Thursday, July 26, 2007


Special Market Meltdown Update

We're going to be down 300+ today. Sorry, there is nothing you or your stupid friends can do about it.

My strategy is pretty simple. For shits and giggles, I am long some inverse ETF's. And, I will try to nibble at some of my favorite, yet fucktarded, stocks.

The banks and brokerages are in serious trouble, at least today. Next thing you know, we're in full melt down mode.

Thanks in part to the fucktards who fear monger on CNBC.

If you think about it, we've had this beat down coming for a long time. How many times can an elderly man get kicked down a flight of stairs, before he gets up and breaks your jaw?


Me, I'll take this in stride. Act like I'm living on the lamb, like the cops are after me. I'll eat bad food, grow facial hair and avoid contact with the public, especially my neighbor's.

Sure, they'll gossip amongst themselves. But, as usual, I'll ignore them and give them murderous look downs, whenever I peel off in my car.

In short, get ready to have your nuts punched in.

So we go to war! I'm ready with my rake and an AK-46 (cheap Hong Kong knock off).
Hey, that was a cheap shot. I took a bullet while I was typing. Guerrilla warfare it will be. I've boarded myself up like in "Night of the Living Dead" which I starred in. As long as no one chucks any gum grenades at me, I'll be okay.
CME is looking so tasty here.
looking biblical out there. I'm not sure what's scarier - financial armageddon in every direction, or the fact that Fly is talking hedges again... ;)
this is only Act I ... wait till Act II when foreign markets, particularly the new engines of growth, chindia, catch a cold or worse ... then it will look biblical/armageddon
Where is everybody? It's a beautiful sunny day in Flydome!
Flight to quality Ford Motor Co.

Is this the part where Cramer eats cereal with beer mixed in.

You're right. I see that new ad, on the left hand side, and I want to punch it in it's face.
Judging by all the panic on this blog, its probably a good time to go long.
The Fly is God (just to get things going again)
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