Thursday, November 01, 2007


Why "Dollar Danks" is the Best CEO in America

Only Danks can settle a lawsuit-- and actually receive money by doing it. It looks like the company is cleaning themselves up for a quick "see ya later, I'm the fuck out of here" sale of the company.

Danks and my Chinese restaurant guy would make great business partners.

4:05PM iMergent announces preliminary approval of settlement of all derivative litigation; to recieve $3.3 mln (IIG) 24.12 -0.44 : Co announces the Third Judicial District Court in and for Salt Lake County of Utah provided preliminary approval of a settlement agreement between the company and all derivative litigation filed in various courts in Utah. Under the terms of the settlement, iMergent is to receive a payment of $3.3 mln in insurance proceeds. The funds will be used to pay $2.8 mln for the settlement of the class action settlement, discussed in Form 8-K filed by the company on September 21, 2007, and $500,000 for attorney fees to derivative counsel. The settlement also calls for the co to adopt certain corporate governance measures as well as present certain items to a vote of the co's shareholders. After final approval of the settlement and court approval of the class action settlement, the items that require a vote of the shareholders will be included in the next scheduled annual proxy statement. Additionally, after final approval of the settlement and court approval of the class action settlement, all corporate governance items not requiring approval of the co's shareholders, which have not already been adopted, will be adopted by the co.

NOTE: I know it was a wash. Shut up.

What do you think of NTES ? Seems pretty undervalued for a Chinese stock no ? Compared to saySINA SOHU etc

SNDA NCTY also look pretty undervalued. I sense a huge China run coming in the next few weeks and these might be your winning lotto tickets. Or maybe I've had to much JW Blue Label for the night....
I never mean to disagree with the great and mysterious "Fly".
One of these days people may wake up to the fact that Mormons from Utah, don't handle business well.
Utah is the Con-Artist capital of the US, with state endorsed ponzi schemes(USNA)(NuSkin), Falling apart, P.O.S. IT companies(NOVL,SCOX), Just licking up state Subsities till they go out of buisness.(oh and the Orem, city, Tax kickbacks)
With the Business model for the state; "The Mormon Church" and it's Tithing paying Zelot Customers, and Hand Job business deals for other people (in the Faith). The business model just doesn't seem to translate into the Real World. Any Utah Company... Especially from Orem(Which is the Asscrack Between Salt Lake City, and Provo.), Should be looked on with extreme suspicion.

I've just never seen a decent company come out of there(or from Utah for the most part), and as I spent 3 minutes looking them, and I see a ton of accusations that they are a "Fraud", and a Con. Tons of Legal problems.

I'd believe it and get the fuck out.

Orem has 1 bar, on the outside of the city limits. It's a suburb of Provo... There are 2 main drags, one with a Grocery store and a big box or 2, and another with a Dairy Queen, some plant stores, and a western clothing outlet. It's a 30 minute drive to a decent movie theater.
I could drive there and show you that it's probably an office with 4 guys, one who does the computers stuff, a CEO, a CFO, and a lawyer to keep them out of trouble.

There could be some upside, before the musical chairs on this one Happens.

What's creepy, is I don't even like your blog enough to warn you off of it.

I'm not even a Bear on this one... But I'm thinking about it.

Did you even read the customer testimonial......
When this is your big win.... they don't even have a registered domain.

Good luck with this champ....

you should look into a VC buy-in on Tootsies Kidorable Rain Gear... I bet that is a better investment.
and I think with about 3 grand you could buy half the company. Oh and with that 3 grand insist they get a registered domain.

WTF do I care... Double-Down!!!!

You understand that it's a company that does seminars to sell people retail websites. It's a web publishing company. Startup cost $50K....

maybe they will revolutionize the website business.... How Web 1.0.

It's probably not a Con. I would think the 2 gay guys on the web site would have tipped you off.
Thank you for wasting your time, writing that ridiculousness.

Thus far, I'm up 30% from cost.

