Wednesday, October 31, 2007


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That is hilarious.
I know I've been link-whoring myself too much (remember, I learned it from Woodshedder) but I found something that you guys will really like. I'm surprised the Fly didn't find it and post it first.

You'll laugh.

crox got eaten
This comment has been removed by the author.'s (BIDU) market cap is 30% of Yahoo's (YHOO). Meanwhile, YHOO owns 40% of Alibaba (a company with possibly twice BIDU's sales and similar growth), and YHOO has about $5.5 billion more in revs. BIDU is trading 78 times sales vs. YHOO's 6 times.

Poor Mr. Belvedere. He finally posts something funny enough to have been seen on this blog first (a picture of a kid -- his son I think -- grinning wildly while holding the plunger on his suicide bomber vest Halloween costume) and he gets a bunch of grief from his asshat commentators.

Not all of them, but enough to reify that bear humorlessness stereotype.

And penchant for asshat liberalism.

(Sorry Bruce).
Who'll get to $100 first, VMI or MONstrousanto?


Let's say I wouldn't bet my lamps on the Corps of Cadets....
Last warning here about INAP. Remember I told you about INAP last week, well guess what EQIX reported earnings and the shit mooonshotted. Well guess what INAP does? They sell space in EQIX colocation facilities and I just bought the last two fucking spaces at their facility here in Chicago. These fucks are selling out like crazy. So as I said I will be buying the shit tomorrow, maybe I will lose since I am so positive on it but fuck it, I know its the right move when you can't get space anywhere cause they are all sold out. Do what you will just my observation.
Thanks, gapping.

Any idea what's up with their SG&A costs over the past 2 qtrs?

From the Dec qtr to the June qtr, revenues increased $9.5mm (up about 20%) and SG&A increased $3.9 mm (about 30%).

Their growth is good, but not so fast that they should be having trouble managing it.
Special late(r) night request:

Fly, how about you change your blog title background color?
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