Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Crude is Fired/ Fuck You Too

Well, it was fun while it lasted. Crude did well his first week, only to blow himself up-- amidst a penny stock scandal on the second.

Truly a low end way to go out.

As for some of you message board posters:

Go fuck a goat on a boat. Listen to me you fucking faggots: "The Fly" doesn't "get lucky" on short squeezes. And, he will never blow up. Ever.

For those of you who wish this upon me, I will track you down and kill your goldfish, or throw old lamb chops in your garage (whenever you leave the door open).

The reason why I will never blow up is because I'm smarter than you. Proof of my "smartness" is my IQ of 155-- and ability to read 850 words per minute. How many can you read?


Plus anyway, I'll leave you bull fuckers at the top of the market, without remorse or pause, and start shorting stocks, just like you "dicktarded bearfuckers."

The only difference: When I start selling short, I'll fucking make money doing it, unlike you bag holding "corn can fuckers."

In short, fuck you; I "bank coin."

Good Night.

Should I Shitcan Crude Broker? [131 votes total]

Yes (117) 89%
No (14) 11%

pete and neweq--

where are your blogs? I am totally missing your hot recommendations. What do you invest in?

Is it a money fund?

MVIS doing well I guess

u beat me to that link nerdicpoet .... Fly, you may hand a ribeye to your source on that .. Danny, u da man agreeing that MOT would make sense

... is that the (sweet) smell of napalm in the morn?
Any opinions on NMR? Aren't they the GS of Asia? Shouldn't they be able to cash in on the inferno of fun going on in those markets? Depending on how you look at, a possible reverse head'n shoulders on the weekly. For bottom fishers only. Opinions welcome. Thanks.
as an aside; If anyone was short BONT, I'd cover. I am even gonna go long for a trade in small size for entertainment purposes.
REDMOND, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Microvision (Nasdaq: MVIS - News) today announced that it has signed an agreement with Motorola to develop pico projector display solutions for mobile applications leveraging Microvision's ultra-miniature laser based display engine, called PicoP(TM).
Tiny laser-based projectors are expected to enable a "big screen" viewing experience from mobile devices. By projecting content displayed on the device screen onto a wall, object or even a curved surface, mobile users could easily share Websites or multimedia applications such as movies, personal videos, mobile TV, photographs and presentations with friends or business colleagues.

"Motorola is committed to driving technology innovation that will enable the next generation of great consumer experiences," said Rob Shaddock, CTO, Motorola Mobile Devices business. "Working together with Microvision, we are pursuing ways that projection technology can redefine how mobile consumers view and interact with the media they take with them."

"With its slim form factor and low power requirements, Microvision's PicoP projector is optimized for the mobile environment," stated Alexander Tokman, President and CEO of Microvision. "We believe that our unique display technology, combined with Motorola's focus on delivering cool experiences, would allow mobile users to enhance their viewing of information and entertainment."

Terms of the agreement were not disclosed, however the companies revealed they will work together initially to integrate Microvision's latest PicoP projector inside a functioning mobile device for demonstration purposes. This prototype handset will utilize Microvision's new, WVGA (854 x 480 color pixels) wide angle scanner, first demonstrated in May 2007 at the Society of Information Display annual conference.

MVIS up at $5.45 pre open.

Its on the move. DT-We are the only ones not sleeping.
$5.74. :)

I hope Ducati posts today about how he was wrong.

Well, he didn't with LNN either, so I won't hold my breath.

Apologies to Cheesefries and Gapping. They are awake too.

We're now over $6. Suh-weet!

Click on those Google Ads today, boys. Let's see if we can push up Fly's ad revenue up over $200 for the month! HAHAHA.

Woohoo I don't know how but my order filled for 5k in premarket at $5.25!!! I got 3400 and 1600 lots on the buy.
The Fly really is God! Thanks again!
Yawn, what's all the ruckess. Drew Carey news out?
This is it! Huge news!
The tape painting, as per the Fly, at the end of the day yesterday certainly is suspect.
National MVIS day!!!
Thanks FLY!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks Fly.
Ribeyes and eggs this morning.
Arn't there supposed to be 3 contracts so does that mean 2 more to come? Two more days like today and my pants will all be brown.

WTF? This piece of crap got up close to $7 and now it's back at $6.15.


I think lot of believers will be into this stock now...I use to talk to lot of investment type guys and all use ot make fun saying..it will not materialize..

I kept on telling them boss neither did u understand "wireless electricity/charging" nor will u do this...

search that next..that is the next breakthrough technology..

imagine..ur laptop getting charged automatically when u sit in ur patio enjoying a nice spanish sun
Congrats to those of you who bought more or didn't sell yor MVIS position.

I would keep an eye on NRMX. That stock is about to surge.
who does wireless charging?
Fucers! Just wiped out all my MVIS gains by killing AAPL. Kunts! The iphone is the coolest fucing thing I've ever bought. They should watch Danny's video. Idiots!
I think back to that manager posting "they'll never make it work" anti-MVIS crap on some blog. Never bet against the engineers when it comes to mundane development. give them time and money, and they'll blow up a short position every time.

With undisclosed terms, MVIS won't skyrocket insanely. Plenty of catalysts still to come.

I've worked with MOT in years past. The company may have it's marketing problems, but when it comes to a job like "acquire sexy feature, stick in phone", they will execute.

thanks again, broker.
MVIS is on fire, shorts gettin robbed and fucked badly, haha.
Wireless chargers ..there are few small companies here and there as standards continue to emerge etc...

slow target is to wireless charge the whole IT workers floor...

think how cool will be able to setup IT startup
1~)wirless network
2)wireless electricity..
3) wireless usb for device connectivity..well that was delivered yesterday by USB standards committee

all u need is few chairs and sofas here and there and u have IT floor or office :)

that is the future i am betting on..and in that PicoP projectors to show code to colleages if u need some reference - priceless :)
Hi Fly
Based on my last post..I got an idea..can I write post around perfect
IT work place and then technologies which will make it happen..then track that to stocks and companies working on it..that will give us some pointers..what say..let me know if u think it is exciting
poeticnerd: thanks...do you have any names that does the wireless charging?
mvis, woot!
Looks like a huge block just crossed the tape in MCHX.
tradex...searching stuff for u...since there are many unsubstantiated ones..let me look at decents ones and tell u by eod
MVIS+!!! Now a big bowl of oats to get the rest of the shit moving.
Thumbs up for MVIS, but NTRI is getting killed. I wonder if people know something I don't.
Thanks for MVIS - I have been buying over the past month - they hit the button with MOT just as you related.

This will be a big day for you - now don't eat and drink your way to the grave - tonight.

well done!
thanks poeticnerd
There she goes!!!!!
Looks like the weak MVIS longs have finally been shook out.
Either screwy LVL2, order imbalances, or what ever, but I'm seeing many sells well below the bid.
so we are back to where we were prior to the warrant shake down. Lets push over 6 then the fun really begins
My system just fired a short signal for MVIS. May take it up here.
Fly Sell:

8,300,0000 MVIS.


Has anyone seen MVIS news on CNBC? It will be intersting to see what happens when the talking heads get a hold of MVIS.
Congratulations to the Fly and all others who are in MVIS today. The rest of my account is red today, but MVIS sure looks purty.
The Fly is too busy selling some of his MVIS to blog.
MVIS is a victory, the rest is yet to come.
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