Monday, July 23, 2007


Position Update: MVIS

Can't you see I'm busy over here?

While your sitting in "Dr. Fly's" waiting room, here is a new research report on MVIS, via MDB.

NTRI is going gangbusters. Any idea at what price some of the 11M shorts will cover?
Hey Fly,
In the report the price of $70 is that in MVIS's pocket or is it in addition to the cost of cell phone? I know it says mvis PicoP but just wanted to double check.
Hey Fly, that F-ing MDB report has a glaring spelling error. WTF?
they will cover when it falls dumbass.
lots of research blah blah blah. Give us the fucking OEM deal already!
Hey Fly,

On a serious note, something smells like shit with this research. There are lots of obvious risks to this company, which the report cites. Yet this douchebag has a $6 price target on MVIS. So if everything goes right I got what 20% upside. And if not, we're back in the 1's. WTF? I'd think I want more than 20% for this kind of risk.

In order to give the appearance of responsible analysis, the price target must be low.

Once the ball is rolling, I'm sure you will see upward revisions.

does any of your industry buzz indicate who the first contract will be with?
General consensus is MOT.
makes sense, they would need it the most
Hey Fly, what do you think about WWAT?
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