Thursday, July 26, 2007



Before growing facial hair and going in "full disguise mode," Broker A, formerly known as "The Fly," will attempt to save the market, via eating giant bowl of oatmeal.

Right now, the DOW is down 215.


And I'm having a 2 inch ribeye and 5 Coronas. It worked last time.
So far, its working.

And to me, you will always be "The Fly."
See you capitulators at S&P 1580 by September.

(the other mike, not the dick)
how am i a dick other mike?
I had some an hour ago .. didn't work ... maybe if we all collectively eat that horse food
... and then the 5 coronas?
I think he's referring to the Mike that was giving Danny a hard time.

-mike, the dick mike.
Imagine how much lower AKAM would be if every two bit hedge fund monkey weren't putting on the short finacials/long tech trade.
thank god I bailed on my "sure-fire" GS proposition and never executed the MBI/ABK/PMI "looks good here" theory...;) More demonstration that doing nothing is frequently the right strategy, for buying and selling both.

Anyone actually buying anything down here, other than hedges and yen?

BTW, we will soon start hearing about Japanese houswife carry-trading CDO-dumping yen-buying risk aversionistas again, imho.
Now I am confused.
arghhh ... oops .. some oatmeal just came up ... sorry
I am buying XLF and then watching Leave it to Beaver on TVLand.
wow ... this is getting bad ... even SWC is down ! Don't you people know about the palladium super cycle! WTF !!
Hey BX,GS I am sure John Edwards was only kidding.
I might add some HANS and RS down here....
crux, you may want to wait until 40 on HANS...filling 6/15 gap
careful on RS & all types of stocks previously levitated by the thought of being private equity targets .. that market is done for now ... lots of air under there

shit ... some more oatmeal just came up

US Stock Market

1800-something --- July 26, 2007

Well, it's over boys. Guess we have to get real jobs now.

bid wanted situation coming up ... vacuum situation.. oatmeal all over the place.. what a mess
I hear you Nick. I was going to try to get short around 42.50, but I got distracted.

Fly needs a bigger oatmeal bowl. The dow's down another 100 since "The Fly" started shoveling that shit down his throat....
The time to buy is when you feel like jumping out the window. The time to sell is when you believe you are so smart that you are the next Warren Buffet.
Who was the guy a few days ago that said the only other time it has lined up like this was in 1929? Something about the 200 m avg??
arwr gets a 3 handle, nice.
Jerome, I bought some DIA puts. Doing pretty good so far.
TC, so what do you do when it's your portfolio that jumps out the window?
kill a homeless man for revenge
I would like to say the fuckers at Blackstone (BX) deserve it, but its probably hurting the little guy who bought the IPO above $31.
This is a good day to turn off all electronic devices and go screw around.

Danny, check your gmail.
yeah fuck know-nothing ducstain. Who needs "14% a qtr" when you live in the boonies anyways? LOL.

Bigger fish to fry.

70% a year ducati? please. Puh-fucking-lease.

I suppose living on a farm, you tend to make things up.
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