Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Quick Alert: "The Fly" Going Egging

Thanks to the resolute damage "The Fly" is absorbing in BWLD today, he has opted out of managing money (for the day). Instead, he will spend the rest of his day throwing eggs and spraying shaving cream, at piker Wall Street brokers-- from the comfort of his black car.


You ought to be throwing chicken wings. CALM doesn't need near as much help with their egg sales as BWLD does.
Because of losses in BWLD, the Fly will probably be doing what this guy has to do for Halloween:
You should get in your time machine and go tell yourself not to sell EQIX. Don't you know that stock that go to $80 go to $100 and those that go to $100 go to $120! It's scientific!
Translation: I gotta get home and carve punkins for the larvae.

Been there, done that (last night).
can anyone explain to me how the Nov 17th 12.50 options for MEDX have a 10% premium on them over 17 days. Time for a covered call, no?
the fed just said fuck you to the mortgage insurers

short away
B -
have you had your first drink this afternoon? It's past that magical alloted time.
the usual
mortgage insurers
Yo B,

Good stuff. I approve, not that it matters.
my time machine, fueled on extra anejo tequila, says rally to the bell ... sucker up open tomorrow & then watch the fuck out below for a trend day down with some follow thru friday am

be forewarned

back to shots
The Fly is God.
He will succeed in his egging endeavors. Look the shit out!

It's comforting to know that you're making these market calls between shots.
The FLY:

I do not understand why you bought BWLD in the first place. It is nothing but just a cooker. Not even a Chinese cooker at that. It does not deserve that kind of P/E. A cooker can never get rich.
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