Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Mandatory Testosterone Post

It is needed.

Hey Fly,
Do you have any insight about the MOT contract? I know the agreement says a development contract, but why would MOT show their cards unless they are lot further ahead than just development. AT has said over and over again about OEMs wanting to stay anonymous. Also, do you see any other "read between the lines" details that are important.
Thank you.
Tough to beat the deer antler to the throat and the flying Claymore.

After watching that, strangely enough, I feel better now. Thanks, Fly.
Broker you still like MCHX as your top pick?
Yes, ARWR longs are getting butchered today. Good-bye $4.
yeah, i'm pretty sure ARWR was one of the English...;)

I'm still holding some, waiting till the king returns, i guess ;) Too many good ideas there.
I can spot a poser a mile away. That's why I hate Erin "airhead" Burnett so much.

I will be sooooooooooooo glad when I can watch Fox Business channel during the daytime instead of the Erin Burnett channel.
MVIS needs a shot of Mel; the stock is acting very gay. We are damn close to pre-contract prices.
A micro-cap company (MVIS) announces a deal with the second largest cell phone OEM in the world, and goes up only 12%...and then gives back half of it the next day. The ultimate in gayness.
No gayness on this braveheart post.
Has anyone else noticed that Erin Burnett looks JUST LIKE Bugs Bunny in the face (disregarding the hair. Heh, heh, "hair", "hare" -- get it?)
Any takers on a gentleman's wager?

I say the S&P will print 1580 before it prints 1480.

Who wants the other side of the trade?

The loser shall be dragged through the proverbial streets of the internets for all the little ticktards to mock.
Any chart chomping "candle people" have a read on MVIS they care to share?
No gayness? You never know. One of those Scotsman could have been a goat herder and men wearing kilts. You know what the fly always says about them.

Now, this is total straightness at high testosterone levels.
yeah, re MVIS .. its 'digesting' that good news with some indigestion due to weak fag loongs .... uptrend intact ... needs to maintain a close over 5.10 to have any semblance of mo( not ho mo ) to keep the fear of Fly in the shorts
Personally, I wouldn't mind some of that tape-painting at market close today.
Here, just look. Erin Burnett (minus the hair), right??
sorry broker.

digital, you are a gaylord with glitter jeans for not wanting to fuck the shit out of erin. Who else would you want to fuck at that station?
digital, not funny.

If you think Erin Burnett and Maria Bartiromo are beautiful, I will introduce you to Melissa Theuriau.
kc - agreed ... who cares if you can't understand a word she says ... communication is overated anyhow
Burnett isn't even on the same planet (looks wise) as Melissa Theuriau.
If you duck tape Burnett's mouth, and put a bag over her head...I'd consider doing her. But ONLY IF!
Hey Stockhead- Draw yourself a 2 year MVIS's smiling at you!
KC: check these out...WARNING TOPLESS PHOTOS IN THE LINKS BELOW for those poor souls stuck at work.

Very nice.
At CNBC, I would do that other Melissa (the blonde one with the very wide mouth). I would also do Becky Quick.

There. Told ya I'm not gay.
becky quick and Trish Regan are 1-2 at cnbc
you're gayer than ducati and he calls "chips" crisps"

Just go stick your baby carrot into Bugs Bunny's rabbit hole and quit bothering us adults.
sure thing gramps
Watching the daytraders and the MM playing tag with AAPL before the earnings shows me that this truly is gambling at its finest (or worst).
I am watching APPL after hours as well. Down 2$ below the closing and then run up 3$ above the closing price. I think a hedge fund is positioning themself short and long.
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