Tuesday, July 24, 2007


The Important Matter of Rib Eye Steaks at Outback Steakhouse

So, after today's miserable tape, coupled with NTRI's cardiac arrest trading in the AH's, I decided to eat amongst the poor and destitute. In other words, I took $100 out of my wallet and went to Outback Steakhouse.

Normally, I'd rather be found dead outside of Palm, than alive inside an Outback. However, I was feeling kind of proletariat, considering the market had been executed by a few "sub-prime lenders."

After arriving at this jerk off steakhouse, the fuckers seated me near the bathroom. Being irritated, I decided to ignore my "shit filled" surroundings and focus on the "cuisine." After all, I was with my family.

The waitress came over and took my order. I ordered some seared Ahi tuna for an appetizer, and a fucking rib eye steak for my entree.

To my surprise, the seared tuna wasn't half bad, despite the bullshit sauces that came with it.

So, I'm sitting there, sipping on my coke, waiting for my God damned rib eye. In the meantime, my kids are going banana's, throwing crayons at the fuckers next to me.

To make a long story short, those asshats served me a well done rib eye. I had asked for it to be cooked medium rare. How else should steak be cooked?

I told the manager: "I'd rather eat microwaved meat loaf, than battle this fucker into my stomach." (true story)

He graciously accepted my crude behavior and told me he'd send over a properly cooked rib eye, to my table-- in short order.

Well, you know how the story ends.

I sat in a filthy booth and waited for another 45 motherfucking minutes, while my kids were busy throwing their shoes around the table, for a flimsy, poorly cooked, 1 inch rib eye. Can you believe it? 1 inch.

As you know, "The Fly" was not pleased with this rib eye and made sure the manager was well aware of his inadequate "cuisine." Trust me, I'm fucked up like that.

Needless to say, I left a paltry 12% tip.

Those guys fucking suck goat balls.

NOTE: Sucking goat balls is worse than moose balls.

Hey fly, go look up "inferiority complex" and do some soul searching, brah. Your shtick is pretty amusing, but you don't have to prove anything to anybody. As for NTRI, I told you your edge was dull. Funny though, 'cuz I thought you would have figured that out with your 155 IQ and all. As for your unabashed cockiness... the market will humble those who need it the most.

Your Mother herds goat, in the mountains of Romania.

I'll make you a deal.

I have another weekend blogger coming up this week.

However, after he is gone, I'll hire you for weekend blogging.

My only request is that you stop fucking spamming my posts.
By the way:

Despite NTRI's drop (which is a minor position) I was up 4.5% today.


How much were you up?

pete najarian sucks cocks.
OK. looks like you are fucked enough today, even with your one inch rib eye. My condolence.

I'm an equal opportunity employer, who pays the ancient Roman minimum wage.

That SWC shit better make me money, else I will melt your blog to a cinder.


Pete Nijghdfhe is a fucktard. Ignorance at its best.

Just in case you fuckers think I had a bad day:


That is all.
What's up with all these haters? I mean, these mookers are so pathetic, their entire miserable existence consists of posting silly annoying comments.

You guys seriously need to get laid. Get a fucking life, or slit your wrists and make everybody breathe easier.
LMAO! I Love your stories! Great writing, priceless shit!
As a newly graduated college kid, I always eat microwaved meat loaf, or something without substance... I strive to eat crappy one-inch steaks at Outback. Either that or fuck it; work like a son of a bitch, grab a calculator brain, and DO WORK like Fly.

MVIS kept be above water, but nothing like 4.5% on this shit day
I don't understand how it could take 45 minutes to cook a 1 inch rib eye medium rare.

Kids throwing crayons and shoes; chip off the old block.
Broker a:

That SWC thing will make you money. But you need to do your own DD. Don't listen to me. Start with reading everything on my blog.

There has already been converts who was absolutely convinced by me, see this guy who left a comment on my blog. And see his own posting on his own blog.

BTW I enjoy reading your blog and has added link on my blog.

I truely believe SWC can bring in 20 folds in next several years, as long as one has the patience to hold. It produces a precious metal that is extremely bullish.

Every one has a bad day once in a while. It's important to keep a cool head.
Went to Longhorn steak house about a week ago. A little on the salty side, but they served a pretty good, highly marbled hunk of rib eye.

Results may vary.

There you go spamming again.

Don't you get it? I will fucking kill your website, then spit on its cyber grave.
I had low calorie microwaved meat loaf with a side of flaketadoes for lunch, courtesy of my fat coworker. Maybe I should introduce her to NTRI in an effort to improve their earnings.
"I'd rather eat microwaved meat loaf, than battle this fucker into my stomach."

That nearly choked me to death.
They didn't even have Outback when my kids were young. We would take them to the lowest of the low; that's right-Golden Corral. That way they could throw the food at each other and on the floor. People couldn't tell if it was used food or part of the buffet. That was the beauty of the Golden Corral.

Speaking of restaurants, can you suggest a good one in your area? I have a double 50th birthday party to go to this weekend for my aunt and uncle on SI and I want to send them out for a nice dinner.

No OSI... what were you thinking?

jj: u r a 1-trick pony w/o a dick. You're looking for a 1 & only 1, ticket to ride, off into your fantasical sunset. You'd have better odds tossing your money at a street beggar who may be a billioinaire in drag whose cash horde is burning searing holes in his pocket. Its a big wide world out there. You have pinned your entire exixtence on one poorly run cyclical company that can't print a dime during the biggest baddest bull market for commodities in the history of this planet. You have picked this POS company because you are the laziest of lazy fucktards on the internets & your homework on this POS is tailored to fit your pathetic lottery ticket hopes. You will live in hope, die in hope, your ship never having come in. But I am not here to save you. Let that noose slowly tighten. Apparently its easier for you to endure pain than it would be to pick up the pieces & move on. We will just sit & watch as yet another internets fucktard self destructs.
that said, I'll take another look at your hope of hopes when it hits 9.

stupid fucker
phony market maker premarket print of 14.42 in MCHX. classic bluff imo. my guess is there's stock to buy in size & it ends the day green as green can be.
Try Tad's next time. They make you stand in line and wait for your hunk of meat to cook. Then when it's done, they slap it on a tray you picked up near the front door that has drops of water on it to give the impression it was recently washed. And there are no windows and bad lighting in the dining area, so you have difficulty seeing how grungy the 1970s carpet and wood paneling are. Nobody would ever pay a tip for a self service steak meal, so you get to save the 12% tip.

But the best part is they have those very innovative bottles of wine with twist off caps.
Hey "Old Man" we all have to do the Outback hustle every once in a while.
When your paying $17.95 for a ribeye what expectation could you have. How was the Asum blossum?

NTRI that stock is like betting on the NBA. I might just bet on the Royals tonight.
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