Results:

Should Danny be Shitcanned? [104 votes total]

Yes (49) 47%
No (55) 53%


Closing Comments

So, let me get this straight, MVIS runs from $1.90 to $5.75 in eight months, then pulls back to $5.15 and it's game over?

What do you fuckers expect?

In case you are new to Wall Street, stocks trade up and down. While it's true, "The Fly" is holding strong like fucking Hercules, that doesn't mean the stock can't trickle lower--until news.

Speaking of "news," I feel like the editor of the New York Times--waiting for it like some donkey puncher.

Look you, my time horizon is different than yours. I'll have my body cryogenically frozen and defrosted 1,000 years from now; then, I'll wake up and sell MVIS @$400.

Or, I'll slap around my trader/servant with warm, not hot, slices of pizza (no pepperoni).

As for the market:

This Bear Stern's hedge fund fuck up will rule the day, until it doesn't. Expect softness in equities, as people with better things to do go on vacation.

However, do not mistake this sell off for calamity. It is a buying opportunity.

With my money, I want to remain long CN, HANS, FMCN, AAPL, RIMM and other market leaders. For the most part, small cap stocks do not headline my buy list, with the exception of MVIS.

Also, it's worth noting, Food and Beverage stocks are holding up well, with gains in NATH, HNZ, GAP, MCD, BKC, JJSF, HRL, IMKTA, CMG, VLGEA and KR.

For now, big money is getting defensive.

NOTE: Don't fuck with me. I'll light your shoes on fire.


TV on the Radio: Staring at the Sun

Busy today. No CC's. Maybe later tonight.



My initial hunch was accurate. The market is having trouble with these levels. If I wasn't so hesitant to go short, I'd be going short in a very big way--right now.

However, until the market proves the sellers smart, I will wait this swoon out and buy the dips. While it's true, complacency is abundant and seasonality is not in the bulls favor, there is still record short interest.

Remember, these shorts are old and weak. They need to cover their shorts, in order to pay for their pissing pills (high blood pressure medicine) and wheel chair repairs.

However, that does not mean those old fuckers won't get up out of their wheel chairs and pistol whip us longs-- for making fun of them.

My plan, at least for today, is to take hits and fucking curse at people, in the office or the street.

So, if you happen to run across a guy today, in back of you at Dunkin' Donuts or walking by you in the street, who tells you to "go fuck a mountain goat," that will be me.

As for MVIS:

On day's like this, I want to take a Picop and smash it into a million small pieces, then have a few dozen pizza's delivered to Motorola's HQ.

Procrastinating hatfuckers.


MVIS Sellers Do Math

Non-calculator brains.


Sector Spotlight: Internet

Last night, I was 100% certain the market would trade lower today. Then, I spoke to a good contrary indicator this morning, who was long QID, and I knew the bear raid would be short lived.

With all the bullshit being thrown on the windshield, this market keeps marching higher. Truly impressive.

Also, MCHX caught an upgrade today. Finally, someone realized that if YHOO gets their act together, MCHX will sprint to $20.

Oh, I know MVIS is trading down. Shut the fuck up.

The Internet sector is very strong, with big dicked gains in OMTR, VSCN, INSP and ASIA.

Rates are being smashed and Oil is falling through the floor boards. All in a day's work.

Bottom line: I'm not chasing this rally, mainly because I don't feel like it. However, if I were to put money to work, I'd look at some Defense stocks-- like GD, LMT or UIC. And, I'd nibble at some of the Trannies, like ACLI, OSG or FDX-- as a hedge against lower oil prices.

Sunday, June 24, 2007


Drunken Joyride= Elections Are Back

Seriously, I think Danny has a lot of potential, as a writer and investor. However, going on joyrides with drunken friends, in order to "kill time," while waiting for the fucking tow truck, is utterly and unanimously fucktarded.

Plus anyway, I'm bored.

So without further adieu, I give you (internet jackass) elections.

If you would like to keep Danny and his 3 wheeled car on board, vote "no" to shitcanning. On the other hand, if you would like to defend Mother's Against Drunk Drivers, vote "yes" to shitcanning (a moral dilemma, indeed).


Sunday Recap

So, I'm driving home from the beach Friday night, when all of a sudden, my sweet auto started to shake something violent. I thought I was having engine trouble and moved into the slow lane, you know, the one the one reserved for pussies and lame-os, in case I needed to pullover. Immediately after I made that strategic decision, in a single instant, shit went nuts--the intensity of the vibration exploded and my car was shaking so hard it felt like class-5 ‘urricaine up in my whip. I immediately pulled over. Turns out, my tire exploded causing a semi-ridiculous amount of damage. [Sorry for the cell phone pics, digi cam was jacked or lost or something]

I called my roommate to pick me up, and he was hammered, but he said he’d do it anyway. When he got to me, we still had to wait 20 mins for the tow truck, so we decided to take a lap. Down an exit, around, back, and there we are. Total time: 15 minutes killed. It is amazing what can get done in 15 minutes. D’oh. Also, for fun, my insurance is charging it as two incidents, and therefore two deductibles, plus all that points. I think I’ll replace the window and head-unit, which will probably be less than 1,000, but the body, I definitely am taking the insurance on that shit.

Anyway, a stock has been hard to come to mind, so thought I’d recap, briefly, a stock that both fly and myself own. It’s like a margarita and a bullfight for your wallet.

NIHD: RIMM’s latin cousin with a fine ass. She does have a little baggage*. Operates a network in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, and Peru. Was stabbed in a knife fight** 5 years ago but bucked it out. There is a lot of growth left, and more to come via increased texting and video services—more ARPU + more growth = higher stock.

* Read between the lines: baggage = debt
**stabbed = bankruptcy. Don’t worry though, we’re cool now.

See, that was brief. It’s a boring summer; you gotta brace yourself for a slow weekend here and there. Use this time as an opportunity to reflect on what your futile life was like before I came along with the love and the joyous tidings of awesome videos and stock picks. I am the weekend janitor, what can I say. I am going to pool my vast resources into making a video this for this weekend. And remember dear friend; soft, baby jeebus loves you even if you suck balls at trading ARWR.

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