Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Position Update: AAPL

Let me just get this out of the way now.

You assholes are gamblers. All you want is "the next hot stock." For what?

So that you can make money and spend it on hookers or heroin?

Look you, my biggest position is less than 10% of my holdings. You fuckers dive head first, into empty pools, hoping to hit the lottery on the way down.

Asshattery at its finest.

Now, considering the gutting I endured on NTRI's earnings last night, I disrespectfully decline to offer an opinion on AAPL's numbers.

Just know, I am long the stock from the fucking 50's, you fucking faggots (no offense to gay people).

I'm not selling and will buy more, if my blood pressure goes high enough.

No offense taken.
As you know, that statement is entirely gay. Once gain, no offense.
Broker, that was disrespectful to decline said opinion.
MCHX acting very very gay. No offense.
iPod sales might be down this quarter. Think about it. Everyone was anticipating the release of the iPhone in which the date available for sale was uncertain for a long time. The trendy youth of America, who makes up the bulk of the sales, already has the iPod and was saving their money for the iPhone. The iPhone was not on the market long enough to impact quarterly earnings. If I was a gambling man I would bet against Apple this quarter, but I am not. I wouldn't bet against Steve Jobs though. That would be like beating against Phil Hellmuth. Without a doubt anyone holding Apple for the long term should hold.

Apple always low-balls their guidance too. I think they make earnings but don't rock them, but they will increase their guidance for the next quarter, which will probably send it up more.
this whole market is acting gay, no offense .. taking it up the rear, no vaseline ... momentum game over .. last one turn out the lights
This market sucks so bad that one of my hedges, SDD, which dates back eons to the last time Fly talked about ETF hedges on this blog, just went profitable. Small caps do, indeed, suck even worse than the overall market.

Kinda depressing when my best, most relibable gainer has been a short bet on the dollar. Everything else is just wild ass, for better or worse.
It's getting seriously bad out here. I reduced my favs except MVIS, took loss on anything else marginal. Normally I feel good when it's done, but not today.
The market could be in transition from the small caps and the momos to the large cap tech stuff-like the semis, CSCO, etc. Financials won't participate.
even Buffett is losing money .. have you seen USG crashing through the prices he was buying at aside from the 7 mill lot bot @ $40 ? So if ya wanna take a chance on a Buffett put of USG, downside to $40. If she blows thru $40, that may mean the end to the free world as we know it.
even Buffett is losing money .. have you seen USG crashing through the prices he was buying at aside from the 7 mill lot bot @ $40 ? So if ya wanna take a chance on a Buffett put of USG, downside to $40. If she blows thru $40, that may mean the end to the free world as we know it.
"You assholes are gamblers."

I take offense to being labled a gambler.
right on cue, the market starts cheering up as sooner as our whining starts up. it's ok, i'm still way net long.
NYSE...32 new highs, 358 new lows...not much cheering there, bucko.
With all this gay talk I would just like to sit on this couch and share with you. Anyone have a hankie?
Ipod sales probably will be weak, but the market looks to the future and ipods will be refreshed soon. Look for HUGE macbook sales. Also, fuck ATT and there iphone activations. I don't know if they will announce current phone sales numbers, but they are well over a million.
I may be gay but I hate assholes like fly.

Buzz off, before I cut your arms off.
dude, you guys are all pussies, to think I respected half of you.

fuck buffet, and definitely fuck the gays. Offense everywhere. Gays are lucky that they can even live in this country, lest vote. I say, move back to Germany.

You guys are gamblers if you are this hurt. The market is 3% off it's highs. Strong stocks falling over everywhere. Since when is the herd right?

Oh wait, wall street is a herd.

Granted my portfolio is 7.5% off it's highs, but I'm still up 14% on the year. If you guys are back at zero, sorry, but whining sure as fuck isn't going to make you money.

Is it possible a raucous 22 yr. old has more going on upstairs that you old goat fucks? I certainly have my balls more in order. Normally, even with my self-aggrandizing nature I would suggest probably not, but now that half of you appear to be blowing up, I say yes.

find stocks with intl. strength, find stocks not totally dependent on the credit markets. with your life and stop ticktarding all over the place for crissakes.
that was a stupid rant, danny boy
danny is a stool pusher
Danny, I just posted on your blog and noticed that your post last night was 5 am EST. Maybe a power nap before AAPL's ER tonight?
Boone- don't listen to these fucktards. You are exactly right in the criteria you list for stocks to own right now.

I'm at the point where if you don't have a blog, or don't have some way to list your trades, why should I listen? Any blowhard can talk big, but can he actually be profitable? Now there are actually many who visit my blog and yours and Fly's who don't blog, and who have great advice and info. I'm talking strictly about the blowhards.
regarding apple, people are going to base things off the iphone, which we know is a long term winner. I don't agree that everyone waited in line at apple store for 6 hours, raced home and I activated? The two people I know that bought iphones got them after the quarter ended, even though they bought them prior. I am assuming the revenue would be recorded even though they didn't arrive until about a week ago. The only thing that could be bad is no one is shorting this stock. No MOASS.
^"The Wall Street Journal highlighted an important fact this morning: Apple recognizes revenue when the product is shipped, while AT&T’s figures only acknowledged an activated phone."
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