Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Tribute to Fly's Beverage Analyst

Its been awhile since I showed him some respect.

NOTE: Citi pounded the table on NTRI, after the close. They suggest being aggressive buyers down here, price target was reduced to $90.

I read somewhere (I forgot where) that First Albany kept its buy on NTRI and target price. I believe the target was $76. Maybe somebody can confirm. I only daytrade it anyway.
Fly as of late we have not been making Ferrari money (other than MVIS) and I was wondering if you wanted to get back to doing that? I am sick of making Pinto money while the old hags in the DOW make Volvo money. By the way did you see Larry Levin and the many others this morning saying to fade the rally today? I plan on kicking old Larry down the parking garage ramp tomorrow morning at the Merc.

New day and time for new dollars to be made.

The reason you're making Pinto money is because you don't have SWC in your portfolio.

I can't beleive fucking AMZN. Why wasn't I in that boat?
Can you smell a big sell-off brewing. My boat is the SS QID.
AMZN=wow That's the MOASS again. Why can't AAPL do like that?

maybe the deadcat bounce scenario is just a little too obvious. So as every fucktard works into his QIDs or his shorts the market poleaxes all these fuckers and bolts higher
Did some faggot ass number crunching on NTRI last night and talked to a couple private equity guys about it. They agree that it is way too cheap here. Although I had sold my shares and bought calls I am going to re-buy those shares. Feel free to disagree with me but at around 13x's I feel private equity will trip over themselves to ink a deal to buy them.
gapping- there has got to be an easier way to make money? Fat people got no reason.
Maybe they should consider a dividend? Make the shorts rent it.
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