Sunday, July 22, 2007


Fuck PWRM; Let's Vote

After a long weekend of driving, mofongo eating, and nearly running over pedestrians, while hopped up on Monster Khaos Juice, I come back to this shit?

Fuck that Crude.

I know the game of penny stocks and the assholes who promote them. Now, I am not accusing you of peddling a bullshit, illiquid, non-listed OTC stock, in return for monetary compensation. All I am saying: That shit is possible.

In short, if you were next to me, while typing that shit, I'd immediately break a beer bottle over one of your ears.

Without further adieu, I give you "elections."


Seems as though you are f@#$ed...and that Fly being pissed makes it more a uniamous/landslide election not in your favor.

Fuck you and the cheap polyester suit you rode in. My finger is purple, asshole. I proudly cast my vote.
Fly, you don't need at capital T after the colon.

Haha, I said colon.

I am permitted to capitalize after a colon.

English is funny like that. You should try speaking it.

Fuck face.
this ought to be swift
Oh, the humanity!
So a guy I know buys a Java monster for the first time. He is a little scared of it but feels brave. A girl we are with is also scared but interested. Two sips and they both agree that it tastes great and that they would buy it in the future.

Danny's research is corroborated.

Jeremy (the other Jeremy)
I think he meant PWRM as a joke. Did you check out their financials? Yahoo Finance shows them completely out of cash with lots of current liabilities.
A biotech penny stock? This has to be a joke.
Bring back Danny! His videos kick ass!
Ha Ha Ha LOL. Got to give Crude a positive vote for the whole idea. His musical taste is as bad as any of you soon-to-be deaf assholes, but what an imagination. What a dreamer! What fat-ass male prick wouldn't want to own a stock that has a research team headed by "Dr. Sheta" (hahaha - I'm not making this up) who is develop "advanced proteomics" (hahaha - beam me up Scottie) that will require all the quack doctors to collect "nipple aspirate fluid" (hahahaha ROFL) from all the female patients then using "proprietary methodologies" and "trade secrets" to see if they have a "neurodegenerative disease" (don't they all?). If only they were using nanotechnology, I'd be buying at the open. On second thought put Crude in a barrel.
no can do Crude ... after all that berating of us internets, you throw us a company w/o revs, w/o financials, w/o a website, who has less cash on hand than the CEO's salary each year, and trades by appt only. Maybe this will turn out to be a hundo bagger and we will crawl across the floor & beg to take you back .. but until then, see you in the comments section.

It was too early in your tenure to throw out some spec trash like that.
Crude dude .. u should have had us in the drillers with international exposure .. as well as the midsteamers ... GSF/RIG deal gonna pop the whole sector today
Dead fucktard walking...
Ok no more weekends for Crude.

But- I would like to nominate him to handle all the video selections for this site. More Rosie is always a good thing.
Erin "Beef Curtains" Burnett is the most annoying cunt around. No wonder Mark Haines won't hit that.
Stifel Nicolaus raises their price target on HANS to $52.
Yes, when I hear the words "stupid airhead bitch" I think of Erin Burnett.
Well I had high hopes for Crude and he ended up being a real dunce. Fuck you in the face Crude.
no Monday OEM deal for MVIS means no ribeyes for the sad Fly groupies, only lots and lots of oatmeal.
Nice riting skils captin cruDe.
Would newequity take a run at the weekend blog helm? Couldn't be worse that Ducati.
Interesting convergence of events tomorrow – NTRI earnings and Herb the Bear on vacation. Reminds me of my first junior-high date without a chaperone. Good times.
If I may be so bold, God, I too would like to vote for Danny to be reinstated. His DD videos are quite cool.
That entry on SWC keeps getting better and better! LOL!

PWRM kicks ass. It's up a full penny, which is good for 6%. Well done, Crude.
That SWC pumper deserves to be beaten repeatedly with a bamboo stick.
I'm eagerly waiting for the polls to close. Can anyone tell me what channel has the best post election coverage, and if there's any exit results leaked yet?
The best election coverage is on the comedy channel and the best exit polling is on the cartoon network.
Caddy- too bad your boy Spittoon Garcia pulled a "atragantarse".
The SWC guy is rahodeb!
Jefferson-El Nino is more like La Nina.

That penny gain is just Crude Broker trying to take the market up all by himself. My theory is that Crude bought some PWRM, is in a losing position and is trying to pump it so he can get out. Instead of giving a possible pick of value, Crude Broker has tried to stick it to the internet leaches.

In a non shocking update, Crude is getting killed at the polls with a 90% non confidence vote. 96 to get can,11 votes not to can.
Nobody who reads this blog is stupid enough to buy PeeWorm here. I think crude was being earnist, but that stock is a turd.
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