Monday, July 23, 2007


Closing Comments

Nice tape painting on MVIS. I've noticed there is an asshole who likes to do that. You know, paint the tape. Now, I know what you're thinking. You think the asshole is me, considering "The Fly" is responsible for all things bullish. However, it simply is not the case.

See, instead of pushing the stock up at the close, I'd rather see it lower. This way, I can buy shares cheaper.

Don't get me wrong, I have a full position in MVIS and cannot buy the stock forever, unless "The Fly" gets another "big dicked investor." Nonetheless, I'd rather buy cheaper, knowing I can sell higher.

Aside from the asshattery of MVIS, I had a decent day, but uneventful.

As usual, the NTRI longs have the jitters, scared to hold the stock into earnings. Unlike "The Fly," who will drive his car, made of pure gasoline, into the circle of fire.

HANS had a terrific day, thanks to a gay upgrade. Just keep the stock and shut up about it.

One thing I have noticed is the amount of missed opportunities, flying underneath my nose.

For example: I am missing out on the Chinese fun. While it's true, I am long FXI, FMCN and CN, there are many other stocks, based in China, that are doing better, such as ZNH, CTRP, JRJC, LFC and BIDU.

Also, I missed the spastic moves in ISRG, SNCR, CIEN, TASR, CROX, KB, IMMR, GRMN, LEAP, GSF, ACH, RTP, NCTY, WBD, CMG, JBX, BKC, GMCR, TBSI, FWLT, ATK and a variety of others.

At some point, "The Fly" owned all of the above names, but sold out like a fucktarded, dickless asshat.

In short, it makes sense to get behind a winner and accumulate, opposed to selling it on a breakout. Most retarded investors sell their stocks, partly thanks to Cramer and his trading mentality, after a quick 15-20% gain.

In my opinion, during bull markets, it makes little sense to sell winners, unless they are highly speculative and have no future catalyst to drive its shares.

While it's true, as an investor, finding the next big winner is a difficult task to accomplish; it's downright impossible if all you do is scalp for 5-10% gains, like some sort of goat fucker.

Finally, sometime tomorrow, I will add to my RS, NTRI and LZ positions.

Dr. Miller, a former employee of the National Security Agency who has a douche bag (aka NewEq) in computer science, demonstrated the hack to a reporter by using his iPhone’s Web browser to visit a Web site of his own design.

Once he was there, the site injected a bit of code into the iPhone that then took over the phone. The phone promptly followed instructions to transmit a set of files to the attacking computer that included recent text messages — including one that had been sent to the reporter’s cellphone moments before — as well as telephone contacts and e-mail addresses.

“We can get any file we want,” he said. Potentially, he added, the attack could be used to program the phone to make calls, running up large bills or even turning it into a portable bugging device.
Hey Fly, check out WWAT, its worth a look and would like your opinion. Thanks. DW
The Fly is God
you are a funny, fucker
great post fly. LEAP is a total buy based on store emergence. I have seen five new stores since we last talked about it. FIVE! Saw another WYDY bumper sticker.

Also, I asked my mom, resident doctor extraordinaire, and she said that she though da vinci blew chipmunk nuts and that all the surgeons she knew had never said anything positive about it. It's incredible expensive, and they apparently fail frequently and need a lot of maintenance. I was surprised to hear about it, because I had always heard bullish things. But there it is.

KB is awesome, so is ATK. Man, I need a new watchlist.
^Bruce, now that is some terrible-ass grammar. c'mon.
That Davinci robot shit is being advertised everywhere.

Now, it's just a matter of time until that fucking robot goes haywire and removes someones heart, by accident of course.

Dr. Miller is an asshole.

I'll check WWAT later.

Got to go on a trip.

Ba back later tonight.
he's like, "Ready? Here we go. Out with the prostate."
Agree with you on NTRI. Great marketing strategy earlier in the year with Marino and other athletes to target men. Lots of shorts in this. Plenty of fuel to give it a bump on a good earnings number.
Agree with you on JRJC. Getting ready to break a multi-year resistance point. BIDU has been slipping, but that's a door of opportunity. I think there's just some options manipulation going on. I've been tracking the Chinese sector for awhile, and I still like the solar plays... YGE, JASO, CSUN, SOLF. Other Chinese stocks worth buying that are or have been printed on the IBD100 ... MR, HNP(trades at a discount here in America), CMED, EDU, HMIN (not looking good, but will rebound).

Remember, one sale of the Davinci S robot, and that's over $1 million in revenue right there. Sell 1,000 ... well, that's a billion.

That was me painting the tape on MVIS.

I operate a large bucket shop and had to wash several suckers out of their positions.
So Fly, when all the specs. and retails get sucked back into the market, what's your edge gonna be? You can't be wildly bullish buying into every fucking earnings announcement forever. I would hardly call that an edge to begin with.

At this pace though, you'll be caught with your pants down when the shit hits the fan, eventually. It should be fun to watch you blow up. Only because you are an arrogant asshole. NEWSFLASH TO ZOMBIE: FLY IS NOT GOD, anyone can jump on a big momo stock you fucking idiot, try it.
When this guy loses 50% of his investors cash I will be laughing harder than a gay ass goat fucker.

awesome news I might elaborate
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