Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Closing Comments

Well, it was one hell of a day. Finally, MVIS showed part of their hand, revealing their relationship with MOT. On the other, the market was obliterated, with the help from the fear mongering fucktards at CNBC.

If the market was stable, without a doubt, MVIS would have closed at $6+. In my opinion, the company has a lot more relationships to unveil. Moreover, I sense the stock will steadily climb to $8, by year end.

As for NTRI:

Today's numbers were great. Additionally, they guided up for the year. However, they did guide lower for next quarter. Before making a share price prediction, I want to listen to the conference call, scheduled at 5:00.

After the close, there was a slew of positive earnings reports, namely AMZN and LRCX. Considering more than 90% of stocks were lower today, I feel we will fucking bounce like a rubber handball tomorrow.

Finally, during market declines, everyone wants to give up and become a "bear fucking" asshat. Just know, there is record short interest and the sellers are weak, old men.

Sometime tomorrow, I hope to continue kicking elderly short sellers down steep flights of stairs, while guzzling florescent green energy soda, from my diamond encrusted chalice.

NOTE: MCHX is almost my top pick.

ntri is getting crushed ah. sorry fly

Looks like another long term hold.

Fuck it, I'll average in tomorrow.
fuckin gingers
Mr. Market thinks management smells stinky.
well fuck. Eat a fucking dick. I guess a major beat and raising full year guidance just doesn't cut it. Oh well time to take a few vicodins and regroup. Fucking I am going to start selling yard ornaments on e-bay. Maybe I could win at that.
I've destroyed Gapping.
Let's see what liver lips has to say in the conference call.
LMFAO - I wish Broker could punch this mother fucker's mustache clean off!
$8 by year end, my ass. MVIS will have painted $10 by year end.

Frankly, it's just plain ridiculous that the stock is still trading in the $5 dollar range.
I blame Cramer for NTRI. He curses every stock he touches.
Hey Gapping are you still long on BRLC? Just wondering because I am still holding on to it.
Wow, NTRI getting pounded. Glad I don't have any (though I got reamed today with everyone else in just about everything but MVIS).

Might be worth picking some up now, though I might not try to catch the knife just yet.
Broker you didn't destroy me, I did it myself and I am actually not too bummed. You see as much as a fucking faggot ass idiot that I usually am today not so. Today I sold all of my NTRI shares and took the profit and rolled it into AUG 70's. That way I would not get fucking mushroomed clouded should it go lower. My cost basis was 55.40 by the way. Now what I didn't do that makes me a fucking tard is that I didn't follow my fucking plan and buy straddles which is what I knew in my fucking head was the right move. Volatility is king in NTRI and long volatility is where you win on it for earnings. I just didn't do that right thing on that. Atleast I am not LaLohan. By the way I want to fucking destroy my fucking brokerage now since those fucks would not let me short the stock. Fucking cunts.
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12 rounds: I sold my shares today at 6.35. I had a gain on it and I had sold some at 7 and it is not trading right. I don't like the stock anyway I just bought it because I love the TV's.
NTRI is strange. if they made 238M in 1q and 213M in 2Q and forecast 204M in 3rd Q, and 815M for they year, then 4Q comes in at 160M.

Revs were 238M in 1Q, but they guided to 190-200M for 2Q. And they crushed it. The stock moved from 55 to over 70 during that "downward guidance."

Their revs must be super-seasonal and should be looked at y/y not q/q. But who knows if the average investing fucktard will figure that out.
Thanks Gap
NTRI is now as cheap as golden balls.
PE is now 15x.
12 rounds: One other thing. I would highly recommend their TV's. My only concern is that their margins have to be razor thin so a WalMart deal may crush them. By the way the magazine in my Glock .40 holds 13 rounds.
While I don't like talking about IRA's or other long term investments on here, I do hold some NTRI in my IRA account from the $23 range. Do you think its wise to continue holding it?
LOL Gap...
I dont fucking get it. This company is not trading at outlandish prices. It will grow revenue 45%! this year. 15/pe? give me a fucking break! What the hell is wrong with these old, panicky, age-spotted assholes?!

It looks like 3Q is usually their best. And with their history of beating, itll probably come in about equal to 2Q. Bigmuthafucking deal!

earning $3.50 this year and there is panicked selling? I hope something is said on the CC that fries their ass. It would be a beautiful thing.
MVIS! I kiss the ass you sit on.
I'm so there! Let's ride.
The street is still murdering this bitch. Retail schmucks are panicking.

Collusion at its best.
Article by "thestreet.com" titled "Soft Guidance Slaps NutriSystem" was first titled "NutriSystem hits targets".
Speaking of schmucks, I just canceled my stop order on ARWR (even though it's tanking big time)

I don't know what I'm doing ...(obviously)

Any suggestions? Be gentle I'm sensitive!
12 Rounds- Dollar cost average into mutual funds or ETFs. Divide it up into growth, value, International,bonds,Large Cap and small cap. Put about 5% into precious metals and 5% into oil. Maybe 5-10% into a lower dollar based ETF. You will sleep better.
Thanks Trader
I think its time to get busy buying up the financials.

Since I clearly know what I'm doing...
Tradercaddy, you provide sage advice, however you've neglected to advise what percentage of my portfolio I should put in PWRM?
LOL mdawsz!

That was quite a CRUDE comment to say the least!
Good one mdawsz. I personally remortgaged the house with a 110% loan, liquidated my IRA, and emptied my savings to buy PWRM on margin.
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