In other words, fuck off.

the mop is right about Utah and the company

the fly is trading the stock

in the short term, that's two different things
I should have been a Plaintiffs class action attorney. It is all bullshit.
holy shit - strike 3


when it rains ...
I'm wondering if Dollar Danks got the Glengary leads in the settlement as well.

The what? The what? The Glengary leads. The leads. The Glengary leads...

(Mamet humor, it's a bottomless font of laffs)
is it true that Goldman sold out? Is the maniac bidder still present?
BOT 1000 more BOOM sub 53.6
C Schwab's web site is a 4th-rate blog this morning.

What are you expecting to hear from MVIS? Will she make us smile today?
Fly, what do you think of CROX (the stock, not the shoes)? This looks like a massive over-reaction.

I'm going to follow your lead and do tequila shots today whilst the market goes through its gyrations.

You were right about the early morning sell off. You're probably right about "tequila-enhanced trading" as well.
I believe it makes sense to go long from here. This is a shakeout. I am jumping in. Day traders like last Friday I am buying PMI here.
alpha ... i thought we'd open up & selloff ... oh well ... no matter

today will suck .. tomorrow some more selling with no follow thru

monday will rip for the bulls .. major rip .. i think the boyz on fast money are right about foreign money takng advantage of toilet paper dollar & there could be a monday merger frenzy coming from offshore for us companies
Steve-- I think CROX-oh-shit is long term doody, but safe here below $54.

I may wade in for a scalp trade here.
Strong the Force is, in young Paduan BOOMer.
Thanks, Jake. I'm thinking the same thing.
Are financials and homies ripe for buyouts? Or, will the foreign money wait for more "value"?
I love the smell of a down market in the morning.

It smells like......opportunity.
no clue what they buy
jake - is RGLD a buy off that miss?
They buy our guns- RGR and SWHC, which are cheap here. Odd, no?

Gapping, I'm watching INAP. Although I've been beaten by earnings misses and am apprehensive.
Bruce-- for the most part, in a PM market breakout like this, the earnings reports mean little. It's all about the internal leverage to the POG (or POS, if it's a silver stock).

Granted, if it's something ridiculous, the stock'll get hit more, but RGLD isn't down much more than any other PM miner right now.

So in short, yes, great time to grab some. Scale in at least.

I just got more SA, I am becoming like BA on the greasy spoon joints.
any thoughts on syna?
I noticed 'ol Brian Shannon was talking about my little stock CME. That fucker is going to $1,000. With more and more money flowing into this fucking market, and it becoming more of a global market, CME is here to stay.
Har Har Jacob the Jeweler

Was he one of your clients Broker ?
Check it, you can experiment w. your own mutaches, and punching them off if you like.
Jake and those buying the "shiny stuff":

Many mining companies have some potentially large earnings devouring liabilities looming for environmental issues, mine closures, labor disputes and reclamation costs, etc.

The world is turning "green" and those companies that are eco-and employee friendly will be the long-term winners.

For example, RTN is probably the greenest mining company. Whereas, BHP and FCX only care about the bottom line. This may be good in the short term, but will catch up to them over time.

Because it sometimes seems like a roll of the dice, I have been playing the mining game via GDX to spread the risk.

A purist approach is to buy GLD and SLV and not worry about getting "shafted" by the miners.

Just a thought.
Alpha, my biggest holding in PM's, by far, is SLV.

By very far.

Did u add some SLV today ? That dip below $140 was a great buying opp. I think Silver breaks out to 18-20 within 12 months.
Fly will be late today - he is looking for his moustache
^RTP is the mining co I meant to reference, not RTN.
Is FTK another one of Fly's Top 10?

Pity. Pity.
Was I mentioning NTES last night ? Up 7% today.
This comment has been removed by the author.
FTK is a small position. Long from 26.

But, it's nice to see back to back 8 point losses in one of my positions.

It let's me know the stock God's are thinking about me.
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