Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Fly Buy: NTRI

I bought 1,000 NTRI @ $63.90.

UPDATE: I bought 1,000 NTRI @ $64.09.

Disclaimer: If you buy NTRI because of this post, you will become the recipient of counterfeit money. And, you may lose money.

Ntri --anyone buy calls here??? Aug 70's ----??
I did, took my profit and rolled it into the AUG 70's.
What if the fat fuckers wallets are too drained from paying their mortgage obligations.
Then we're all fucked.
Jeremy if they are I will shit a turd in my pants and mail it to them explaining that its a melted chocolate bar for them. They won't be able to resist.
For fucking christ sake goddamit my broker doesn't have any fucking NTRI shares for me to short, fucking cunts.
Gapping, you're gonna pop an artery. Relax dude, if worst comes to worst, you'll still have your health.

Well, maybe not.
kmorph: good point but I am monstered up at this point. By the way they were giving fucking RockStar energy away at the Merc last Friday to everyone on the street. HANS better get their act together.
Yeah. Well, I figure if NTRI blows my head off, MVIS will surgically reattach it, eventually.
is NTRI going to f everyone??? my calls are r screwed
NTRI is going to 0 or to 80. And once it gets to 80 they will naked short it to 90% of the float fucking criminals.
i'm getting crushed in ntri, been buying it all the way down.
We're all in the same boat. Bend over, and take it like a man.
yes, get the vaseline ready.
hope it is another isrg....f u shorts.....come ntri....!!!!
I didn't buy. Their commercials were too lame.
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