Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Position Update: MVIS

I expected to see a sell off, post OEM deal.

Reason being: Many money managers bought the stock, only for that one press release. Now, in my opinion, these people are making a big error, selling out before the fun starts.

I told you once, I'll say it again: I'm in this stock long term.

Unlike other high turnover investors, I believe the potential upside to MVIS is $30, within three years. Without a doubt, should MVIS embed their technology in only 3% of handsets worldwide, this stock is going to forklift the shorts and bury them under several tons of rubble.

I'm in the stock for that type of fun, not 15% on an OEM deal.

Look, taking a longer term view, MVIS can be worth multiples of where it trades now. On the other hand, should Tokman (CEO) fail, the stock will "mushroom cloud" itself into oblivion.

After seeing the technology and getting to know the CEO, I am confident yesterday's non-descript OEM announcement is just the tip of the iceberg.

My game plan is to buy gingerly on this dip.

Broker A,

Do you think we'll see another deal before Sept?

thx 4 the honest update
totally bullish because it builds a new floor and allows other guys to come in.

Would you be buying MVIS here, today, at $9?

Imagine the poor fuck who's never read this blog, just stumbling across this. And unlike when fly found it, now the projector is front page news. You could have glossed over this stock many a time in doing DD and not even known what is was capable of, but now, the projector and its obvious benefits are right there. As its capabilities become more known, so will the price.

Also, big what-if, but like FLY so often says, why would this be the ONLY contract? Standalone, cars, HUD, accessory plugin...they could conceivably get 3% of all these markets over 5 years.

Seen a 3 year chart of NTRI? 1-75 in two years. Stranger things have happened.

No offense, but you are a pathetic fucking tool. You have your face so far up "Fly's" ass you could do your video blogging in blackface , like Jolson.
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