Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Final Thoughts on NTRI

As you can see, I am having my head sawed off for me, being long NTRI. Investors want no part of this company, considering the "death tape," and the prospect of numbers tonight.

In short, I am prepared to make or lose 10 points. If you are not willing to endure extreme pain or pleasure, NTRI is not for you.

As you know, "The Fly" is driving his car, which is made of pure gasoline and dynamite sticks, into a burning house-- found in Fat Fuckville.


Today was a fucking Massacre for the Russell. 3% in one day? FUCK ME!
how could you not enjoy rib-sticking good meals for only $10 a month?
fmcn ouccccch
Fortune favors the brave ....

.96 vs .85
213.6 vs 193.86
well, we should at least get our money back.
looks like trade imbalance?
guiding lower for next qt.
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Guidance for Q3 is crappy.
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77c-82c for Q3 vs 89c estimate - no?
We are fucked!
Broker what are your thoughts on these numbers and guidance. I am pretty worried although I don't think it will go anywhere really.
bid at 70
revenue guidance for the year is good - I'm thinking mildly positive news overall?
net positive for sure. it may push expectations out to q4.
ouch. 59.
yeah. we're fucked, unfortunately.
20% haircut doesn't sound like positive to me.
Tough one to call...they raised for the year. A lot depnds on the cc. But a 20/1 pe sure doesnt seem outlandish for the rate the co is growing...

TThe Company is raising its full year 2007 guidance and now expects revenue to be between $810 million and $820 million and 2007 diluted earnings per share to be between $3.46 and $3.52 per share. This guidance does not reflect the effect of any potential future stock repurchases.
i'm not feeling well in the colon
^not share price.
56 doesn't make any sense to me. What do you guys think?
I'm a providing liquidity at $54.00
NTRI capitulated, too?

SWC down another 8.25% today. In the past three days it dropped a total of 20%. SWC is the only palladium and platinum producer in the US. Palladium and platinum are very important precious metals that see price trippled in the past three years. This is a stock with extremely bullish fundamentals and this may well be the CAPITULATION event where you get an excellent entry point. See my analysis of the SWC fundamentals.
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