Thursday, July 26, 2007


Sage Financial Advice

Bob Pissani is jacking off in his hat today. The bears are blowing money up his ass.
Fuck’n A,
Wu Tang reiterates strong muthafuck’n buy for ARWR & MCHX
Chappelle is Fly
I'm up next. Keep it on CNBC for your complete all day funeral coverage.
no buying till Kass, Fleck, Jim Grant, Chanos, Faber & Tyce are on CNBC for a bear roundtable

oh and the newest Yogi of them all, Joe Battapaglia .. when they trot him out, buy hand over fist
bouncing back? or is this just a headfake before the big boys come in at 3?
we may bounce .. who the fuck knows ... we may rally into august from here .. .but we ain't done with the downside yet if you decide to play the hop
SWC down more today giving me the opportunity to buy EVEN MORE!


JJ = The new "Fly"

i think this was just a bounce from the trading curbs.

OK, here's my candidate for Patton-like, just fuck'em, in your face stock of the day: TCHC, the florida ins company I mentioned a few days ago, just raised their '07 guidance. This makes them a financial stock that's up 12+% on a day like today. Bless their tight-fisted little souls. I'm buying more.
Simple 9,12,26 MACD on the DJI on a daily chart has been spot on past 6 months. The big drop in Feb the MACD went bearish, the pop back up it went bullish. We are going lower for a bit and then basing into the next run up in September. "no position, is a position"
I bot NTRI @ $54 in the aftermarket the day they announced. I doubled down @ $55.50 the next day during regular trading hours. The company bought back 2% of the shares outstanding during 2Q at prices as high as the $60s. They said on the CC they wouldn't rule out levering up to buy back more. 35% of the float is short.

It's green on a horrible tape. It's easy to be long this one.
If I can find the 10% off coupon it's going to be Golden Corral tonight for the buffet of fine steaks.

With a market like this we all may be vegetarians soon...

NTRI is holding up quite nicely today.
FFIV looks good
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