Thursday, July 26, 2007


Sector Spotlight: General Market

What the fuck is going on? Can someone please wake me up, because I don't like this inferno of fun.

Let's just state the obvious, right now. All of my fucking bloviating and obnoxious jargon has upset Mother Market, for I am stepping on one happy land mine after another.

Indeed, the tables have turned, my swarmy internet friends. This market is fucking toast.

All the important sectors are being lit up, like a Jewish deli in Islamabad. In other words, all aboard the S.S. Titanic fuckers, next stop: Iceberg.

Aside from oil and a few strong stocks, thanks to good earnings, everything is deep in the red, with the exception of gay biotech stocks. The weakest sector, as you know, are the financials. Why bother mentioning the victims? They're all dead.

Moving right along.

Hey, at least MVIS longs grew a pair of balls, sending the stock in the black. Yes!

With this .01 gain in MVIS, my loss in OEH (down 3) has been offset. True story.

Finally, since I won my last wager (MVIS will print $6 before Labor Day), I'd like to make another. Ten phantom dollars says MVIS sells an equity stake to a major handset maker, before Thanksgiving.

Any takers?

NOTE: I know you think the market will rally off the lows today. Well then, this here time machine says differently. In the meantime, I will go for a walk.

I'll take the phantom bet, as it would be well worth it to my position in MVIS.
broker do you have an opinion on SONS here?
Credit Crisis!
Housing Collapse!


CNBC is great, huh?

Sorry, Broker is unavailable to give bad internet advise. Please leave a message.
hopefully Fox Business News will offset CNBC's "the world is going to end" rhetoric.
like I said, you'll always have a future as a comedienne or comic writer ... btw; where the fuck is Evil Fly when you need her?
Broker, today has 4 day weekend written all over it. Just a little advise.
Come on fly give me a little more specific to bet on. At what price range and what company? It was pretty obvious when at filed another 35 mil shelf. I say mvis will sell equity stake for over 12 dollars to MOT. What do you guess.
Anyone have a semi trailer full of oatmeal they can send over to Fly's office?
At least my EQIX is ripping.
This sentence sounded gay:

"Hey, at least MVIS longs grew a pair of balls, sending the stock in the black. Yes!"

Actually it was the "Yes" at the end that made it sound that way.

Do you have an opinion on EMC or XTO?
we all know that cnbc is a premature ejaculator I'm lucky to say that I haven't seen any of them for many moons. Bloomberg radio is on your computer - they keep it emotionless.

I have just rearranged my bloggers on netvibes - mike, jamie, tim, fly,
Mao, ugly, brian, ronsen.

I have eliminated many of the periphery and some have eliminated themselves: traderX Marolyn Victoria and a few others.

I'm sure after you read this - many of you will have negative coments - FUCK YOU!
So am I right in saying that mvis selling an equity stake to another company would bring the same result as issuing shares to the public? Probably a negative impact on stock price right? Unless they sell the shares for more than they are priced on the market now?
ISRG has been one tough bitch. It looks like GOOG is trying to hold these levels. AMZN--no comment. Maybe sector rotation into Tech? But then Cramer would be right. Shit. Can't happen.

You really are one stupid fucker. Selling shares to another company is like putting them in a safe.

They'll be in good hands, you little shit.

Any news announcement of an equity stake will send the stock, through the roof-- and you to the homeless shelter.

On the Road:

Is there something in your post that i should curse at you for?

I just can't find it.

However, let me know, because I wouldn't mind.

How much does that 10 cent loss in MVIS equal in OEH points?
Broker A,

If the stock goes through the roof, I will be making a lot of money not going to the homeless shelter. Thank you for your response though.
there go the brokers & banks, there goes the market
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