Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Position Update: MVIS

It's all over for the shorts.

The MOT deal is just the tip of the iceberg. Tokman (MVIS CEO) has stated his disdain for exclusive deals. This means MVIS will be inking deals with many handset companies, worldwide.

Now, with more than 11% of the float sold short, expect a massive short squeeze to ensue. Right now, the stock looks like it is losing momentum, but don't be tricked. It's going higher.

Understand, a lot of weak fuckers made a vow to sell MVIS on the news. Well, I guess it makes sense if you are interested in making a little bit of money. For me, I'm interested in "banking coin."

So, I intend to sit here, maybe buy some more shares, while watching my voodoo Doctor perform a ritual on NTRI's short sellers.

No congrats. I'm not done making money.

NOTE: Below is a nice clip of an interaction between a MVIS long and short.

I sold everything except for MVIS last week. Thanks Fly. Where would you like a crate of Monster shipped to?
Who was the clown out there 2 weeks ago saying the CTO of MOT had never heard of MVIS?
Hi Broker A,

Are you hearing the same good things about NTRI's earnings this evening as you did with NTRI's earnings back in April?

Go here for another mvis update.

For all the blood flowing in the oil sector today, EPD is holding up nicely.

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Just your classic sell the news play. Allows the stock to get cheaper for those who are in it for a while or are swing traders. You want to be a smart value investor? Buy it at the end of the day.
Hey Fly,
How many more companies do you think will sign with mvis. Are you hearing any thing in the rumor mill.
You want rumors, sure why not?

There still is a pending accessory deal. Possible name: Toshiba

And, I believe MVIS will sell part of the company to a major handset maker. It could be MOT.

There is a lot of news that will be coming out.

Today is kill-a-short day.
as for NTRI..this is exactly what happened last QTR weak going into the earnings and then a short genocide after hours.
"And, I believe MVIS will sell part of the company to a major handset maker. It could be MOT"

Wouldn't you say that is a bit foolish if AT did that. That would be giving away on the cheap. It would be better to raise money from investors rather than letting MOT getting sizeable stake in the company. Or do you believe mvis needs more than just cash, they need additional tech help.?
MVIS...what part of the company do you think they might sell?

does anyone have an idea how many handsets MOT sells a year?


NTRI featured on Fast Money and Adami says they better not miss. Good luck Fly.
Fly wins. I'm adding shares.
Fly... hate to interrupt your MVIS revelry (I banked coin, thanks!), but would love to hear your thoughts re: NTRI today.

Are the lard-blimp husbands of the fat mountain bitches giving us the finger... weight-loss products be damned? Or are we setting up for liposuction (i.e. a short squeeze)?

After your voodoo Doctor gets done...let us know whether to load up on NTRI.
2006 cell phone sales:

Nokia 347,500,000
Motorola 217,400,000
Samsung 118,000,000
Sony Ericsson 74,800,000
LG Electronics 64,400,000

The others will have to hop on board. And, as it was initially thought that the first deal (and first product) would be an accessory, expect one of those soon. Toshiba? I can dig it.

No doubt the MVIS/MOT projector embedded cell phone will be shown at 2008 CES--if not sooner.
you gotta love Tokman;

"We believe that our unique display technology, combined with Motorola's focus on delivering cool experiences, would allow mobile users to enhance their viewing of information and entertainment."

Cool. What kind of CEO uses the word "cool?" He uses it often in conjunction with eyewear develpments too. Most others would have it written up as "forward looking" or "user-friendly" or "technological advancements" or some such hi-falutin bullshit.

Cool. I like it.
Have you guys seen "I Eat 30000 Calories a day" or something like that on TLC? It's just a bunch of huge Tea and Scone eating fat people who can't get out of bed. NTRI to their rescue!!!
For some time, I have had a feeling that we might hear about a Samsung/MVIS collaboration in the future. Samsung has been an eager pioneer of new tech and design in recent years.
Long live the Fly!
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ARWR is on sale today.

I feel like a one legged man in an ass kicking contest.

Oh the humanity...
see positive Citigroup report on MBI/ABK/AGO (mortgage insurance). Obviously beaten to death stocks. Citi expects MBI pop on 2Q earns. I think a poor existing home sales report tomorrow drives these guys down yet further. Then buy in advance of MBI's thurs morn report.

What do you think?
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