Monday, July 23, 2007


Sector Spotlight: Networkers

Look at this GGBM shit today. One deal and boom: all shorts have been "mushroom clouded."

Before starting this rant, I want to acknowledge the fucker who kept telling me to buy OPSW. Nice call; see you in jail.

Aside from oil, everything is snapping back, rather nicely. If you are short the market and enjoy having depreciating dollars in your bank, I suggest lightening up on short positions Else, your house will be mine.

As for me:

As you can see, I am enjoying obnoxious moves in NTRI, HANS, BWLD, CORS, FTK, VMI, NYX and FRX.

Generally, I like the tone of the market and will deploy cash reserves, sometime today. Moreover, I will likely buy LZ, NTRI, MVIS and HANS. As for MCHX, that fucker better start walking straight.

Within the networkers, there is momentum is TLAB, GGBM, CIEN, ISLN and CSCO.

Also, thanks to Barron's touting SAP, software stocks are on fire. There, I like CTSH, CRM and WIT.

Finally, it's worth noting, there is muted strength in our "shit head financials." However, the foreign banks are going Compton on the bears, with big dicked gains in KB, SHG, WF and BBD.

You guys are ruthless. Just to clear a few things up. I didn't have to post my HLT play. I didn't have to expose and post midstream energy plays. Companies that many of you had no clue about, including The Fly. My impression from many of you was that EPD and BWP were not good enough. Maybe it's because they do not, or have not made spectacular moves, yet. So, I gave you PWRM. I have no intentions of pumping some penny stock on a single blog. If I wanted to do that you would see PWRM all over the other blogs and internets, you don't. I respect some of you creepy internet stranger's insightfullness on stocks and ideas so I felt I needed to give back a little to the so called "community." I just know a few certain people trying to accumulate the stock. Like I said, it's a low volume penny stock, take it or leave it.

Come on, what gives?

Seeing that post is the equivalent of seeing Barry Bonds doing floor gymnastics.

It just doesn't look right.
broker a,

Are you loading up on NTRI? Do you think they'll have blowout earnings?

Crude broker: Would you start buying NatGas down here?
I think NTRI will have blow out numbers.
buy all the otm calls you can. trust me, it will pop up nicely and the shorts will have to cover between 85-90 a share.

Shut the fuck up. You don't know dick from diddle.


Do not buy calls. NewEq has the IQ of a cactus.
broker a and newequity,

Thank you for the re-assurance! I've been loading up on NTRI 80-90 calls. I also bought a little bit of NTRI 65 puts to hedge.

Still pestering about MATH. Gonna make a decision this week?
Gapp n' Yapp, UNG for a hurricane play only. I think the odds are in your favor for at least one price action hurricane this year, tons in '05, none in '06, just playing the odds for '07. Trading natty will make a grown man cry. Look at the 3 year chart on stockcharts, $NATGAS, scary stuff. Natty can easily go to $4.50, tons of it being put online. Can easily go to $9.00 with a hurricane fear, like I said, a strong stomach will prevail.
Yeah I know it can cut your balls in half and eat the egg yokes if you arn't careful.

I think the $5 number is a much better risk reward and I think I will wait.
Every decent weekender has his face punched in and fired in week two, as a testament that he had some sack and smarts to get the gig.

Will Crude maintain the dignity of Shedder and Skater, and remain an elder statesman, or be forgotten in history like the other chumps we don't comment much about.

Where is Kidstock BTW?
hey jefferson you lame assholer I lasted for a month, heretofore unprecedentedin weekend janitoring. They predicted my rise in the stars, and I got fired by Broker for my work ethic, not lack of awesomeness.

so let's recap:
- weekend blog 6-9-07. "People who annoy me," + "ducati sucks a french horn"

- Get ousted via meaningless poll, but still instated according to FLY. Sure showed the voting public how much he cares.

- best weekend blog of all time. 6-17-07
HANS, VLCM, AAPL, it's all gravy.

- Car tire goes boom 6-23-07. I get my car back in a week, having trouble locating my exotic BBS rim.

- Make iphone video, Secede to my own union after being fired-- a mere formality.

how about those stocks?!?
AAPL, DO, HANS, NTRI, BBBB, CEDC, CROX, EDU. perhaps fifty others.
^I skipped a week. Any way, it was a month.
It sounds like Danny wants to be the Grover Cleveland of the internets. He could come back for a non-successive second term.
No doubt Crude Broker,

If the Internet leaches got to you over the weekend from the heckling and pissed you off, you should have just said "no soup for you" and we would have respected you for it. To give a lame pick though, just poses the question already asked of why.

You know what balls are? When a broker comes out and downgrades Taser (TASR) to neutral from buy after they just had good earnings and their stock has been in a solid uptrend since April. Merriman Curhan rather has the insight to take a different road from other brokers who downgrade after the stock has declined or is really ignorant.
Crude: BWP's been in a pretty good uptrend for a while, and their buildout, particularly to the Barnett looks interesting. But isn't everyone else building capacity too? The case for these stocks up to now has been the lack of capacity, because it keeps their customers over a barrel. [In spite of that last pun, I am not over 60.]
There is high demand to build more capacity. May not sound good from a first impression, however, it just means there is a large demand for their service. So they have to build it. This is why you will see many more open seasons with these companies in the near future. Also, consolidations and acquisitions because many can add the capacity better than the next guy such as PAA.
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