Wednesday, October 31, 2007


fly, don;t feel bad about BWLD, you can make up your losses once iiG gets bought out...LOL!
Hey Fly, any good stategies for BWLD? Hold it for a qrt? Double down? Take the loss and find a better place for the money? I'm tempted to just hold on. From the earning call it seemed as though she felt the analyst over estimated. She knew she would not beat the est, so she took all the hits she could for the qrt. I mean why else would she mention the whole world series shit, they don't comment on 4th qtr shit....
I'm holding, but it could drift lower.

I'll sell in March.
Stick with MA...whether or not there is government regulation years down the road, the stock will print 250 by Q2 2008.
MA to 700 by x-mas.
Ahh, the Mr. Wu "caaahcksuckah!" spiel.

The "Who's on First" classic of the 21st Century.

Ironically, it will not be the Chinee stlocks we need worry about today.




GRMN is getting its nipples twisted. The market almost never likes M&A.

The market is smart.
Rage mentioned he is shorting gold.

Here's hoping they'll be abundant road nutria available to grace his family's table this Thanksgiving.

Because at this rate he won't be able to put a cornish game hen in the oven.
I need a caption for this one.

Winner gets $5 paypal!
if the fed goes 25, dip & then rally into the bell ... if 50, stop run rally into the bell, gap open tomorrow & then nasty selloff all day
Bruce how many drinks have you had this morning?
I never said I was shorting gold, dammit Jake get your facts straight.
Damn this BWLD shit has ruined my morning.
Mdawsz is shorting gold and silver.
KC whaddaya mean, "a caption?"

Like "I have an inviolable, yet life sustaining alimentary canal, or something along those lines?"
just the usual extra aƱejo tequila
Sorry Rage, Dr. Sawzall slipped an anti-gold post in there amidst all of your decorative medallions and I thought it was yours.

You like NVDA... I'll have to check that one out.

Dr. Sawzall may have to go back to chasing ambulances, however.
Jake, exactly.
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