Thursday, November 01, 2007


This is Pleasant

Hey, it's only green paper with silly, ugly faces on them.

Let it all burn down, girls.

Come on, give me your best shot. Three hundred points is for pussies. Let's have a real down day, book some "man sized losses."

In the big scheme of things, stocks are mostly for retards. I have known this for many, many years; yet, I still buy and sell them.

In general, the fucktards who participate in short term market moves are degenerate jerk offs, unable to wait for young companies to mature. No?

Instead, most just swing in and out of stocks, casino style--trying to catch a buck here-- a buck there.

Oh, let's not leave oil out of the equation. Let's not do that.

Seize the fucking oil fields and take the oil: problem solved.

Finally, all of our banks are going bankrupt. However, before they do, buddy, be sure to get your latte drinking ass a fresh pair of CROX or new GRMN gps tracking device.

Which reminds me of my old Grandpa. He was old school. He carried a pistol, until the tender age of 77. He used olive oil as tanning lotion, resembling a bronze statue by summers end. And, last but not least, he burned his fucking business down to the ground, literally, in order to collect the insurance money. Then, he blamed "those fucking firemen" for stealing his stamp collection, which was inadvertently left in the shop. Naturally, the fire idea derived from the think tank of his older brothers.

nice story. Really.
Fuck you, knob.

Your incessant hating, cock-blocking style is becoming mildly annoying. Don't you have someone offline to cock-block, you wanna-be piker.

On to bigger and better things...

We'll be a new bull market highs in the SPY by mid-November. When will the shorts learn?
When are you guys going to start nibling on stocks? I think there is going to be another down day...
touching tale

reminds me of root canal
Knob is a fucktard- Odd Yes

Good Post. Hope he collected on the Stamps....gotta watch those firefighters
Die Börse fungiert wie Scheiße
MVIS to make tanks invisible:



Anyway I am loving today, some good cheap buys out there. Take JCG, I mean fuck how much of a gift. I am buying calls, fuck you too +JCGLH is just too cheap at 1.80. Remember what I said about INAP, well I just got off the phone with them and I can't get shit anywhere in the country. I am buying stock hand over fist and buying front month 15 puts on the bitch just incase retards sell it. They are cheap and what the fuck do I care. Just buy it and quit asking why. BWLD? Yeah I bought it yesterday after you fucks sold it, Can't complain the shit is green. I tried to short USO but the faggots at my brokerage said they didn't have shares, fuck them I will send them a steamy turd that resembles shares of oil. Fuck faces I got all that shit.
I agree, short term traders are a bunch of fucking idiots.

Gapper - do you like that preppy clothing at JCG? I don't get whats so great about JCG other than everyone has faith in Drexler, which probably is enough to make it a buy long term, but other than that....

I'll take your word for it on INAP
Pictures of presidents is one thing. But youre about to lose your fucking eyeballs!

welcome to "Blind fly on wall street".

Hope you took typing or it's going to be ridculous trying to read your picks.
I hope CROX goes bankrupt. I hate those fucking shoes...

Do they make charts in braille ? Cos 'blind Fly on WS' is going to need them .....

Nice riddle. Give me another, I'm bored.

I just read an AP press release that blamed today's decline on "The Fly" posting a 'fuck you, you're dead' fake bull.

this ABK guy is swimming down that famous Egyptian river
WTF just happened to VMI?

Here's a good one:
I'm going to sleep like a baby if Hillary becomes President. I'll wake up every two hours and cry.
VMI quit the irrigation business and entered the mortgage business.
the bottom dropped out of everything, not just VMI

if this country is fucked enuf to put that moron in the white house, don't be surprised to see Hillary in there
If I had a dollar for every dollar I lost I'd be even.
Nice Jeff.
Three hundred points is for pussies.

Not sure mocking Mother Market was a good idea!
Toldja you were being a bit "fast and loose" with the vile jellies, there Oil Of Gloucester.

Now, "out! out!" with 'em!


Brucie -- answered your last thread query viz. MON.
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