Sunday, July 22, 2007


Too late to post.

If you are reading this, go back to bed Vlad the Impaler. There is only one pick that will be dished out, no need to give it at 3 a.m. Many of you (and you know who you are) can't even handle a few recommendations at eleven in the morning. So, we wait. In the morning, I'll explain the importance of time in relation to buying and selling equities. Also, more importantly, the value of patience. Obviously, you have none.

Steady as it goes.

I'm tooo drunk to read right now, your better off giving your pick when we are all sober..
Im up 24x7, and dont give a rats ass about your stupid pick, jackass. Bring back Danny.
fuuuuuuck yeah wolf. second night inna row, I've seen someone puke on their "friend"
Damn, when did the weekend blogging turn this into VH1's weekend videos blog.

I voted against Crude last week and will caste my vote now Big Brother style.

"I vote to evict Crude Broker."
Danny puts this fuck to shame
I never thought I would plead for Danny's return, but please Fly, ditch this shitstain and bring back Danny. I'll shotgun 6 beers in celebration.
You made a very good point in being patient. Timing certain is almost equally important. But in reality if you are too ancious about timing you become impatient so you lose one of the virtures. f you see a value, just go and buy it before the opportunity slip away. After you have positioned yourself, then you can talk about being patient.

SWC plummetted 9% on Friday. This is an excellent entry for people who wants to ride the palladium bull. You need to know this metal and what Polar Bear has to do with it! Just as copper bought 20 folds return in PCU in 4 years, palladium bull will give SWC a 20 folds return in 4 years. Please visit and read my analysis.
Crude sounds like you need to post some major T&A--the ritards are growing restless.

How bout this for the weekends- we have the "Blog Off" --Kind of like
"Fast Money MBA Challenge"(this is sure to be a doozy)

We can have different age groups Over 47.5 Under 32 etc..--we can put up prize money--just an idea.
Fly- don't let Howard steal it.

JJ please send me more information

If you need more info, just click on my name and follow the link to my blog and read all my articles. Do your own DD to get to know what is palladium and why it is useful by some web search. This is a rare opportunity exactky because most of the sheeples have no idea. You need to spend your time, do yur own research, and determine by yourself. You can start with the Polar Bear article which should absolutely shock you!
If you shotgun 6 beers hairyhorse, we all know you may hurt yourself, amateur.

"Fucktards." Instead of "Fucktards".

Make note of the distinction, for English is the conduit of the land.

B. JJ2000:

I appreciate your passion for all things palladium. However, if you do not stop spamming with gay links to crazily written rants on SWC, I will dispatch an internet lasrer beam to melt your computer.

You've been warned.
Ban his spamming ass to where palladium doesn't grow.
If the Euro's were even remotely challenged on Sunday in a Ryder Cup they would lose. Nice Choke job Sergio aka el diablo/el Choker.
What is an internet lasrer beam?

I could use a Breakfast Taco today.
Crude Broker is fading faster than Sergio Garcia.
crude seriously this is getting gay, i vote to fire you.
dung fluck, you don't want to know, and who couldn't.

Conduit of the land, haha. Velcro shoes, fly. They all have velcro shoes.

JJ - you can only "fold" paper 7x. Every commie on the nets knows that. 8-12 is called "stackin," and anything beyond 13x "flexing," because you will need the strength in your neck to support the weight of your massive head. You deserve it, after all, if you're sitting on a 13-flex.

Regarding SWC, my 18 seconds of research finds they get teh majority of their $$ from palladium use in catalytic converters, and their largest customers are F, GM, and Mitsubishi--they built the planes that bombed pearl harbor you freakin asshole.

Maybe my time will come again, but, I'd like to commiserate with crude for a moment, as he now knows the horrors of the weekend janitor.
Everyone gets broomed after their second weekend. American blogging standards must prevail. Crude, we will vote with compassion, but you fucking must go.
i vote off this SWC guy, fuck palladium!
Fly, bring Danny back, his videos were the shit!

Crude, thanks for the hlt play but I think bwp just ain't gonna cut it.

Long live the fly

bought 500 AAPL @ 140.50 waiting for their announcement on Wednesday...this shit is gonna hit $200 by years end and well on its way to $300

big hat, no cattle?
Hey Danny-Shaun White looks pretty good on NBC right now. Those skateboarders sure do like their energy drinks.
Did you see Sergio in the post/press conference? He sounded like a Lib cry baby. He blamed about 10 extraneous factors, yet failed to mention himself once. Golfers have been coming in second in the British Open for over 100 years, you suck it up and drive on. I dream of the day he gets pounded in a Ryder Cup, full of Tiger fist pumps.
I vote for Fly to kick Crude down a flight of stairs for his failure to produce a single bankable idea.
it's not as easy as it seems.

In light of all this golf talk, can we nickname ducati michelle wii for failing to do anything ever?

shaun white is rippin, but you seen "the sheckler" kill mountain dew games? what a little bitch.
This has been an entirely underwhelming display of weekend reading. Next...
Good job Crude. (Maybe if we all say that he will go away).
BRNC, Bronco Drilling

Anyone ever look at this land based Natural gas driller?
Cheesefries-Yeah I saw Sergio and he needs to move on. My son has played a number of times with Drew Weaver, the kid fronm Viginia Tech, who won the British Am and he played well at the British Open. He just missed the cut but he and his Dad (his caddy) are class acts.
Broker A, your blog is turning into a moron forum...
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