Friday, November 02, 2007


Fly Buy's: VMI, CLX

I put approximately 100k to work, in both CLX ($63) and VMI ($85.29).

Disclaimer: If you buy the above stocks because of this post, your account at MER will be held in escrow, awaiting bankruptcy filings. And, you may lose money.

Traders - buy something to flip into a possible Monday infernal fusilade of fun for bulls .. if it do or don't happen, take the trade off, win, lose or draw .
Looks like a good dip to buy VMI.

Any reason for the 10% drop in the past two sessions?
Only a fool would have an account at MER. I had one about eight years ago and they charged me three-quarters of 1% of the assets for FREE unlimited trading. The manager froze my account in about three weeks saying I was trading too much.

All out of RS at this point, or still holding some?
All out of RS.

Crazy people are selling VMI. They will be proven wrong.

Sierra is always welcome to guest blog here, since he nailed the gold call.
"Sierra" nailed the gold call?


Unless he was buying gold in 2000-2001, he dint "nail" schist.

I hope I at least get credit for "the silver call" which will make "the gold call" look like a Ricola breath mint commericial within 18 months.


I am in a remote location right now (think "hurricane afflicted isle") so you won't mind if I pre-respond to your anticpated reply with "Fuck you too?"

If that is not your response, then, put that sucker on ice for the next time.
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