Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Special Update: NTRI/ Time Machine

While it's true, I did not load up on NTRI, prior to numbers; I did buy the fucker.

As you can understand, this leads to great displeasure and animosity between "The Fly's" time machine mechanic and Fly. It is true, as we speak, "The Fly" is accusing his mechanic of tweaking the machine to visit "alternative future realities," which better suits positive outcomes, instead of "truthful future realities."

In short, "The Fly's" time machine is lying to him, thanks to a drunken, irresponsible mechanic. However, not to worry, that fucking mechanic will be dealt with accordingly.

NOTE: The fucked up state of "Fly's" time machine has nothing to do with low grade plutonium.

had 70 calls...fuck
Let's play catch the falling knife. Long 52.51
CEO just said he would borrow money to buy back more stock.

I'm sorry for those who lost money today (not really), but this is an incredible buy now.

I am very excited to buy stock down here. Then again, I'm fucking off the wall crazy.

Following this call, I'm off to rib eyes and Bordeaux.
After that fucker said they bought back stock at prices as high as in the "60s", the stock moved up a buck to $55 within a minute.
Is it just me, or do fat people have it out for the fly? First the fat mountain bitches, now this...
I made a couple of quick AH trades which netted a few pennies but any other trades are going to wait until the AM. Always wait for the downgrades (if they come) and then see how the stock reacts. If it is downgraded but the stock doesn't go down anymore then the bottom is in for a daytrade or longer.
What am I missing? Is it only the Q3 guidance that's freaking out the AH crowd? 20% down on the day seems way out of line.
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Nothing missed - street still thinks this is a POS company.
Over the last week, NTRI has gone from a growth stock to a value play.
Over one day, I'd say.

I thought they must have hired Jeffrey Skilling as CFO or something.
oh yeah...NTRI fuking sucks....Thank god for ILMN.....fat people suck too....this was bs......
ahhh, fuck. Out of all fly's picks i go with NTRI, VMI and MATH. After making a few bucks on VMI, I give back twice that on NTRI. I think i'm having a fucking hot dog tonite. not even all beef. dry. and overcooked.

gonna throw us a bone on MATH or just dump the fucker before i have to eat ehtiopian fly infested gruel?
Welcom to my world cigar. I should have warned that I bought NTRI before the close too.
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I think there is a spyware program in my computer that tracks my orders from my streaming quotes screen. Whenever I prepare to make a purchase the share price goes up prior to final submission -- and immediately retreats after my purchase is executed. Vice versa when I sell.

They're out to get me, I tell you!
From the investorvillage MVIS board:


Will this kill MVIS, Fly?
C'mon. That "thing" is a "4 eyed monster".
harry, you're a stupid fuck, sell mvis!
LOL - that stupid bastard Najarian doesn't know the fucking difference between storage space (4GB/8GB iPhone) and wireless mobile technologies (3G).
Mvis fucked, ntri fucktardad
Embrace the positive future Fly.

That article is gay. Don't ever send me to that site again.

Thanks!! You really make me laugh

SWC down another 8.25% today. In the past three days it dropped a total of 20%. SWC is the only palladium and platinum producer in the US. Palladium and platinum are very important precious metals that see price trippled in the past three years. This is a stock with extremely bullish fundamentals and this may well be the CAPITULATION event where you get an excellent entry point. See my analysis of the SWC fundamentals.
OK. I noticed NTRI from your comment. Tell me some good reasons I should buy NTRI?

I have pretty good reasons to tell you to buy SWC. It's capitulated but this is a great opportunity to buy from here, because the fundamental is just extremely good. Earnings will be released in a few days and it should be very good based on my calculation.
Wut's up with this projector. Looks f'n small to me, or thats a big f'n pen!!


Another Brian
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This comment has been removed by the author.
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