Thursday, November 01, 2007


Position Update: FTK

FTK is in a tough business. How could I expect them to do well, being an oil service company, with $97 oil? No one wants to drill. It simply isn't worth it, with oil at $97 per barrel.

(sarcasm off)

Oil is for asshats.

(sarcasm off)

Fly, tell a funny fucking story. Going to a store or coffee shop would be best.

The chances of you taking 3 back to back big losses is very slim. I say go roll the dice here.

My chances go up, since the boulder is chasing me down the narrow hallway.
Yeah go long irony:

Fly Buy: 15,000 SWC. If you buy SWC, your urethra may turn to corundum, and you may lose money.
LOL, FTK was a screaming short...thanks for participating.

FYI, next time try and have a look at what their competitors are signalling, SLB, BHI, BJS, etc.
Try not to think about the giant boulder. Just remember to watch out for uniformly placed 3" diameter holes in the walls.

They usually contain the "wooden darts of poisonous agony filled death," which are often automatically tripped by the panicked fleeing from aforesaid giant boulder.

Depends though, whether you are fleeing from an Aztac or a Mayan temple plundering.
FTK has a Dumas for a CEO. No wonder.
Yeah, LOL. Screaming short, at an all time high.

In regard to that company selling neon-colored plastic and rubberized shoes, vis a vis CROX-o-shit, has the .618 retracement been breeched since the early May run, O Jake, the Fib-master?
crox to low 40's
That Howard fellow seems to do that all-time high stuff better than you. Stick to what you know, stuffing you face at coffee shops and being a blogging jester. Making money aint your forte. Oh yeah, LMFAO!!!
Polish Ed (the) Knob:

What good ideas do you have?

(using your left hand after polishing with your right doesn't count.)
CROX to $28
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