Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Sector Spotlight: Financials

AMZN is a bear killing machine. Logic dictates the stock should be nowhere near its dot com high. However, Mother Market, and her infinite wisdom, says otherwise. That bitch (AMZN) is probably going to print $100. How could it resist?

In general, the tone of the market is good, but dicey. It seems, everyone is waiting for the hammer to drop.

Right out the gates, Chinese related stocks are ripping higher. There, momentum can be found in LFC, ZNH, SOHU, CHU, FMCN, amongst a variety of others.

In my opinion, look for the weak, old shorts to cover their losses, grateful to get out of their positions alive. This market will not nosedive, providing these weak, old fuckers hold big short positions.

Right now, I feel NTRI is a screaming buy. The company is a cash cow, looking to net $3.50 in 2007. Fuck around, the CEO will decide to take the company private. Trading 13x 2008 numbers, I feel the downside is extremely limited, at these levels.

The most important part of the market, right now, are the finanacials. Because they represent more than 20% of the S & P 500, it's important they remain healthy. Thus far, the index is up 1.77%, with big gains in all of the brokers.

In short, I will try to get a feel for the market, early this morning. If I feel the gains will hold, I might add to some positions. If not, well then, I might eat oatmeal.

NOTE: Please take the new "Fly Survey." Are you bullish or bearish on the markets?

NOTE: Regional bank BBX, looks as cheap as balls.

Fading fast
Financials may not be as important so long as Large Cap Tech. is running higher. I remember 1999-2000 and the Financials crapped out long before the tech rally went south.
Fly- who the hell is still pissin on MVIS? With the volume yesterday, it seems that anyone who wanted out, could have gotten out. What the hell? Is this shorting? Or still some residual sellers?
I suspect it is shorting. The new rule says you can short on a downtick.

This is bad.

Now, the fuckers can drill stocks down. Volatility will hockey stick, because of this rule change.
What the fukk...RS suck NTRI fukking sucks....are you meaning to pick the shitties fukking stocks around??? or do you just suck at earnings....

Go fuck a beer bottle.
Hank, you sir, are a cock sucker.

Buzz off.
Just had to look at SWC...

In 3 years, platinum has gone from 800 to 1350. Palladium has gone from 225-375. the DOW has gone from 10-14,000.

And what has SWC done over this extremely bullish time? Gone from $14 to $10. You sir, are a douchebag. These guys couldnt find a dog turd in an overcrowded kennel.
Broker would you add to MVIS here if you could? I mean come on it sells off on a huge OEM deal with Motorola? Fucking cunt licking douche bag shorts.
Anyone change their AAPL position?
The Fly is God
thanks Fly.
Buying opp for CENX and RS???
survey ... i think we bounce somewhere around here for a bit but still more deleveraging down the road
Why would they change the shorting rules in such a fucktarded way?
sorry just lost 20k in calls on NTRI and RS....everything else has been on fire.....wondering WTF???

Someone asked about it recently. The stock is fully valued here...Just sold it at $ 19.05.

I'd normally move my stop up, but with the way the market is behaving, I'm out of it.
The rules are unenforceable, so why have them. Wild West, fuckers.

This week has better odds in Vegas, as is said ad nausea, but true.
mvis -- heartbreaking, I'm surprised at this reaction by the market.
MVIS - sell the news

Never buy what I buy. I'm here for entertainment and to curse at strangers on the internets.
Yes, entertainment is what I am paying for so start entertaining.
I kn ow sorry bud...just fricking pissed....took a big rip i am fine least ILMN....did not fail.....thanks for the entertainment.......later
I do not know why you fuckers buy calls on earnings plays. It's straight up gambling.

The game is rigged. Don't you know that?


Go fuck a shoe.
There is so much insider trading and trading before upgrades/downgrades become public that one needs to follow the action of the stock, pull the trigger, and ask questions later. The hedges and tradebot run this game.
No change in my AAPL position, but I'm also wondering what others here think about its direction immediately after earnings. My guess is up big. A time machine might help...
There are so many people in on MVIS....I mean everyone in the BLog world owns it and has probably told their friends and family how to make a quick buck on MVIS. All these people are taking their profits now....smaller than what long term holders are looking for, so we have dip right now. Buy more if you believe, hold tight, or sell and try to buy back in before the next surge up. It is hard to believe that this will be the only announcement for this technology. This stock is going higher....when? As soon as the quick money is gone and up-side players are back in the game. The current market conditions are not helping many people feel "rich" and like putting money to work. they are watching and waiting.

I'm holding tight.....maybe for a very long time. there will be a time to sell, now is not it.
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