Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Morning Thought

This market is fucking nuts.

NOTE: I am off to Dunkin' Donuts. As you know, I am embarrassed to be seen at one of those "pink cupped stores." Often, I send one of my underlings there, in order to buy me some coffee (large, milk, 3 sugars). Then, I take the coffee and pour it into a Starbucks cup. You know, this way people do not think I am poor, or anything like that.

Secretly, I enjoy their coffee.


You ought to do the same with Monster and Rock Star.

I have to admit, that Rock Star graphic is sexy.
now that is entertainment ! funny .. fucker
Michael Savage is banking coin off of Rockstar.

Lucky fucker.
The only casino stock worse than MPEL is TRMP. The Donald is loser.
Fly, uh, I mean God, do you plan on throwing darts at Steve Jobs' pic tonight?
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