Saturday, November 03, 2007



The Fly is God
I'm trying to get off the nascrack.
guys hysterical

he's like the anti-Fly - always talking about his mistakes & how he's cursed .. I bet he banks serious coinage
Don't be modest, bruce.

It must be difficult to maintain a completely different persona here in writing than the one you maintain on YouTube.
JK is God.

Bruce- I agree
Embrace the it.
Ottknot - I don't think modest is what you meant?

Not difficult to maintain different persona when you're schizophrenic, which seems a requirement to be an actor. Look at Broker A, Fly & evil Fly; he may write in part to release various aspects of his personality that he can't in regular life for whatever reason.

I think Fly & Jefferson may be twins separated at birth.
Hey guy:

Go fuck yourselves.
I believe there are some pearls of wisdom buried in that maniacal cacophony. Combined with Jimbo’s brain nuggets as well from the prior post…short-term (weeks, months) we’re looking at a crazy bull run reminiscent of 1999 in the .com boom, fueled by money managers with lots to spend and a government going into an election year. Long term (years), we’ve got some serious shit about to hit the fan in the US – I’m betting they can’t hold it off for longer than another 8 months or so – if they do manage to keep it contained up until the elections next year, I’ll be impressed (but that just means a worse recession afterwards, hell - maybe we'll go to war with Iran if that'll save the republicans).

Just my opinion - but I say get ready for a nice run, and bank your profits in other currencies - b/c when the democrats take over and inherit a pile of shit, they'll try to tax the fuck out of us to fix it, and that sure won't work...
Wheres Tim the bottom fisher/turnaround spotter, aka, Fly's God?
Yeah, I also thought Tim was going to be blogging. Oh well, back to Bama-LSU game.

Yes INAP is the company that I like. I like them for a couple of personal experience reasons which usually translate into the right reasons, oddly enough. Example MVIS, could care less about the stock but I just get excited about the technology so I bought a fuckload for me.

1. I just bought 2 colocation racks with them here at the Chicago Equinix facility. These were their last two cages and they rushed me to make a decision as people were wanting them. After speaking to the reps and touring the facility I found out that they were selling out like crazy. Additionally I called all over this tiny city of Chicago and could not find fucking space anywhere other than bum fucked suburbs which again had very limited space. This leads me to believe the colocation space is on fire as companies expand their IT systems and look for disaster proof facilities.

2. EQIX has INAP sell their spaces at their facilities. EQIX just reported record blowout numbers and raised. If they are reporting good numbers and they must sell the shit to report good numbers then why would their reseller no report good numbers, barring their costs are under control.

3. INAP's PPS has not shot higher like others as they are only up 1% on the year, yes I know that doesn't mean a lot but it means their could be upside left.

4. There is a juicy short position (10%) which could ignite the stock should they blowout on Tuesday.

All together I like the company and like the space and have about 3/4's of a position in the name. Broker you have been silent here, care to add anything about INAP?

By the way I hear BWLD's fixed cost wing contract is running out in March 08, could this be bad for them? I have a position in BWLD at 30.

I like your field work on INAP.

Let me do a little homework, before giving an opinion.


This weekend blogger is fucking hilarious. Make sure you have them back.

This is the best weekend blogger, ever!
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