Monday, July 23, 2007


Fly Buy: NTRI

I bought 1,000 NTRI @ $69.80.

Disclaimer: If you buy NTRI because of this post, your herb garden will be eaten by a crocodile. And, you may lose money.

Broker A

Have you noticed that an insider has bought some 200,000 shares in WGAT. I've been keeping an eye on it since I sold it for a really nice loss. I think something is cooking. Those losers wouldn't be dumping good money into it if something were not brewing.

What do you think?
my herb garden is in jeopardy.
NTRI's flames are being put out. Will the bullseye ever disappear from its back?
how cheap does gs get here?
GS goes to 197 before buyers roll in.
OPEN_ENDED question: If MCHX is tied to the fortune of YHOO, then what is the bullish case? YHOO is a sinking ship, no? Not trying to be a prick, just trying to justify my position.
MCHX reports on Aug 6th. Perhaps an earnings play for Fly.
Also takeover speculation from yahoo/google.
LAW-"Not trying to be a prick, just trying to justify my position."

You own a stock and you don't know why?

You are totally horsin around, and knock it off. This is shop, not gym. And sure, you could try a little harder.
I think you'll be hearing about DRYS and EXM in a few days. Carriers are not quitting.
I hated gym in High School, especially the Presidential Fitness test. Do they still have that crap? My gym teacher was an ex-prison guard.
Danny . . you're right, I need to try a little harder! I have nothing but a placeholder position at this point and really trying to get more info on MCHX to either justify holding it through earnings or adding to it substantially. I find that this board can provide some real insight other than what I can get on my own .. at least on certain names.
True story. My gym teacher liked boys. She was a ex-pro V-ball west coast hottie. So many good memories.
MCHX owns about 140,000 website domains.

They use these valuable domains to advertise or sell them for millions.
thanks fly
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