Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Special Update: AAPL

Shorts get what they deserve on this one.

Record sales of iPods and Macs? Exactly.

Steve Jobs may be a dick, but his net worth is about to have a "big dick" gain of at least $10 mil overnight.

Nice article about mvis
Great clip. I love the way the music kicks in.

However, the pen-to-the-neck stab was a little over the top.

I actually thought it was mild. I personally would love to have used a more blunt object after the beating in NTRI and MVIS today. MVIS needs to get moving, the shorts are starting to get bold and sloppy and if we arn't careful will drive it back below 5 bucks. Fucking assholes are still allowed to naked short it.
Who would short AAPL?
Whoever asked for a restaurant rec in Staten Island, I suggest Fushimi.

Best sushi, outside of Manhattan.
Geeze- I had a bad day at work so I came home kicked the cat, cracked a cold one, sat down and read todays posts and LMAO!

Does that make me gay?
So I said to myself "self, no being Gay makes you Gay"

(no offense)

Nice vid.

MCHX...what are you hearing about the earnings call coming up?
With 40% of the float sold short, any good news coming from MCHX will be "coin banking" event.
Yoka forget MCHX, the only stock you need right now is SWC. PALLADIUM SUPERCYCLE!
HA...funny mdawsz..

You know I just had a random wild-ass thought...with the trillion dollar bucket that foreign private equity is itching to put into play...having one of the major US financials being bought right about now....
Looks like AAPL is going to be another great short. Just let it run a few days and let the short squeeze run its course. And then SHORT.

Have you looked at the great reversal of SWC today? Down 6% during the morning but managed to finish green. That's a great reversal after a 4 day 24% plummet.

HOKU absolutely devastated. My condolence to those chasing flying pigs. Was trying to short HOKU at $14 but no shares available.

Just noticed you meantion SWC. Looks like the whole universe has already noticed SWC and see what a great reversal this looks like.

You definitely need to click on my name and go to my place and see my discussions about SWC! Do it tonight because tomorrow you may miss the opportunity!

I am planning to short AMZN or AAPL once they have run their current short squeeze course.
Hey JJ,

I hope you didn't ride SWC down the 24%..

You've been mentioning the pick before the I guess you were in before??

SWC does appear to be the best of breed among the PGM producers. I think a move from $10 area to $14 is reasonable in 12 months based on the forecast for platinum prices.

Where are you getting a 40-fold return in 3 years?
I'm convinced JJ is a renegade robot, whose program went haywire--causing him to tradebot SWC over and over and over.

Short AAPL?

What are you fucking nuts?

That bitch is going to $200.

Please, if you want to step to "The Fly" bring your A game, son.

NOTE: "A" does not include NTRI or RS, prior to earnings.

Yes SWC return 20 folds in 4 years, and it will be based on a decent low single digit P/E. PCU is a good example, just time shifted by 4 years. Look at what PCU did before 2003. Go read my blog I am not going to repeat it here.

I do not short AAPL here. Let it run a few days, and then it's the best opportunity to short. I am serious, you need to take profit in a few days when teh short squeeze is about done. Nothing goes straight up or down.

I actually ride SWC from $8 last year to $16, and hold on. This current plummet is a bless to me because I really spend time re-checked the fundamental and decided to quadruple my SWC position. This is one great stock that I am NOT willing to swing trade but will hold tight for long term.

I do can swing trade with no problem. Shorted TSL from above $70, and covered below $60, in less than one week. A perfect execution. If I short AAPL it will be a quick one, too.

I might even agree with you that AAPL going to $200 could be an eventuality. I am not going to buy it. And short is still good before AAPL goes to $200, and after that, too.
APPL call highlight link below. Note the the expanded Best buy rollout this quarter, which I think was key. And check out the expansion for next Q. Macbooks are the new must have for high school and college kids, unless you live in Kentucky. Iphone? The numbers will shock everyone. APPL is currently testing corporate email with a few key players.. You must be retarded to short this.
JJ has been pumping that dog SWC on my blog for weeks. I am ready to short that son till his eyeballs pop out.. JJ quit fighting trends son or you will be eating Wendys for the next 6 months. Short AAPL at your own risk that bitch is printing $200 asscoins... JJ learn not to envoke your god dam fricken opinion into your trades you Cramericasshatery shatstain!
Oh P.S. I just banged two 21 year old whores.. Hey Cramer does that get me a booohyaa you biznitch!
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA you mandingos.
Fly - you should permanently laser beam to pluto as you punch the brows off the snakes that rec'd ARWR.

I guess that seller wasn't quite cleaned up
UGLY futures. Strap on your seat belt.

Thanks for the restaurant rec.



Good to see you making some normal comments. Please bring the same spirit of normalcy over to my blog so I can stop deleting your spam.

2pay: Your twin sisters don't count.

Dammit it looks like we are setup for a shitting this morning even though F reported great numbers. Maybe these old fucks will funnel some of that Megacap money into MVIS!
It's over an hour until regular market open. Things often change.
What the hell is going on with MVIS premaket?

I did some quick analysis and my strong feeling is that MVIS is trading down pre-open.

That is all.

that sucking sound is deleveraging, and the pop of the private equity put
big dicked losses in oeh
john holmes size
Jeremy. Hang in there. Fly says that everything will be ok by Labour Day. Good buying opp in DIVX, ARWR, OEH, NTRI, MATH, WGAT.
Fly says?? Fly will not be there when they take your house ... when your house goes, your wife goes.. No money, no honey.
TC- Have you ever dined at Western Sizzlin- How does it compare with Golden Corral?

JPM wow- 9 pe. BAC forward pe 9. Somethins stinky. Spin control to follow.
Dung Fly--

Your buy list is sure getting big.

Off I go.
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