Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Position Update: VMI

Just in case you didn't know, "The Fly" is fresh out of 'shotgun to the head' picks. However, he does have a 'rip both of my eyeballs out, if it doesn't work' pick, which is: go long VMI.

So....you're saying VMI is a fancy stock?
Fuck you, nothing fancy about "The Fly" and his stocks.
Goog making a run on 700.
what the hell is going on with it? strange ever since earnings. up $2 back down $2, up 1, down 1, up 2.50 then down. Shmucks.

AOB a nice china lottery winner today along with XFML. Hey who knows. If they are going to let their earnings be their spokesman, maybe they'll beat them all.

BIDU keeps going. It cant be this easy to make money. Something dreadful is gonna happen...i never make easy money.
VMI will print $100.

It never goes down.

It's just in "value creation" mode.
gotta laugh at aol's bidu p/e.


remind me of the QCOM price target of $1000 a few years ago...

where should the stop be set? $350?

Check if Neil Goldman has sold out his IIG position.
I found new video of your friend Grant

What's up with WCG what kind of Moustache Portfolio are they holding.
I think I'd rather buy DNDN.

No as in he hasn't sold or no as in you won't check ?

LAZ reports tomorrow. How about a last minute short there ahead of numbers?

You are overly incautious with your vile jellies, Gloucester.
Guess I'm glad BWLD has not run up big today. With fed rate cut tomorrow who would sell off after hours at this price and q4 guidance?

Homebuilders up again, woo woo!
"No" as in he IS Neil Goldman, chiseltitz.
WCG has worthless patents.
DT -- do you know easy it would be to manipulate earnings if you were a publicly traded company that derives the bulk of it's fee income from closely guarded and secretive mergers and acquisitions assignments?

And if you were Bruce "Who Me?" Wasserstein?

Do not smite yourself.
If you like MVIS, check out ONT. Leaders in video compression codecs...then take a look at what it does every year approaching/following CES.
Not time to buy ONT, yet.

That is a CES play, best wait for December.
Oil is for asshats.
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Might I suggest tonight's closing musical piece?
No you may not.
This wins the amazing feat for the day.


Either a very talented or very bored German carpenter.
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