Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Position Update: NTRI, MCHX

After today's close, NTRI is due to report how many fat fucks ate their food. While it's true, my level of confidence is not as high as last quarter, "The Fly" still believes NTRI will exceed street expectations. My approach is to buy a little, prior to today's close. I am not loading the fucking boat.

Keep in mind, I own this fucker from the 40's.

Regarding MCHX:

You fuckers have no idea how sweet MCHX will be. They fucking own the internet, literally. MCHX owns and operates over 200,000 (maybe 300,000) websites, where they sell ads. The websites generate over 31 million hits per month and could be used to leverage deals with GOOG and YHOO.

The kicker: MCHX' contract with YHOO is up for renewal. I believe the new terms will favor MCHX and lead the way to higher profits. Additionally, the company just launched 100,000 zip code websites, emphasizing on locality. Look at one here.

In short, MCHX owns internet real estate. They own many valuable properties, such as Yellow.com.

Dude, they own everything. Do a whois search and look at their properties. Amazing.

Bottom line: I'd be shocked if YHOO didn't swoop down and take MCHX. The stock is ridiculously undervalued.

Here is an article explaining MCHX' business.

Fly - whats the bear view on MCHX?
Bear view is the click fraud and non favorable deals with YHOO.

Either way, the company has a bright future. As web traffic expands, so will MCHX.
the daily chart of NTRI from about 10:30 on is crazy looking.
Does anyone know what's going on with NTRI? MM just trying to shake people off or has news leaked?
The article you linked wasn't about MCHX, other than it bought a portfolio of names from Yu. I didn't get the connection
ITRI is bulletproof.
It wasn't about MCHX, it explains what they do and how they make money, they do essentially what the Ham guy does.
Correct Crude.
That Donny Deutsch is more like Donny Douche.
The correlation is MCHX buys 21st century real estate - wesbites. They own some of the best domains on the planet. These domains make them a hella money. Most ANALysts on WallStreet know little about valuing domain names. Hence MCHX is undervalued. And how many ANALysts really have time to go through MCHXs portfolio of 300,000+ domains to figure how mucht they are each worth ?
Fly: the zip code websites is a brilliant idea. I absolutely love it.
MCHX business model is a concern to the likes of GOOG and YHOO, thus they could acquire and get rid of the threat. At the same time, MCHX is huge customer of GOOG. MCHX is a large buyer of AdWords. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
MCHX has upped its advertising budget to coincide with the launch of the zip code websites.
A single domain like Youtube sell for $1.5 billion. MCHX with 300,000 domains sells for $600 million.....
I sure would like to be in that Frank Schilling's shoes. Just sittin' back, hanging out on the beach while his domain registries rack him in a cool $20 million+ a year. Fucker.

My god they are selling the russell off so bad. I am surprised MVIS is still green at this point. Very concerned about NTRI now.
fucking AXE!! Is CTV gonna haunt me forever?
PEEWORM - down .03
Maybe NTRI will get so oversold that even a tiny surprise will send the shares running?
Anyone have thoughts on FMCN down here?
A major OEM deal with MVIS is worth only 12%? Please come on.
gap, it is obvious that today is horseshit
Bears are scaring everyone off. Fucking Motherfuckers.
Broken charts & trendlines all over the place. imo, The market has seen its highs till after October.
Gapping - that is called a buying opportunity. Further validation of MVIS tech. Buy today and there is a chance you could get shares for less in a few days. But o doubt there is less long term risk in this stock than there was yesterday, knowing what we now know.

I am way long on MVIS and personally glad we didn't get more of a bump. I've still got 10 or 15k more shares to buy and $5.50 - $5.75 looks good to me.

Cheap, cheap, cheap compared to where this'll be 3, 6, 12 and 24 months from now.
fmcn, ntri, mvis, st. valentines massacre.

but I like to think positive, so I'm smashing my flash drive with a hammer, bec I love SNDK so much.

GME, and CROX not so bad either.
jon I got another 5k shares in pre-market at 5.25 today. I am buying but I am not loaded up with 45k shares with a cost of 4.09. Thats a big position for me so I am done buying and hoping to see a run start soon.
bruce, remember, 99 out of the last 100 times, buying the dipped worked like a muh'fucker.

And this time it's different?

(famous last words?)
now loaded up ^

Are you a broker?
agreed Danny .. but my guess is after the year we've had & with the summer doldrums coming upon us & then the stereotypical fall negative seasonality .. thats all she wrote for a while .. that said, there will be stocks that do well, but no more rising tide ... its consolidation time
Shit is breaking down every where. My only short is AVB.
today is an ugly bitch
Today is a significant tell. Mongo damage out there.
Broker no I am just a fucktard that received a decent size of money for a business I sold. I am an obcessed saver although to tell you the truth I don't do any of it for the money, only for the feeling. Yes yes I know blah blah sorry but I am just like that. The only things I do splurge on are vacations. Hell I still drive a fucking car from 1995, why park a Bently on the street like my fucking idiot neighbor that parks his black coupe out there so each time I paralell park I fucking scratch the shit out of it.
Damn, I had no idea about the zip code website. I am developing a local site as well only with area codes. I have all of Louisiana.
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